[MWC 2017] The cameras on our smartphones these days really plays an important role when choosing which phone to purchase. If you are in agreement then you might be interested to learn that ZTE has announced a new smartphone part of their Blade series that is aimed at smartphone photo enthusiasts (on a budget). Read full post →ZTE’s Blade V8 Mini Is Aimed At Smartphone Photographer

So far reactions from the industry with regards to the Nintendo Switch have been largely positive, with quite a few big name developers and publishers praising the console and its possibilities. The latest to offer their praise comes from Final Fantasy XV’s director Hajime Tabata, who in an interview with Polygon called the Switch a “dream machine”. Read full post →Final Fantasy XV’s Director Calls The Switch A ‘Dream Machine’

[MWC 2017] Back in the day it was pretty much unheard of for kids to own a mobile phone. For those that did, it was usually because parents needed a way to stay in touch, but these days children and young teens owning smartphones has become the norm, which is why there are some companies who are clearly designing for this market in mind. Read full post →ZTE Blade V8 Lite Announced

Ever since the iCloud hack/leak from a few years ago, Apple has been pushing for users to use two-factor authentication. So much so that it has been noticed that if you’re running iOS 10.3 beta and you don’t have two-factor enabled, Apple has been prompting users to enable the feature via push notifications. Read full post →Apple Prompting iOS 10.3 Users To Enable Two-Factor Authentication

One of the reasons why resolution is so important in virtual reality (VR) is because the more realistic things look, the more immersive the experience. However if your visuals are realistic but your sounds aren’t, it kind of kills the vibe, doesn’t it? This is an area that Valve wants to fix with the release of a new tool called Steam Audio. Read full post →Valve Wants To Make Audio More Realistic In VR

The Sony XA1 Ultra is Sony’s large 6-inch screen mid-tier smartphone, an update of the Xperia XA Ultra announced in May last year.  The design looks similar to the previous model with some differences here and there, the feature list is comparable, the hardware and the cameras got an upgrade. The body is a hair thinner and lighter than the predecessor, at 8.1 mm (vs. 8.4 mm) and 188 g (vs. 201 grams)

Sony’s idea is to provide a great build-quality with a mid-range SoC (processor) and good cameras in a mid-tier product. Sony did not share anything regarding pricing, so at the time of publishing, we cannot provide an opinion on the bang for the buck, however, we can expect a mid-range price knowing that the previous model, the Xperia XA Ultra sells now for about $290, and was sold for about $370 at launch.

I played briefly with the new Sony XA1 Ultra and here are my first impressions: Read full post →Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra Review: Hands-on

The Sony XZ Premium is Sony’s new flagship smartphone, part of its renamed mobile portfolio, the Xperia XZ series. The premium successor of the Xperia XZ, launched at IFA 2016 last September, the new handset comes in a larger and shinier body.

The key innovations are the 4K HDR 5.5-inch display (resolution), the 3-layers 19 MP rear camera sensor with stacked memory, announced by Sony at the beginning of the month, and the latest and fastest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, unveiled at CES 2017.

Since Samsung seems to get a three months exclusivity for the Snapdragon 835, may be because the Korean company partnered with Qualcomm to manufacture the SoC, the Sony XZ Premium will only be available in late spring, for an undisclosed price.

I played briefly  with the new Sony flagship and here are my first impressions: Read full post →Sony Xperia XZ Premium Review: Hands-on

[MWC 2017] One of the benefits of owning a detachable tablet/laptop is the fact that it is flexible. This means that in the event that you don’t want the device too take up too much table space, or if you want something easier to carry, just remove the keyboard and you’re good to go. Read full post →Lenovo Miix 320 Detachable Tablet/Laptop Announced

[MWC 2017] If getting a new Android tablet is something you’re interested in, then you’re in luck because at MWC 2017, Lenovo has announced a bunch of new tablets that falls under its Tab 4 lineup that are also offered in a couple of different sizes, so depending on your needs/preferences, there might be something for you. Read full post →Lenovo Launches New Tab 4, Tab 4 Plus Android Tablets

[MWC 2017] There are so many new laptops being announced all the time that sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming and confusing when it comes to choosing which laptop to purchase. Since most of us expect our laptops to last for a few years, it is important to choose one that we think will last us. Read full post →Lenovo Yoga 720 & 520 Laptops Announced