ms-retires-skypeSkype has certainly seen improvements made from time to time, where earlier this year, the Skype Chat experience was enhanced. Here we are today with a new update that will hopefully keep Skype users happy for a long, long time. Just what kind of fix did Microsoft roll out to deliver such a seemingly miraculous “cure” to their hugely popular Skype program? Apparently, Skype’s Chat notifications has been rebuilt to revolve around the user, which means it will only send notifications to the device that you are using at the moment, and not on other devices.

This is definitely a welcome update, especially for those of us who have multiple instances of the same Skype account running simultaneously on other devices, where through a conversation on your desktop, the same instant message will also appear, and hence beeping or making whatever noise it does to alert you, on a tablet or smartphone, or even another notebook. In other words, Microsoft intends to make sure that Skype remains “blissfully silent” on other devices as you carry out a conversation on one particular platform.

Only chat notifications will be affected by this change, so you can be sure that incoming call alerts will be “business as usual”, simply because you then have the option to answer using whatever device that you prefer instead of being stuck with the one that you happen to be closest to. Expect this new notification update to roll out from today onward, across the course of the coming weeks. [Press Release]

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