internet explorer 11Microsoft is no stranger to rebranding exercises, as they have called the SkyDrive as OneDrive earlier this year, but then again, SkyDrive did not manage to make its way to the consciousness of the masses or a cultural impact as much as Internet Explorer has done so far. Hence, whispers of Microsoft rebranding Internet Explorer into something else has certainly raised eyebrows in and around the industry.

Granted, the Internet Explorer web browsers might be the most widely used browser in the world, but it has seen its market share plummet over the years, being eaten away by the likes of Google’s Chrome, Safari and Mozilla’s Firefox. Hence, it looks as though the well informed Web user would only use Internet Explorer if they have no other option, or are into web development.

Changes and improvements made to Internet Explorer over the years have not managed to change the perception of Web browser users, and it continues to be labeled as a poor substitute and is slow. Hence, the idea of rebranding Internet Explorer was mooted, although it will take a whole lot more than just a simple name change in order to turn it into something popular and widely used. Most of the improvements will have to be done underneath, rather than the aesthetics.

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