There are plenty of mechanical keyboards out there today, but if you’re after something that has a unique design and is also wireless, then you might not have to look further than Penna. This is a mechanical keyboard that has been designed to sport the look and feel of a typewriter from the good old days.

Whether or not this is more comfortable than a regular keyboard remains to be seen, but we have to admit that it does look pretty good. The Penna keyboard will feature Bluetooth connectivity and is powered by two AA batteries, which according to its creators should be good for up to 6 months.

It will also feature Cherry MX switches that backers can choose between either red or blue, and it will also be offered in two different sets of keycaps, with one featuring a more modern design which its creators claim to have spent about 3 years in R&D to achieve the ultimate accuracy. The other is a more retro design with chrome keyboards to resemble the typewriters of yore.

The Penna keyboard even comes with a macro bar that has been designed to resemble a typewriter’s carriage return lever. Users can program this macro bar to do all sorts of things in a single press. The Kickstarter project for Penna is not yet live, but it is priced at $79 which is more or less $100 cheaper than the final retail price, so if you’re interested do keep an eye out for its availability.

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