consoleUltimateEvilEdition05Back in the day it used to be that gamers were concerned about the quality of the graphics from their game. That still holds true today, but now gamers are also concerned about the framerate at which their games are played at and along with its supported resolution. For PC gamers this is a non-issue since framerate and resolution will depend on your setup, but for console gamers, this can be a pretty big deal.

Well the good news for console gamers who are looking forward to playing Blizzard’s Diablo 3 on their console, you will be pleased to learn that the game will be running at 900p on the Microsoft Xbox One and 1080p on the Sony PlayStation 4. We’re not sure if gamers will be able to tell the difference in resolution, but in case you wanted to get the “best”, then we guess it looks like the Sony PlayStation 4 will be the way to go.

This was confirmed by the senior producer on the console version of the game, Julia Hemphreys. Humphreys also went on to confirm that despite the difference in resolution, both versions of the game on either console will be running at framerates of 60fps, which is pretty good. When asked about the discrepancy between the two consoles, Humphreys mentioned that they were prioritizing frame rate.

Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition is expected to make its way onto next-gen consoles later this year on the 19th of August. PlayStation 4 gamers are also expected to get exclusive bonuses, such as monsters that Sony’s other franchises along with armor transmog, also from Sony’s other franchises.

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