ki2The Xbox One certainly has its fair share of hits when it comes to gaming titles, which are crucial when you think of the competition that it is up against – the Sony PS4. Needless to say, both camps have their collection of exclusive titles that are worth picking up, and the world has grown to be big enough to accommodate both consoles under the same roof. Well, Killer Instinct for the Xbox One proved to be a stunning success, and this has made it all but a matter of time before the one of the original Killer Instinct titles that hail from the innocent 1990’s to appear on the Xbox One.

In one particular post that was spotted on the Korean Game Rating and Administrative Committee website, it looks as though Killer Instinct Classic 2 will be arriving on the Xbox One some time down the road. Those who are not too familiar with this title might want to read on about its background – Killer Instinct 2 happened to be the original title’s sequel, where it was developed by Rare and manufactured by Midway. On the Nintendo 64, it was known as Killer Instinct Gold.

Sharing a fair amount of game mechanics as its predecessor, it will also introduce new features which helped it keep up to pace with other beat ‘em up titles of that era, not to mention the introduction of a quartet of new characters, the inclusion of throws, a super bar, and parrying. [Press Release]

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