For iPhone/iOS users, there is an app called “Find My Friends” which basically allows friends and family members to keep track of each other’s movements and locations. This can come in handy for those who are travelling and want to keep their families apprised of their location, and recently it seems like the app was used to help save an injured climber’s life.

In a report from the Daily Mail, a man from the UK was seeking a famous hillside cave called the “Priest’s Hole” in Dove Crag when he lost h is footing and fell 60 feet, suffering a serious head injury in the process. Despite being able to call 999 (the emergency services number for the UK), the Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team were unable to find out where exactly he had fallen.

So what they decided to do was to use the Find My Friends app on the iPhone and used the GPS location to pinpoint where he was. While the rescuers ultimately managed to find and bring the man back to safety, it seemed like for a moment things could have taken a wrong turn as the man started to share his rescue story on Facebook while it was taking place.

This led to his phone’s battery going flat meaning that the rescue team were no longer able to contact him, but luckily for everyone things ended well, but Patterdale MRT leader Mike Blakey was quoted as saying, “This was unhelpful and a distraction for all concerned during what was a complex rescue.”

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