One of the many touted features of the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ is Bixby, Samsung’s take on voice assistant software. Bixby is obviously not Samsung’s first foray into the technology/feature as the company did have S Voice before that, but it is expected to represent a relaunch of sorts, especially following the launch of Alexa and Google Assistant. Read full post →Samsung Bixby Voice Global Rollout Set For August 22

With the rumors claiming that the upcoming iPhone 8 will be ditching the home button, one has to wonder how will the phone allow for app switching? Right now the current method involves double pressing on the home button, but if the home button is gone, clearly that option has gone out the window. Read full post →VIdeo Shows How The iPhone 8 Will Handle App Switching

Earlier this year there were rumors that Google could have a new audio device in the works codenamed “Bisto”. However references to the device were later removed, suggesting that maybe it was an old prototype or that Google might have canned the project, but it seems to have resurfaced again. Read full post →Google Could Have A Pair Of Smart Headphones In The Works

You might have noticed that Facebook has a Safety Check feature which basically allows users to mark themselves as “safe” when they are in an area in which an incident has occurred, whether it be a natural disaster, a terrorist attack, and so on. The general idea is that it will help keep their families informed on their safety and provide some sense of relief and assurance. Read full post →Facebook Is Making Safety Check A Permanent Feature

If you’re the busy sort of person who doesn’t even have time to buy groceries, there’s a good chance you might rely on home delivery services instead. Now last year Walmart announced that they would be trying out home delivery services using services like Uber and Lyft, and it looks like the company will be expanding on it. Read full post →Walmart Expands Its Uber Grocery Delivery Service To More Markets

The Apple TV is a great hub for watching your shows and movies, but the problem is that it isn’t quite up to date with the latest resolutions, and given that 4K is expected to become the standard for the foreseeable future, it does leave users a bit wanting (although whether or not you can tell the difference is a different story). Read full post →tvOS 11 Beta Hints At 4K Apple TV

Google is expected to announce their new Pixel smartphones soon. Given that the company just announced Android 8.0 Oreo, we can only imagine that the new smartphones are around the corner as well. However it seems that Google might have more than just smartphones that they plan to announce. Read full post →Possible New Google Chromebook Pixel & Smaller Google Home In The Works

Writing stories can be a tricky thing because most of the time what we imagine in our heads sometimes doesn’t translate so well when written out. Then there is also the case of ego, where sometimes we think what we write is unique and will become the next best-selling book of the current generation. Read full post →Disney Research Develops AI That Can Evaluate Short Stories

Google has been teasing that they will officially announce the next major build of Android during the eclipse, and a leaked image from yesterday seemed to have confirmed that the next Android build will be known as Oreo. For those who are wondering, wonder no more as Google has officially taken the wraps of Android 8.0 Oreo. Read full post →Android 8.0 Oreo Is Now Official

Back in the day, there weren’t that many RTS games around. You had the likes of StarCraft, Warcraft, Red Alert, Command & Conquer, and Age of Empires. Many of those franchises have kind of stalled in recent times, but that’s not the case for Microsoft’s Age of Empires because it seems that gamers can look forward to a fourth installment. Read full post →Age Of Empires IV Officially Announced