Alleged OnePlus 7 Renders Leaked, Shows Off Popup Camera

OnePlus is expected to launch their next-gen flagship smartphone this year in the form of the OnePlus 7. Now thanks to a series of renders shared on Pricebaba with OnLeaks, we have an idea of what to expect and it seems that OnePlus will be approaching the design differently with a popup camera.

OnePlus Not Jumping On Foldable Phone Bandwagon For Now

5G and foldable smartphones were all the rage at the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona this week. Many companies showed of their devices. Huawei had the Mate X on display while Samsung had the Galaxy Fold. Oppo took to Weibo to unveil a prototype of its foldable phone on the same day. OnePlus was missing from the pack and the company says that it’s in no rush to jump […]

OnePlus 7 Will Not Have Wireless Charging

Nowadays it’s becoming increasingly common to see smartphones that support wireless charging. Unfortunately that seems to be a feature that OnePlus has skipped out on over the years, and if you were hoping that 2019 would change things, think again because OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has confirmed that the phone will not be featuring wireless charging.

OnePlus Challenges Developers To Create Apps That Take Advantage Of 5G

The rollout of 5G will be kicking off this year, and at MWC 2019, we were treated to a bunch of different 5G smartphones. At the moment it is still unclear as to what kind of benefits 5G will be bringing to the table besides the obvious faster speeds, which is why OnePlus is hoping developers will be able to do something about it.


First OnePlus 5G Phone Coming In Q2 2019

OnePlus is one of the many companies that will be releasing a 5G smartphone in 2019. The company has ben talking up its 5G phone plans over the past few months. A new report today says that while the first OnePlus 5G phone is going to be out in the second quarter of this year, it won’t be available in the United States initially.

OnePlus 6T Camera Review Editor's Pick

In daylight, it takes the level of detail to the highest we’ve seen yet. In low-light, this mobile camera captures very agreeable photos with well-preserved colors, without excess filtering.

OnePlus 5G Phone Prototype Will Be Shown At MWC

Quite a few mobile companies will be heading to the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona towards the end of this month to showcase their latest products. 5G phones will get a lot of time under the spotlight this year and many companies will be bringing their models as well. OnePlus has been talking up its 5G phone for a few months and it has now revealed that a 5G […]

OnePlus Hosting Closed Door Event At MWC 2019

We know that OnePlus has a couple of phones in the works at the moment. One of which is the OnePlus 7, and the other is a 5G smartphone that will be a separate device. However could the company have something else in the works? That’s what seems to be the speculation as a report from AllAboutOnePlus is reporting that the company has sent out invites for a closed door […]

OnePlus Wants Users To Design The Next Feature For OxygenOS

Designing products is a mix of coming up with ideas for problems that customers did not have, and also taking into account feedback from customers on what they liked and did not like from before. So if you think that you have an idea for a feature that could improve on the OnePlus OxygenOS, the company wants to hear from you.

OnePlus 6, 6T Using Wrong Microphone In Certain Apps

If you’re a OnePlus 6 or 6T owner and you have tried recording some videos or audio files using apps like WhatsApp or Snapchat and you’re encountering some weird audio issues, you’re not alone. According to a smattering of user reports, it appears that more than a couple of OnePlus 6 and 6T users are experiencing weird audio where it sounds soft and distant and tinny.

OnePlus 6T Owners Reporting Sudden, Rapid Battery Drain

The batteries on our smartphones still aren’t quite up to the point where they can last us days on end, which is why whenever updates mess with our battery life, it can get rather annoying. This is something that seems to have happened to several OnePlus 6T users in recent times, according to a post on Reddit which details the problem.

Future OnePlus Phones May Feature Qi Wireless Charging

The Qi wireless charging standard has been widely adopted by device manufacturers. This makes things easier for consumers since they can buy one wireless charging pad and use it with a wide variety of devices. A latest development hints at the possibility of future OnePlus devices also having support for Qi wireless charging.

The Next OnePlus Handset Could Feature Faster UFS 3.0 Storage

There are several things that can affect how fast a phone feels. Naturally the processor speed would be one of them, then we also have RAM which can help keep apps running in the background without having to close them, and then there is also storage which affects the read and write speeds.

Android 9.0 Pie Update Begins Rolling Out To OnePlus 5, 5T

When it comes to Android updates, most companies would generally prefer to focus on their latest flagship smartphones, so it can be a bit worrying if you use an older handset and are wondering whether or not an update will make its way to you. Thankfully for OnePlus 5 and 5T owners, it seems that the latest Android update is now making its way to handsets.