Netflix has significantly increased its spending on original content. It’s evidently what’s driving subscriber growth for the online streaming service. Netflix aims to make its original content account for the majority of content available on its service. To achieve that aim, it’s going to spend over $8 billion in order make its library over 50 percent original by next year.
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New York has some strict rules for self-driving cars which is why companies haven’t been rushing there to test their technology. General Motors has seen past that, though, and it’s going to be the first company to start testing autonomous vehicles in New York City. General Motors’ self-driving unit Cruise Automation will begin testing its autonomous Chevy Bolts in the city. GM will thus be the first company to test Level 4 autonomous cars on public roads.
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Fossil today announced the launch of the Q Neely and Q Jacqueline, the company says that these are the smallest hybrid smartwatches that it has ever released. Geared towards female customers, the latest additions to Fossil’s Q lineup fuse new functionality with a classically design watch profile of Fossil’s best-selling styles.
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There had been a lot of rumors over the past couple of months about a new smartphone from ZTE. The company was reportedly working on a foldable smartphone called the Axon M and that’s precisely what it has officially announced today. ZTE’s much-rumored foldable smartphone is now official. As expected, it’s going to be an AT&T-exclusive in the United States.
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An iOS app that’s very popular among teens these days, tbh, has been acquired by Facebook. This isn’t the first popular app that the world’s largest social network has picked up over the past few years. Who can forget Facebook’s acquisitions of Instagram and WhatsApp. It has been confirmed by the tbh team that the app has now been acquired by Facebook.
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There are different social media platforms for different purposes, like people tend to use Facebook for personal things, while they might turn to LinkedIn for more professional usage. However it seems that Facebook wants to be a one-stop shop for everything because in a tweet by The Next Web’s Matt Navarra, Facebook could be testing a resume-like feature for its platform. Read full post →Facebook Testing A Resume-Like Feature For Job Hunters

Sometimes knowing when to let go of a project can actually lead to greater things, like in the case of Blizzard’s Project Titan next-gen MMO that was cancelled, scrapped, and repurposed into Overwatch. The project was years in the making but it seems that all their efforts did not go to waste as Overwatch is now boasting 35 million players and counting. Read full post →Overwatch Is Now Boasting 35 Million Players

Just like Mario, Crash Bandicoot has become one of the more iconic game mascots in gaming history, although it seems that the character has been more synonymous with Sony’s PlayStation platform. However it looks like that could change because in a post on Reddit, it seems that Keymailer has listed Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy for the Switch. Read full post →Keymailer Lists Crash Bandicoot For The Nintendo Switch

A couple of months ago, HMD Global announced the Nokia 8 smartphone. This is the flagship smartphone of the Nokia-branded devices and it was later suggested that the handset could be coming to the US in different variations. However it seems that might no longer be the case, and while it does sound like bad news, it might not necessarily be. Read full post →Nokia 9 Could Arrive In The US In Place Of The Nokia 8

There was a period in time in which BlackBerry had hoped that their own mobile operating system would be good enough to compete against the likes of iOS and Android. While BlackBerry certainly had their loyal fans, it’s safe to say that their mobile platform never quite took off the way they had hoped. Read full post →BlackBerry’s CEO Claims They Are ‘Out Of Danger’