minecraft movieAs gamers have probably heard by now, there is a Minecraft movie in the works, although a couple of years ago, it was suggested that the movie was still 2-4 years away from actually being released. For those wondering about its release, wonder no more as we finally have an official release date. Read full post →Minecraft Movie Release Date Set For May 24, 2019

xbox fitnessIn case you didn’t know, Microsoft had a feature for the Xbox called Xbox Fitness. Basically it was meant to provide gamers on the Xbox a way to work out, and in some cases it took advantage of the Kinect to track your progress/form. It even came with popular workout programs like Insanity and P90X. Read full post →Microsoft Will Be Shutting Xbox Fitness Down

Microsoft announced last year that it would eventually release a TV DVR feature for Xbox One. Users had long been waiting for this feature to arrive and yet earlier this month Microsoft confirmed that it was dropping plans for the Xbox One TV DVR feature. However, this doesn’t mean the feature won’t ever arrive for this console, Microsoft wants you to know that it hasn’t completely ruled out the TV DVR feature yet.
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Windows 10 Mobile users are well aware of the fact that they won’t get access to as many apps and games as they would on iOS or Android, yet many have still made it their platform of choice. It comes down to personal preference for everybody but nobody would want more apps to not become available for their platform. Those who have been keeping their fingers crossed for an official Snapchat app for Windows 10 Mobile might have something to look forward to in the near future.
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Would you like to own something that combines your love for gaming with your love for Game of Thrones? You’re probably still processing last night’s season finale, keep at it, it was one of the best episodes of the show. However, you might also want to pay some attention to this extremely rare Game of Thrones-themed Xbox One that’s up for grabs.
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T-Mobile is finally rolling out the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update for the Galaxy Note 4. Since the handset is nearly two years old it wasn’t prioritized like the more recent devices were, but the carrier has finally come around to releasing Marshmallow for this handset. It’s likely that this is the last major update that the Galaxy Note 4 gets as Android devices are generally not supported for major updates after two years.
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Wrestling fans take note: The next WWE title from 2K Games is going to feature Brock Lesnar on the cover. 2K Games has also confirmed the release date for the latest iteration of this annual game series that’s based on the professional wrestling franchise. For those who are unaware, Brock Lesnar is one of the largest stars in the WWE so his presence on the cover is justified.
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The HP Chromebook 11 G5 has been launched today, it’s the first 11 inch Chromebook from HP to feature a touchscreen display. Chromebooks tend to be cheap notebooks and that’s the case with this new one as well. It’s priced below $200 and is great for budget conscious consumers who don’t mind relying on a cloud-based operating system. Chromebooks are also very popular among students.
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Amazon is among the few online video streaming services that currently offer content streaming high dynamic range or HDR. It started offering 4K HDR content last year and today it announced support for another, and better, HDR format. Dolby Vision HDR content is now available for streaming from Amazon Video.
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There have been countless reports detailing Microsoft’s rather aggressive tactics for getting people to upgrade to Windows 10. Many have said that they were forced into an upgrade that they didn’t want and while many resigned to their fate, travel agency owner Teri Goldstein took matter into her own hands and sued Microsoft over the forced upgrade. She won and walked away $10,000 richer.
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