galaxy-s6-camera_02The dust has hardly settled down, actually, and it seems that Chinese manufacturers have already begun to sell protective cases as well as screen protectors for the recently announced Samsung Galaxy S6. Talk about being fast and efficient on an unprecedented scale, eh? After all, it does make a certain level of sense, especially when you take into consideration how you would want to do your level best to ensure that the smartphone you have just purchased remains protected from knocks, scratches and drops.

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jolla-sailfishI am quite sure that many of you have heard of Jolla before, alongside their Sailfish operating system (OS). Well, it seems that Jolla is set to introduce Sailfish OS 2.0, which has been touted to be a mobile OS that empowers partners to develop highly differentiated mobile products. The Finnish company claims that Sailfish OS 2.0 is ready for licensing to OEMs and other partners, where this next generation Sailfish OS will scale from smartphones to tablets, and at the same time roll out what used to be unseen software capabilities for partners in order to differentiate their product offerings.

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nikon-p900Nikon has long been a household name when it comes to digital imaging technology, and their digital cameras have proven to cater for a wide range of users, starting from the entry level to the mid range and even professionals. Having said that, one of the latest models of digital cameras that hail from Nikon would be the Nikon Coolpix P900, where it claims to deliver excellent image quality alongside an ultra high-power zoom capability that is capable of covering up to 2000mm.

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TOMTOM_Logo_NO_RHow many of you out there actually refer to the weather report not only for the day ahead, but also the forecast for an entire week? Well, if you happen to have raised your hand in affirmation and live in Europe, perhaps it might be time to consider a KIA the next time you want to purchase a new ride. Why do we say so? Well, it looks as though TomTom intends to be the one behind the equipping of European KIA cars with both traffic as well as weather data, now how about that?

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foldable-keyboard-3[MWC 2015] You fold a piece of paper, you fold some bills so that they will find a place in your wallet – but do you fold a keyboard? Most probably not, unless you happen to own one of those rollable keyboards that you can bring with you wherever you go. Well, here is something from Microsoft that might just catch your fancy – the Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard which so happens to be an ultra-thin and lightweight accessory that will play nice with a plethora of devices, ranging from Apple’s iPads and iPhones, all the way to Android-powered devices and Windows tablets.

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bacteria-imageYou might be a vain pot, going about snapping selfies of yourself as well as whatever there is to do with you when you are dressed in your best. Not only that, you also have an intimate knowledge of where your best angle is. Well, you might want to know that something as simple as a bacteria, too, can be captured using optical imaging technology – and it would not be just any other bacteria out there, but what is deemed to be the smallest bacteria on earth, now how about that?

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Sony_Xperia_M4__01Sony is updating its mid-range Android smartphone line with the XPERIA M4, which is succeeding the XPERIA M2 (there won’t be an M3 handset, apparently). The announcement has surprised some observers, but the M2 was launched around this time last year, but it’s true that it was available for less than a year in many places. The XPERIA M4 will eventually replace it and has been designed to provide a “no-compromise” phone (Sony’s words) at about half the price of a high-end phone (299 Euros, no contract). As you have guessed: the Aqua name is a good indicator that the M4 is waterproof…

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sony-xperia_Z4Sony is updating its Android tablet line-up with the addition of the Sony XPERIA Z4, a high-end tablet designed to be extremely light, waterproof and fast. It also integrates a 2K display, which marks a first for a Sony tablet. For this 2015 tablet, Sony has chosen to keep the same design language that we have gotten accustomed to. There are of course small changes, but this is very similar to the design used for the Z3 phones and Z-Series tablets of 2014. Read full post →Sony XPERIA Z4 Tablet

lumia-640-xl-10[MWC 2015] Well, we do know that from an accidental leak, the Lumia 640 XL as well as Lumia 640 are now made official – although we will not be able to get our hands on those, not at least until later this year, but the waiting period will not be all that long, so no worries about that. In fact, major carriers are already starting to shape up announcements concerning both handsets, and AT&T is first off the blocks to declare that they are the earliest U.S. carrier to offer the Lumia 640 XL.

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lenovo_VIBE_Shot_Family--3It’s no secret that mobile photography is the second most important usage model, right after basic communications. To cater to this need, Lenovo is launching the Lenovo Vibe Shot, a smartphone for mobile photography enthusiasts. The camera hardware looks really good on paper: 16 Megapixel, low-light sensor, optical image stabilization (OIS), infra-red autofocus (looks similar to LG’s laser). All of this point to a real focus (no pun intended) towards mobile imaging.

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