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Microsoft's Chromium Edge Browser Will Have Internet Explorer Built In
Microsoft has confirmed some new changes for the Chromium-based Edge browser that it has been working on. One of the biggest additions is an “IE Mode” for Edge which basically means that Microsoft’s legacy Internet Explorer browser would be built into the new Edge. While you may have stopped using Internet Explorer a long time back, the browser is still required by many businesses to load internal sites.

Internet Explorer Patch Has Rendered Some Lenovo Laptops Unbootable
Recently Microsoft pushed out an update to Internet Explorer where it was meant to patch a security flaw within the browser that would have given hackers remote access to the user’s computer. Unfortunately it seems that the patch had an unintended side-effect which has resulted in some Lenovo laptops being unable to boot up after the patch.

Latest Internet Explorer Update Fixes Security Flaw
hackIf you’re an Internet Explorer user, then you might want to download the latest security update that Microsoft has issued for its browser. According to the company, this update is particularly important as it appears to address a security issue where hackers have apparently been able to exploit the flaw used in targeted attacks.

Internet Explorer Is No Longer The Most Popular Desktop Browser
For years, Internet Explorer has enjoyed the title of being the most widely used desktop browser in the world. It was helped by the fact that this browser came pre-installed on hundreds of millions of PCs that were powered by Windows. With the exception of Safari on OS X, there weren’t a lot of browsers out there which had this edge over the competition. Despite that, Internet Explorer now appears […]


Microsoft To End Support For Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10 January 12
For the longest time ever, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser has been the butt of many a joke, although to Microsoft’s credit, things have improved greatly with each version, but we suppose the stigma is something hard to get rid of. So much so that with Windows 10, Microsoft ditched Internet Explorer in favor of Edge, their new browser, which according to reviews is actually pretty good.That being said for those […]

Microsoft Issues Emergency Patch For Internet Explorer Vulnerability
Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has gotten a lot of flak over the years, despite the more recent versions actually being rather decent. So much so that Microsoft actually rebranded their built-in Windows browser to Edge in an attempt to start deflecting some of that negative connotation away from their browser software.That being said, if you have yet to upgrade to Windows 10 and aren’t using the Edge browser yet, there is […]

Microsoft Will Disable Do Not Track In Future Versions Of IE And Spartan
Microsoft has announced that from now on it will disable the Do Not Track feature in future versions of Internet Explorer as well as its new web browser currently known as Project Spartan. For those who are unaware, the Do Not Track feature is present in many major browsers which tells websites and advertisers that the user wants to opt-out of third-party tracking which is used for targeting advertisements.

Microsoft Confirms New Browser Engine Won't Power IE11 In Windows 10
Even before Microsoft officially confirmed it there was a lot of speculation about the company’s all new web browser currently codenamed Project Spartan. Microsoft then confirmed it and gave us a glimpse of what it looks like. It’s still very much a work in progress so we can expect the final version to have more features and possibly more user interface tweaks. While the company had said at one point that […]

Microsoft To Kill Off The Internet Explorer Brand
The Internet Explorer name is synonymous with web browsers that are provided to users on Microsoft’s Windows operating system. It has been around for a very long time but it looks like Microsoft has decided to retire that branding once and for all. The company has recently confirmed that the Internet Explorer brand will be going away, and as for the new name, it seems Microsoft has yet to determine […]

IE Users Not Please With Norton AntiVirus Update.
Since 2014, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has been stuck in  second place after Google Chrome overtook it as the biggest browser in terms of market shares. Unfortunately for Internet Explorer, Norton Internet Security Antivirus has after a slight blunders, deviated them further from their plan of becoming first again. The incident happened after an overnight update to Norton AntiVirus that has prevented Internet Explorer from working at all.By using other browsers, […]

Internet Explorer 11's Market Share Is On The Rise
A lot of people give Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser a lot of grief, and in all fairness earlier builds of Internet Explorer left a lot to be desired, thus giving alternative browsers such as Firefox and Chrome room to grow. That being said, Microsoft has made strides with Internet Explorer and thanks to the latest numbers from Net Applications, it shows that IE11’s market share has grown.As it stands, IE8 […]

Dialog Boxes Could Be Slowing Down IE
It looks like the Internet Explorer web browser loves the spotlight over the weekend, as we have heard that there is a possibility of it going through a rebranding exercise in order to ditch its toxic image and start afresh, while here we are with word that Internet Explorer’s dialog boxes could be the culprit behind the Web browser running at an extremely slow pace lately, or simply freezing up […]

Microsoft Could Rebrand Internet Explorer
Microsoft is no stranger to rebranding exercises, as they have called the SkyDrive as OneDrive earlier this year, but then again, SkyDrive did not manage to make its way to the consciousness of the masses or a cultural impact as much as Internet Explorer has done so far. Hence, whispers of Microsoft rebranding Internet Explorer into something else has certainly raised eyebrows in and around the industry.

Microsoft To Support Latest Internet Explorer Versions In 2016
Microsoft’s Internet Explorer might still be dominating the worldwide browser market share at 58.38%, but it is a dominance that is slowly but surely shrinking. Having said that, it got to such a position in the first place because it happens to ship with every single Windows-powered computer, and this would also mean that many individuals and businesses would be running on an outdated version of Internet Explorer – simply […]