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This Is Why There Wasn’t An Android Version Of The BlackBerry Passport
The BlackBerry Passport was a pretty unique device in terms of its design and its features. It was also the last time we saw BlackBerry launch a BlackBerry 10 smartphone before transitioning to Android with the BlackBerry Priv. However we’re sure some of you guys might be wondering, why didn’t BlackBerry just build an Android version of the Passport?

BlackBerry Celebrates Valentines Day With Discount On The Priv
BlackBerry certainly needs to sell all the units that it possibly can to exist in the global smartphone market so it’s not surprising to see the company come out with a new offer to try and get more people to purchase its flagship smartphone. The company is celebrating Valentine’s Day by offering discounts on the BlackBerry Priv which happens to be the first Android smartphone this company has ever created.

Pre-Order BlackBerry Priv Now For $699
Earlier this week BlackBerry might have jumped the gun as the Priv went on for pre-order only to be pulled, now though the company has officially started taking pre-orders for its first Android-powered smartphone. Naturally there’s a bit of excitement surrounding this device, BlackBerry has never done an Android smartphone before and many are curious to see exactly what the company has done to ensure that customers receive BB-level security […]

Video Of BlackBerry Handset Running Android Appears Online
There has been a lot of speculation regarding BlackBerry’s future with many saying that the company should just start making Android devices if it wants to survive in the very competitive mobile market. Much evidence has surfaced recently to hint that the company might be working on something along the same lines, today a video has appeared online which shows the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition running Android.


BlackBerry Passport With Android Rumored For 2016
BlackBerry is having a hard time competing in the smartphone market that’s dominated by iOS and Android, many have suggested that the company should give up its platform and start making Android smartphones. The company’s next smartphone does appear to run Android, a heavily modified version of it from what we’ve seen up till now, and now there’s a rumor that a new variant of the BlackBerry Passport will be released […]

BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition With Android Leaked
It has been rumored for a long time that BlackBerry could launch a handset that’s powered by Android, in fact the company’s first flagship device for 2015 is expected to come with Google’s mobile OS. Recently the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition was launched and while it runs BB OS 10 some images have appeared online which show the device running Android. Does this mean BB tested out prototypes of this […]

BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition Officially Announced
A couple of weeks ago, the BlackBerry Dallas made its way through the FCC, hinting that it could be announced soon. It was later rumored that the handset would be officially known as the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition and if you’re wondering when will we officially get to see the handset, wonder no more.BlackBerry has officially announced the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition. Essentially both the BlackBerry Passport and the Passport […]

Swiss Retailer Reveals Details About BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition
BlackBerry is going to launch a new handset soon though it’s not going to be the slider-flagship that many of the company’s fans have been waiting for, instead it’s going to be a new variant of the BlackBerry Passport, the company’s flagship from last year. Renders of the device have been leaked online and a media gallery went up briefly on BlackBerry’s own website, now a Swiss retailer has revealed some […]

BlackBerry Passport Allegedly Pictured Running Android Lollipop
There have been reports recently that BlackBerry might be considering adopting the Android OS for its next smartphone however this has not yet been confirmed by the Canadian manufacturer. If it does decide to do this it would be the first time that BlackBerry would make a handset that wouldn’t be running software that was also made by it. A picture has appeared online today which allegedly shows the BlackBerry Passport running […]

New BlackBerry Slider Smartphone Expected To Arrive By November
Earlier this year at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, BlackBerry CEO John Chen showed off a new high-end handset that the company is going to release later this year. Back then it was revealed that this is going to be a slider handset, a form factor that’s not common these days, possibly with a dual-edge curved display which debuted with the Galaxy S6 edge.

New BlackBerry Oslo Images Surface
BlackBerry is yet to launch a new high-end handset this year and there have been rumors that it’s next major product is going to be the BlackBerry Oslo. According to the reports that have come in so far it’s going to be a slightly modified version of the BlackBerry Passport. Some purported images of the handset have been leaked in the past but they were quite blurry, today a couple […]

Only 8,000 Classic And Passport Units Sold By BlackBerry: Morgan Stanley
In a note sent out to investors today Morgan Stanley claims that BlackBerry’s latest devices are not selling “anywhere close” to they should be. It’s talking about the BlackBerry Classic and Passport. Both were released last year first through Amazon in the U.S. Only recently AT&T brought both of them to its network. The firm claims that as many as 8,000 units of the Classic and Passport have been sold, “well […]

BlackBerry Care Protection Plan Brings Hardware Damage Cover For Newer Models
Want better accidental damage protection for your shiny new BlackBerry Passport? The Canadian company has got your covered. Today it launched the new BlackBerry Care Protection Plan which will provide customers with up to two years of accidental damage protection. The plan also covers an extra year of mechanical and electrical breakdown coverage.

BlackBerry Passport Screen Flickering Fix Being Developed
Those who played around with the leaked pre-release builds of BlackBerry OS 10.3.1 on BlackBerry Passport would be well aware of the screen flickering bug. Users noticed that the bug appeared randomly and caused the screen to flicker on and off. There was no discernible pattern here and the bug would simply pop up out of the blue. Last week BlackBerry released OS 10.3.1 publicly and the bug remained so now […]

AT&T BlackBerry Passport & BlackBerry Classic Availability Announced
If you happen to be rocking to AT&T as your mobile carrier over the in the US, you would surely have been stoked to hear that they have just introduced a 7GB tier to mobile share value plans. This time around, if you are also a BlackBerry fan and would like to perform a smartphone upgrade, then you will be pleased as punch to know that the BlackBerry Passport as […]

BlackBerry Classic Verizon Launch Expected February 26th
Last year BlackBerry launched two high-end devices. The BlackBerry Passport brought an unconventional form factor with specifications that could rival most flagship smartphones. In November it released the BlackBerry Classic which is more of a throwback to the glory days of the company’s smartphones, the highlight of this smartphone being its trackpad and function key belt. AT&T carries both devices in the country and if a new report is to be […]

BlackBerry Passport Experience Valentine’s Day Price Cut
For a hardware manufacturer to roll out new handsets from time to time is nothing new these days – in fact, it is a given. The thing is, there are moments throughout the calendar year that might just see a price cut being introduced for a particular console or smartphone. The BlackBerry Passport happens to be one of them, and the reason behind the temporary discount? Why, Valentine’s Day is […]

Gold BlackBerry Passport Fetching Crazy Money On eBay
Last week BlackBerry formally launched the limited edition gold BlackBerry Passport. Only 50 units of this limited edition device were sold worldwide so its safe to say that they were all picked up soon after they became available for purchase. As is the case with such devices many have now turned to eBay to sell their gold BlackBerry Passports for a lot more than they originally paid for it.

AT&T's BlackBerry Passport Stops By The FCC
There have been several instances in which AT&T has confirmed that the BlackBerry Passport would be making its way onto its network. We heard that last year and earlier this month at CES 2015, AT&T had once again confirmed that they would be releasing the BlackBerry Passport, although unfortunately it seems that a specific release date had yet to be determined.That being said, AT&T’s version of the BlackBerry Passport has […]

BlackBerry Passport Gold Limited Edition Launched
Last year we saw pictures of a gold BlackBerry Passport surface online. At the time the company didn’t say if this color option will be offered to customers. There are many companies out there who will gold-plate BlackBerry devices for willing customers but now there’s an official option for Passport customers. Today the company has announced the BlackBerry Passport gold limited edition.