diablo-3Are you still constantly working on a new character branch in Diablo III, or have you already given that particular game a rest? We now have word that Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition will be making an appearance on the likes of the Sony PS3, Xbox 360, Sony PS4 and Xbox One this coming 19th of August, which would be close to the first year since the base game, Diablo III, first hit the Sony PS3 and Xbox 360 back in September last year. Those who have “invested” their fair share of time as well as effort into the original title will be pleased to note that Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition will offers cross-save support.

While this does not mean you are able to bring your save files back and forth between platforms, it will mean that one is now able to import one’s in-game progress as well as characters from the Sony PS3 and Xbox 360 base game over to a newer console. It would certainly make life easier, especially for folks who are making a console upgrade to the new generation and selling off their older console.

This particular capability is extended across all console families, so if you own a PS3 and would like to upgrade to the Xbox One, fret not, it works just fine, similar to how an Xbox 360 save game will work on a Sony PS4.

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