diablo3-ps3We’re sure many Xbox One gamers can appreciate Blizzard’s decision to bump the resolution of Diablo 3 on the console to 1080p. Previously it was at 900p and while we’re not sure if many gamers would have noticed the difference, it’s still a welcome upgrade nonetheless. Now according to Blizzard, it was at Microsoft’s insistence that they decided to upgrade the game to 1080p.

However in a recent tweet by Microsoft’s head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, that wasn’t necessarily the case. Spencer states that Microsoft did not force anyone to ship their games at 1080p. Instead he said, “We work with devs to make the game they want to make on XB1. Diablo III was coming through during GPU increases in June, was good partnership to create a great Diablo on XB1.”

He later adds that it’s not up to Microsoft to decide on framerate and resolution, but rather the studios themselves, and that Microsoft does not dictate on those issues, not even with their first party studios. “Studios decide, even our first party studios, I won’t dictate a framerate and/or resolution on a game.”

We guess perhaps Blizzard felt that Microsoft was insisting on better framerates when all Microsoft did was suggest improvements, but either way at the end of the day, we guess Xbox One gamers are the ones who walked away the winner as they got a game whose framerate and resolution is equivalent to that of the PlayStation 4.

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