It is always better to be safe than sorry. There have been countless incidents of people being drugged unknowingly through their drinks, spiked with drugs such as Rohypnol, zolpidem and other benzodiazepines, often referred to as “date rape drugs.” Which is why when someone reaches the legal drinking age someone always tells them to keep an eye on their drinks and never accept one from a stranger’s hands. pd.id is a device for people who like to be extra careful. When immersed in the beverage it will let them know if the drink has been spiked or not.

pd.id is a tiny battery-operated device that is re-useable, discrete and easily fits in a pocket or purse. It can identify if the drink has been modified and in some cases even identify the exact drug.

pd.id-2Basically it determines the molecular make-up of the drink and if it finds something suspicious, a red LED on top lights up. While the LED makes it good enough to work on its own the pd.id can also be hooked up with a smartphone to access a database of drink profiles and drugs as they are circulated. It uses technology already being used by the Drug Enforcement Agency to detect presence on drugs in drinks.

The developer is seeking $100,000 through a crowdfunding campaign to bring pd.id to the market. The lowest you can pledge one right now to be entitled to one unit is $75. Delivery is expected to take place in April 2015.

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