microsoft__logoThe relationship between Microsoft and China has been tumultuous as of late. Not only has China banned the installation of Windows 8 on government computers, but recently it seems that they have launched an investigation against Microsoft over alleged anti-monopoly practices, although in all fairness it seems that they are targeting non-Chinese companies which includes the likes of Google, Apple, and Facebook, just to name a few.

That being said, a recent report from The Wall Street Journal has revealed that China has since warned Microsoft not to interfere with the ongoing investigations. In fact Microsoft’s Deputy General Counsel, Mary Snapp, is said to be investigated over this particular suspicion. According to the Chinese government, they feel that Microsoft might have broken the standards that were agreed upon in order to operate in China.

They felt that it is because of this that led to their dominance in the Chinese market. No word on how long this investigation is expected to last or if Microsoft is even guilty to begin with, but given the recent revelations courtesy of the Snowden reports and the fact that China is pretty tight on internet security and censorship, we guess this hardly comes as a surprise.

While Microsoft has yet to comment on the investigation and allegations, they are expected to go along with amicably with China’s investigations, lest they are no longer allowed to operate or sell their products/services in the country.

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