bb-passport-whiteOne of the unique features of BlackBerry’s more recent handsets is the use of their Natural Sound technology, and it seems that BlackBerry has been further refining the technology and the good news for would-be BlackBerry Passport owners is that you guys look like you could be getting access to an exclusive feature.

According to reports, it seems that BlackBerry Passport owners will be able to expect their smartphones to feature the ProReceiver function. Natural Sound comprises of two different technologies – ProVoice and ProReceiver. The latter is an advanced acoustic processing engine that will help amplify your calls, especially during noisy environments.

However to take advantage of the ProReceiver technology, it seems that it will require certain hardware features that only the BlackBerry Passport has. As you might recall, one of the hardware features of the BlackBerry Passport is its bevy of external microphones which will be able to detect outside noises, which in turn will help the ProReceiver technology determine if amplification of the voice call is needed.

We’re not sure if future BlackBerry handsets will sport similar hardware in order to take full advantage of the Natural Sound technology, but in the meantime it looks like this feature will be limited to the BlackBerry Passport, but what do you guys think? Are you excited at this feature?

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