nimaNowadays there seems to be a greater emphasis placed on food that is gluten-free, with restaurants offering up food that is gluten-free, or in some cases entire cafes that dedicate themselves to a gluten-free menu. That being said not everyone is so forthcoming about their ingredients, but fret not there is a way to test it.

Dubbed Nima, this is a gadget put out by 6SensorLabs that basically can detect if there is gluten in your meal and in under 2 minutes. It is small and pocketable so bringing it out with you when you’re out for lunch or dinner should not be an issue. It is also fast meaning that you can get back to eating (or send it back) in no time.

How it works is by using an antibody-based test that according to its creators, is on par with what’s been done in labs. There are disposable pods that can break down samples of food items that cost $3.99 each, so they are relatively affordable unless you plan testing every single one of your meals.

Nima is priced at $249 and if you think that maybe this might come in handy for you or your children who might have gluten allergies, then you can head on over to 6SensorLab’s page to place your pre-order.

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