Walmart is reportedly gearing up to launch an online video streaming service that will rival Netflix later this year. It will also go up against competing services from Amazon and Hulu. Walmart’s service will reportedly be offered under the Vudu name and it’s said to be similar to other streaming services, offering licensed as well as original content.
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Samsung has a habit of mocking its biggest rival Apple in its ads. The company is back at it again in the latest series of advertisements for the Galaxy S9. The new ads mock the lack of the 3.5mm headphone jack on Apple’s iPhone X and also take swipes at the iPhone’s camera.
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Google’s parent company Alphabet has its own self-driving division called Waymo. It has been testing its self-driving cars on public roads for quite some time and the division has now passed a major milestone. It has been confirmed that Waymo’s self-driving cars have driven more than 8 million miles on public roads. This equals to almost 25,000 miles being driven every single day which is considerably more than what its rivals have been able to achieve.
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Cargo is a startup based in New York that wants to transform ride-share vehicles into portable vending machines. It has announced an exclusive partnership with Uber in the United States to distribute its mini vending machines to drivers through Uber’s driver hubs. This means that passengers will be able to purchase snacks and even accessories like headphones during the ride.
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Samsung has already confirmed that the Galaxy Note 9 will be unveiled on August 9th. Some recent reports have claimed that the upcoming Galaxy Watch, the rebranded successor to the Gear S3 smartwatch, will also be launched alongside the new flagship smartphone.

That now appears to be the case as the new “Wireless Charger Duo” has leaked online. This accessory will be capable of charging the Galaxy Note 9 and the Galaxy Watch at the same time.

Samsung isn’t just expected to unveil the Galaxy Watch alongside the Galaxy Note 9 on August 9th. A report earlier this week also claimed that the smartwatch is going to be released on August 24th, the very same day that Samsung is said to release the Galaxy Note 9.

An image of the Wireless Charger Duo’s box has been leaked online which confirms that it will support dual fast wireless charging. The two pads will be able to charge either two smartphones at the same time or a smartphone and the Galaxy Watch.

The box has consequently confirmed the existence of the Galaxy Watch as well. It even confirms that the smartwatch won’t be called the Gear S4. According to a report, this accessory is going to cost around $70.

It will likely be available immediately after the Galaxy Note 9 goes on sale. Samsung hasn’t confirmed when that will happen but reports peg the Galaxy Note 9 release date at August 24.

Google is reportedly going to launch a variety of devices this fall and if a new report is to be believed, we should add a new Pixelbook to the list as well. The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, new Pixel Buds, and a new Pixel smartwatch are already expected to be launched in October this year and it’s believed that there’s going to be a new Pixelbook as well.
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A couple of renders of the Galaxy Tab S4 have appeared online in recent weeks. Some of you may have noticed that Samsung’s upcoming flagship tablet doesn’t have a physical home button. So there’s no fingerprint sensor on the front but the renders also show that there isn’t one at the back as well. This meant that the tablet may not have the sensor and that does appear to be the case as the Galaxy Tab S4 firmware files that are already out confirm that the tablet will have an iris scanner.
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The majority of fitness trackers offer pretty standard fitness tracking features, such as the steps we’ve taken, distance walked/run, calories burned, and heart rate. These are considered to be “basic” functions that most people would expect from such trackers, but it is possible that in the future our trackers could become more complex and better at gathering data. Read full post →Researchers Develop Wearable That Measures Your Cortisol Levels

For a while now we have been hearing that multiplayer will be a feature that will soon be coming to Stardew Valley. The multiplayer feature is currently in testing and the good news is that if this is an update you’ve been looking forward to, you’ll be pleased to learn that you won’t have to wait much longer for it. Read full post →Stardew Valley Multiplayer Update Will Arrive August 1

No one likes cheaters, but the sad reality is that as much as developers try to prevent cheaters, there will always be cheaters in video games. Companies such as Blizzard have implemented a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to cheaters, banning them outright when caught, but Niantic appears to be taking a more lenient approach. Read full post →Niantic Introduces Three-Strike Policy For Pokemon GO Cheaters