If you thought autonomy would just be pushed to cars, well, you are wrong. The principle of autonomy can be applied to other modes of transportation as well, including but not limited to ships. Two Norway-based companies have decided to show that the same technology can also be used on seafaring vessels as well. They have teamed up to build the world’s first electric and autonomous crewless ship.
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LG is due to launch a new flagship smartphone in the near future. The company launched its V series of handsets a couple of years ago and since then we’ve been treated to a new flagship by the company twice every year, once in the spring and later in the fall. It’s about time that the V30 was unveiled which is why we’re now seeing an increasing amount of rumors and leaks concerning the handset.
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There has been much speculation recently about the future of the iPhone SE. It’s the only model in Apple’s smartphone lineup right now that features a 4 inch display. Most of Apple’s customers prefer iPhones with larger displays but there are still some who appreciate a smaller display. Given market trends, though, it’s expected that Apple may not keep the iPhone SE around for much longer. However, recent rumors have started suggesting otherwise.
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Microsoft has announced today that its next HoloLens mixed reality headset is going to tout a custom artificial intelligence chip designed by the company itself. An important distinction has to be made here. Microsoft is only going to design this “coprocessor” and not manufacture it. The custom chip is going to be used to analyze visual data on the HoloLens 2 headset itself. This will save time as the headset won’t have to upload the data to the cloud first for analysis.
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There have been countless rumors so far suggesting that the Galaxy Note 8 is going to be Samsung’s first smartphone to feature a dual camera. Samsung hasn’t confirmed that, though, but there’s even circumstantial evidence to support the theory. If a well-connected analyst is to be believed, the Galaxy Note 8’s dual camera is going to tout 3x optical zoom.
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Xbox One X Console Controller Front Tilt Top

Earlier last month during E3 2017, Microsoft officially took the wraps off Project Scorpio, which has since been officially referred to as the Xbox One X. The console is currently set for a release come 7th of November and for those who are eager to pre-order the console, know that you won’t have to wait much longer. Read full post →Xbox One X Pre-Orders Will Be Coming Soon

When Doomfist for Overwatch was officially unveiled, it’s safe to say that many gamers were surprised to discover that it wasn’t actor Terry Crews who would be voicing the character. Instead gamers discovered that it was actor and director Sahr Ngaujah that was the one behind Doomfist’s voice acting. Read full post →Blizzard Explains Why Terry Crews Did Not Voice Overwatch’s Doomfist

Last week Bungie announced that the Destiny 2 open beta was open to all console gamers regardless of whether they pre-purchased the game or not. The beta was supposed to run from the 21st of July until the 23rd of July, which is today, but it seems that Bungie has decided that they will be extending the beta. Read full post →Destiny 2 Open Beta Has Been Extended To Tuesday

Recently we heard that Samsung’s rumored smart speaker with Bixby built into it might have been cancelled. Apparently Samsung doesn’t think that such devices are marketable, but it looks like Samsung’s ambition to put Bixby into other products is still going on strong, at least according to a report from ET News. Read full post →Samsung Rumored To Be Working On Bluetooth Headset With Bixby

If there is one piece of software that pretty much been shipped with every version of Windows, it would be MS Paint. While you could hardly call it a robust image editing tool, it was more than capable of getting the job done. However it seems that Microsoft has decided that maybe Paint is no longer worth keeping around. Read full post →Microsoft Could Be Killing Off ‘Paint’ In The Next Windows 10 Update