apple-watch-parisWhen Apple first announced the Apple Watch, it seemed that the company believed that they had the chops necessary to compete in the luxury watch department. So much so that they announced that the Apple Watch would be available in high-end departmental stores like the Galeries Lafayette in Paris. Read full post →Apple Watch Booth In Paris Departmental Store Could Be Closing

macOS_Sierra_Apple-PayDue to the fact that we’re talking about money and the security of credit cards, it is possible that could be the reason why mobile payment systems aren’t taking off quite as quickly as many would like. Not to mention companies would have to partner up with banks and retailers to ensure compatibility. Read full post →Apple Pay Could Be Making Its Way To Germany Soon

1964-aston-martin-db5Apple Pay has typically been marketed as a quick and easy way to pay for things, such as food at fast food outlets, drinks, purchases at drug stores, and so on. The idea is that you tap your phone against the terminal, it registers the transaction, and you’re done, all without having to take out your wallet. Read full post →Apple Pay Used To Purchase $1 Million 1964 Aston Martin DB5

apple_logoThe other day we reported that carrier AT&T was in talks with Time Warner regarding a possible merger. The talks are said to be still in its early stages as nothing formal has been decided and no financial advisors have been hired yet either. However according to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Time Warner could potentially have a competing bid. Read full post →Apple Keeping An Eye On AT&T/Time Warner Talks

google-pixelIt is a terrible feeling when your phone stops working, whatever the reason is. Usually the repair process can take a while, anywhere between a couple of days to a week, depending on how fast the repair company works. However the good news for Pixel owners is that Google is looking to offer up same day repairs. Read full post →Google To Offer Same Day Repairs For The Pixel

qualcomm-iot-platform_summit2016_04In the past week, Qualcomm has been pitching developers and hardware partners in Hong Kong and when it comes to IoT (Internet of Things), Qualcomm has gone from discrete chips to platform, in a big way. In the past, the company has created various development kits, but now more than ever, it has realized that IoT can have a tremendous barrier to entry that can many potential partners simply cannot cross. That is why 25 Qualcomm “ready for production” platforms are now available. Read full post →Qualcomm IoT Push Goes From Chips To Complete Platforms

samsung logo 5With reports of the Note 7 exploding in markets around the world, we guess we were kind of surprised that the lawsuits did not come in sooner, but we guess it was only a matter of time. So far we know that there are at least two class-action lawsuits pendings, one in the US and the other in Korea. Read full post →Samsung Is Apparently Anticipating More Lawsuits Over The Note 7

oneplus_3_001It has been rumored that OnePlus could be thinking of discontinuing production of the OnePlus 3 in favor of a slightly newer handset that last we heard, could be called the OnePlus 3S. However it turns out that might not be the case because according to the latest reports, the handset could be known as the OnePlus 3T instead. Read full post →OnePlus 3T Moniker Spotted Online

A lot of the smartphones these days tend to come with water-resistant features. Samsung has been doing it for a while, and recently Apple has decided to make its iPhone 7 IP67 certified as well, which is why when the Google Pixels were unveiled, it was a bit disappointing to find out that they were only IP53 certified. Read full post →Google Pixel Submerged Underwater For 30 Minutes And Survives

Remember last week we reported on a gamer called Rudeism who played a round of Overwatch using bananas as a controller? Prior to this, he also used joysticks to play the game, and recently he is back with a new controller: a bow. If you’re wondering why it seems random, it really isn’t. Read full post →Guy Plays Overwatch Using A Bow As A Controller