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Microsoft’s Internet Explorer might still be dominating the worldwide browser market share at 58.38%, but it is a dominance that is slowly but surely shrinking. Having said that, it got to such a position in the first place because it happens to ship with every single Windows-powered computer, and this would also mean that many individuals and businesses would be running on an outdated version of Internet Explorer – simply because no one bothered to perform an update. Microsoft intends to help “‘force” people run the most recent version of Internet Explorer by making sure that from 2016 onward, only the latest version of Internet Explorer will be supported.


To summarize this particular move, if you happen to be rocking to Internet Explorer 8 or earlier on a Windows Vista or Windows 7 computer, you must perform a software update in order to be on the receiving end of security and support updates – which are extremely crucial if you do have sensitive and critical data on your computer, whether it is on a personal or corporate level. If you so happen to have a newer version of Windows installed instead, you will have to run Internet Explorer 11.

The clamping down on support for Internet Explorer 8 and earlier will not translate to folks avoid using this version of the browser though, as history has shown that the halted support for Windows XP continued to see a number of people failing to upgrade the operating system to something newer. [Press Release]

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