touchpicoPico projectors are not exactly devices that make up part of a booming industry, this is for sure. However, for one reason or another, they are still in existence and have not yet gone the way of the dodo – or the netbook, to keep up with the times. Here is the TouchPico that might just change one’s perception towards pico projectors – it functions as an Android device apart from its portable projector function, of course.

Being an Indiegogo campaign, the TouchPico is capable of projecting a display of up to 80” in size onto any flat surface. Not only that, since this is an Android-powered device, it is capable of running any kind of Google app, in addition to streaming all activities from the existing smartphone, computer or Mac. What makes the TouchPico special from the other models that are in the market would be its ability to enable users to interact with the display directly.

This is made possible thanks to a special stylus, where the Touchpico will be able to keep track of through infrared technology. With this development, you can now play Angry Birds on 80” of viewing goodness, while typing on a keyboard in a cinch (although I would still prefer to use something like Swype to get the job done).

It will run on Android 4.0, comes with an SD memory card slot, has HDMI inputs, and ought to deliver approximately 80 lumens of output.

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