Recent photos of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ have surfaced, and for the most part the handset has been depicted in black. However we expect that Samsung should have other color variants lying around and thanks to a tweet by Roland Quandt, those color variants and possibly the pricing of the phones have been revealed.

According to Quandt, the Galaxy S8 will be available in black, silver, and violet. We’re not sure if there will be more options but those are the three that have been mentioned so far. He also revealed that the phone will be priced at 799 Euro for the regular Galaxy S8, and 899 Euro for the Galaxy S8+, which is said to sport a larger display.

Note that these prices are apparently taken from an EU retailer, which means that what you see might not necessarily be the same as when the phone is being sold in the US or other parts of the world, but it should give you a very rough idea as to the price range that Samsung will be pricing its handsets at, assuming they are true.

To give a bit of context, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge were priced at 699 and 799 Euro respectively, so it looks like the rumors of a price hike could be true. In any case we should have the official details by the end of the month. Pre-orders are also rumored to begin on the 10th of April but recently we heard the phone’s actual release might have been delayed to the 28th of April.

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