airpods-patentApple’s AirPods was announced last year but did you know that Apple might have been working on the headphones since at least 2015? According to a recently discovered patent by AppleInsider, it reveals a patent that you can see in the diagram above that clearly resembles the AirPods.

The diagram shows the wireless earbuds along with its charging case, which safe to say leaves very little to the imagination. Of course it is possible that Apple could have been working on the idea for much longer and that it was only in 2015 that they came up with the design that we all know today.

We should also remind you guys that in 2015, there was actually a trademark filing for the “AirPods” name, so it looks like that is one of the trademarks and patents that have manifested into an actual working product. So far reviews of Apple’s AirPods have been positive. Granted they aren’t cheap, but many users seem to be pretty pleased with them and how they work.

In fact recent numbers revealed that Apple’s AirPods and its wireless Beats Bluetooth headphones accounted for 40% of recent Bluetooth headphone sales, which is actually quite a feat considering that Apple isn’t exactly a household name when it comes to headphones.

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