blackberry passportWithout a doubt, the BlackBerry Passport has to be one of the more interesting smartphones we’ve seen this year. The handset not only packs a rarely used and odd 1:1 aspect ratio for its display, but it also features a gesture-based physical keyboard, combining the best of both worlds, so to speak. But are its features enough to make users want to switch platforms?

Well according to a recent post by BlackBerry, the answer is yes. According to BlackBerry, “Judging by the sampling of comments we’ve collected below, many people are announcing their plans to walk away from Android or iOS and come – or, in many cases, return – to BlackBerry.” However we should note that the sample of comments BlackBerry has chosen is only 12, which we doubt is hardly enough to speak for the whole world’s intentions, but at the same time it does show some interest in the handset.

Most of the comments seem to lean towards the physical keyboard being the main reason as to why they would switch to the BlackBerry Passport. Many seem to enjoy the tactile feedback from physical keyboards, despite the fact that the majority of smartphones these days rely on virtual keyboards which to be honest, don’t really feel the same.

However as promising as these comments are, we guess we will just have to wait for BlackBerry to officially release the device and see the actual sales figures before we can come to a conclusion, but so far despite its rather odd design and initial confusion, it looks like there are many who are starting to warm up to it – are you one of them?

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453 PPI
~$275 - Amazon
13 MP
F Aperture F-Stop
196 g
3450 mAh
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Snapdragon 801 + MicroSD
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