xiaomitenaaIt seems that Xiaomi is on a roll at the moment, with a couple more handsets being in the pipeline, ready and waiting in the wings to be deployed to the masses. After all, a couple of these new devices have been seen over at TENAA, where both of them will come with the Mi logo on the back, not to mention sport the existing design language by the company.

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no_man's_sky_delayA report from earlier this week hinted that the upcoming much-hyped about indie game No Man’s Sky had been delayed. The game was originally due for a release next month, but a report from Kotaku claims that the game has been pushed back to a July or August release, or at least that’s what their sources were told. Read full post →No Man’s Sky Has Been Officially Delayed To August 9

WoWlogoLast month Blizzard announced a move to shut down a fan-run World of Warcraft server. The server was aimed at players who enjoyed the vanilla version of the game, before the expansions and the supposed handholding and spoonfeeding that came along with them. Turns out many players weren’t too thrilled by this move. Read full post →Blizzard’s Meeting About Vanilla World Of Warcraft Servers Goes Well

tom.old.myspace-100022175-origHere’s a question for you guy: how many of you still use MySpace? The social media platform was huge back in the day but safe to say that it isn’t what it used to be, but obviously there are probably many of us who still have accounts with the platform. If you’re the type that has used the same password for the past 10-15 years, then maybe this should be concerning for you. Read full post →Hacker Tries To Sell 427 Million Stolen MySpace Passwords

iphone-7-diagramIf you are a collector of rumors when it comes to the likes of the iPhone 7 as well as the iPhone 7s, then you might be interested to check out some diagrams of the alleged handsets from Cupertino that are set to arrive with perhaps a glass covered body. In the leaked or revealed schematics, it does show that the new flagship smartphones will be a wee bit thicker than the existing iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus – 1mm, to be exact. Does this mean it can still fit into current generation iPhone protective cases without any issue?

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nepayyamThe next iteration of the Android mobile operating system would be the Android N, and there has been a clarion call by Google themselves for the public to suggest names for Android N. We all know that each iteration of Android would be named after a particular dessert, where delicious names such as Marshmallow, Lollipop, KitKat and Froyo have been used before. This time around, what could be the finalized name of Andorid N? Well, it looks like a local sweet over in India, Neyyappam, have garnered quite a fair number of votes thanks to techies who live over in the southern Indian state of Kerala.

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skype7-androidIf you are a frequent user of Skype across numerous platforms, then you would be sure to notice that Microsoft has not neglected Skype users in this aspect, having rolled out new versions and updates from time to time, and their latest effort would be the notably improved version of Skype for Android. Skype 7.0 for Android is said to deliver a revamped tablet interface, and this particular interface is touted to enable even more efficient communication, not to mention introducing a greater level of ease to search for contacts and chats from within the app.

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overwatch sold otIf you ever needed a reason to buy digital games (if you aren’t doing so already), it would be the fact that you’ll never have to worry about the game being sold out. That being said, it seems that over on Amazon, it looks like the physical copy of Overwatch has been sold out. However his only seems to apply to both the PS4 and Xbox One copies of the game. Read full post →Overwatch Was Temporarily Sold Out On Amazon

samsung-nx11There were rumors from last year that Samsung would be closing their digital camera division, but the company has since denied them. However at the same time, Samsung has been pulling out of several markets which if anything certainly looks like they’re preparing to exit the market at some point in the future. Read full post →Samsung Pulls Out Of Australia Digital Camera Market

zte-axon-7-1The Daydream VR supporting ZTE Axon 7 was unveiled just yesterday, and while the hardware specifications were listed down for all and sundry to check out, there was no particular or specific word that referred to the handset’s asking price. Hence, it still remained as a mystery – at least until now, a day later after the official announcement of the smartphone. Apparently, there has been a report from ZTE’s home country, China, citing that the ZTE Axon 7 will retail for $449 a pop over in the US, while it will cost €409 across the pond. Both of these prices are meant for unlocked devices, no doubt.

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