The day that many Destiny fans had been waiting for has finally arrived. Following endless rumors about the sequel, Bungie today announced Destiny 2 officially. The developer has just shared the first piece of artwork for its upcoming title which is no doubt being anxiously awaited by millions of Destiny fans across the globe.
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Samsung took a hit of billions of dollars due to the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco but the company’s year-end results for 2016 showed that it posted a higher operating profit and was just able to manage a recovery. There may be more than meets the eye here as analysts are of the view that the sales of Samsung’s flagship smartphones happen to be at their lowest levels yet.
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It appears that Facebook has started testing some new changes in its Android app on a small scale. A new report reveals that some users are seeing a redesign of the Like, Comment, and Share buttons in the Facebook for Android app. Some are even seeing an option in the App Settings to save videos for offline viewing.
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The PlayStation 4 Pro is 4K-compatible so it can power games and media content up to 4K resolution but so far it has not been possible to play your own 4K content. Console owners have been limited to services like YouTube and Netflix if they want to play 4K video on PlayStation 4 Pro. That changes today as Sony has sent out an update for the console which makes it capable of playing 4K video that you may have recorded using your smartphone.
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It has been a while since T-Mobile made some changes to its prepaid plans even though it has been doing so quite frequently for its postpaid offerings. It’s taking care of this matter today by announcing three new prepaid plans that start at $45 per month. Two of the plans are called Simply Prepaid and the other ONE Prepaid.
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A new report claims that Microsoft is planning to hold a special Surface hardware event in the spring this year where it’s going to show off some new products. However, the report does mention that the Surface Book 2 will not be launched at this event. Fans of the first Surface Book will surely be expecting the company to unveil the successor at its next hardware event but if there’s any truth to this report we may not see it in the coming weeks.
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Apple is not due to unveil new iPhones until the fall this year but that doesn’t mean that the wheels aren’t already in motion to get everything ready in time for mass production. A new report claims that Apple’s primary chip partner, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. or TSMC, is going to start volume production of the A11 processor in next month. This chip is going to debut with the iPhone 7s and iPhone 8.
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Apple has long been said to have an interest in augmented reality, even the company has hinted that much, and considering that it hasn’t done anything to bring the joys of virtual reality to iPhone owners it may be more interested in the other technology. According to a new report, Apple is now “stepping up its efforts” by setting aside more resources for development with the idea of eventually shifting it from a research project to an actual consumer product.
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Wells Fargo today announced that it has become the first large bank in the United States to upgrade its entire fleet of ATMs with card-free account access through the One Time Access Code technology. It now offers more than 13,000 card-free ATMs for its more than 20 million mobile customers. Moreover, the company has also confirmed that Apple Pay-based ATM transactions will go live later this year.
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Microsoft released Cortana for rival platforms a long time ago. For the past few months, it has been running tests that give Cortana a presence on the Android lock screen. The tests appear to have gone off well because the company has now decided to launch the feature to the public. Cortana has now arrived on the Android lock screen.
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