The misconception that some people have about mining for cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is that all they need is a couple of PCs with some powerful hardware, sit back, and let the money roll in. We suppose that’s not too far from the truth, although what many people are missing is how much in utility bills one has to pay for running such powerful rigs 24/7. Read full post →Heat Generated By Bitcoin Mining Used To Grow Food

Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular messaging services on the market today so a minor bug can end up affecting quite a lot of people. Reports suggest that there’s a new bug that makes the Facebook Messenger app freeze up on some iPhones. Users report that the app freezes up after they type a few words. That’s not ideal because if you can’t type inside a messaging app, what good is that app anyway? Fortunately, Facebook has found a fix.
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Microsoft has decided to promote Minecraft boss Matt Booty and put him in charge of Xbox game efforts. Booty will now oversee Microsoft Studios and will be second only to Microsoft’s games boss Phil Spencer. Spencer himself was promoted not too long ago from the position of Xbox head to Executive Vice President, Gaming and he is now accountable for leading Microsoft’s gaming business across all devices and services.
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The world recently came to know of the Spectre and Meltdown CPU security flaws which happen to be so significant that they require a redesign of the Linux and Windows kernels to be fixed. The exploits affect a wide variety of chips from several manufacturers, including Intel, and cover devices from both conventional PCs to smartphones and servers. Intel now says that 90 percent of its chips that were affected by these exploits have patches available via firmware updates.
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Norway has become a pioneer in the electric transport market as it already has more electric cars than any other country on the planet. That’s a bit ironic in that Norway also happens to be the largest oil and gas producer in western Europe. It also wants to be the first to properly adopt fully electric airplanes, at least for short-haul flights. Norway is aiming to ensure that all short-haul flights in the country are 100 percent fully electric by 2040.
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The nascent smartphone company Essential launched its first device, the Essential Phone, several months ago. The device has been on the market for five months now and there are still complaints about various issues that users encounter from time to time. Touch latency happens to be one of those issues on the Essential Phone and the company has confirmed that it’s working on a fix for it.
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Facebook-owned WhatsApp first introduced WhatsApp Business back in September 2016. It was made available in beta and those who wanted to use it had to first sign up and then hope that they would be picked for the beta test. Over a year after it was first introduced in beta, WhatsApp Business has now been officially launched. The company is rolling out the app in five countries initially before expanding it to markets across the globe in the coming weeks.
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Apple is sitting on a massive cash pile of over $250 billion but almost all of it is held overseas due to tax reasons. However, it appears that the company has decided to bring all of that money to the United States now that a new tax law has been passed. The company has revealed some figures which suggest that it’s going to repatriate almost all of its $250 billion cash pile to the United States.
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The lifesaving potential of drones has been highlighted time and time again. Several drones have been created for rescue services so that they can be used in emergency situations to get help to those in need as soon as possible before first responders arrive. Two teenage swimmers in Australia will certainly be thankful that this technology exists as they were rescued from rough seas by a drone while lifeguards were still training to use them.
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Razer launched its first smartphone ever late last year and we’re already hearing rumors about the Razer Phone’s successor. According to a new rumor, the Razer Phone 2 release is likely going to take place in September this year. If that’s accurate it would mean that the handset is going to be released a couple of months earlier than its predecessor.
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