For those who wish to install iTunes on their Windows computer, there is still the traditional route where you download the app from Apple’s website and install it from there. However these days we’re seeing companies shift from direct downloads to downloading from app stores, like the Mac App Store, Windows 10 Store, Steam, Launcher, Origins, and so on. Read full post →iTunes Won’t Be Available Via The Windows 10 Store This Year

There are some sites out there that autoplay videos when you load the page, which means that if you’re juggling multiple tabs at once, this can be rather jarring and annoying when suddenly you hear audio blasting at you and you have to hunt that tab down. However Google is making some changes on that front. Read full post →Latest Chrome Beta Adds Autoplay-Muting, Improved Popup Blocking

Our internet speeds have come a very long way from back in the day, where we still had to use dial-up modems to connect to the internet, and where if you accidentally used the phone while the internet was connected, it would drop the connection. In fact if anything, these days it appears that our internet speeds are getting faster. Read full post →The World’s Internet Speeds Have Gotten 30% Faster In 2017

When you post something on Facebook, it will show up in your profile and also your News Feed, where people who follow you or who are friends with you on Facebook can see it in their News Feed as well. However it appears that Facebook is testing out a way to allow users to better control where their posts show up. Read full post →Facebook Lets Users Share Posts On Their News Feed Or Profile

Image credit – Android Police

From time to time we receive promo emails from companies whose services or products we’ve used in the past, and this can be rather annoying and can clutter up our inboxes. Sure, they could be marked as spam, but that could complicate things if you do decide to use those services again in the future, which means that unsubscribing to them is the best way. Read full post →Inbox Testing Way For Users To Unsubscribe Emails They Don’t Read

While Apple might not necessarily be the brand or company you think of when it comes to TV series or movies, but that’s something the company is hoping to change like they did with music and iTunes. Initially reported by Deadline and subsequently confirmed by Variety, it looks like Apple customers can expect a new sci-fi TV series in the future. Read full post →Apple Reportedly Inks A Deal For A Sci-Fi TV Series

Over the years ever since the first Apple Watch was released, we’ve been hearing stories about how the device has saved the lives of quite a few of its users, such as alerting them to impending heart attacks. In fact just a new report from 9to5Mac will see the Apple Watch chalk up another life saved. Read full post →Apple Watch Saves Man’s Life By Alerting Him To A Heart Attack

We’re sure from time to time, you come across posts from your friends or Facebook Pages or People that you follow that can get annoying or obnoxious. Sure, there is the option of unfollowing them or unfriending them, but if you’d rather not go to those extremes, then you’ll be pleased to learn that Facebook has a happy middle solution: a Snooze button. Read full post →Facebook’s Snooze Button Lets You Temporarily Mute Your Friends

In case the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 wasn’t expensive enough, over in Korea, Samsung has unveiled (via GSMArena) a special version of the handset. Dubbed the Samsung Galaxy Note8 X 99 AVANT, this is basically a collaboration between Samsung and artist Han Seung-Woo, in which a specially design Note 8 handset has been made. Read full post →The Samsung Galaxy Note8 X 99 AVANT Will Cost You $1,800

As you might have heard, Disney has recently announced their plans to acquire Fox for a whopping $52 billion. This has huge implications in the entertainment industry, naturally, but for comic book fans, this also has implications that we’re sure many are wondering about, which includes the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Deadpool. Read full post →Disney Confirms X-Men, Fantastic Four, Deadpool Will Be Part Of The MCU