The Lenovo Yoga 920 succeeds the Yoga 910, a rather impressive laptop that we rated at 9/10 when we reviewed it in April of this year. This new laptop comes with Intel’s latest 8th Generation processor of course, as Lenovo made the series evolve to the latest technologies, but the company also solved nearly all the friction points we pointed out in the 910. Let’s take a closer look at the new Yoga 920 to see how good it is in the real world. Read full post →Lenovo Yoga 920 Review

It has been a couple of years since Square Enix announced that they will be remaking Final Fantasy VII. This is exciting news because this isn’t just some kind of HD remaster, but rather a remake of the original game, which hopefully will be able to live up to the hype and do the original justice. Read full post →Final Fantasy VII’s Release Date Could Be Revealed Next Year

Recently there have been reports of how Russia is trying to influence events in the US by spreading propaganda through fake accounts on social media. Companies like Google have found Russia-linked ads across its services like YouTube, Google Search, and Gmail. They are not alone as Facebook has found similar ads on its social network. Read full post →Facebook To Notify Users If They Liked A Fake Russian Account

Have you ever gotten onto an Uber, reached your destination without incident, but yet somehow walk away with a lower rating than before? Or have you as an Uber driver received a bad rating simply because there were things out of your control, like bad traffic, customers being unnecessarily fussy, and so on? Read full post →Uber Tweaks Its Rating System To Make It More Transparent

Taking notes and recording a patient’s medical history is something that doctors do as it helps them keep tracking of the patient’s health, allergies, what medicine they’ve been given, and so on. However taking down notes and writing up reports can be tedious work, as we imagine most reports are, but Google wants to help with that. Read full post →Voice Recognition Could Be Used To Transcribe Doctor, Patient Visits

You might have heard that a live action Pokemon movie is in the works based on Detective Pikachu, and now according to a report from Variety, it seems that the movie has found its lead actor in the form of Justice Smith, who for those unfamiliar starred in movies such as Paper Towns and Netflix’s The Get Down. Read full post →Detective Pikachu Movie Has Found Its Lead Actor

Upgrading to a new Android phone is a refreshing experience. It brings the joy of using new hardware, getting adjusted to a new user interface, as well as trying out a new set of specs. Though, transferring your data and apps from the old phone to its successor can be quite the ordeal – especially if this is your first time.

Read full post →New Android Phone: 7 Ways To Transfer Data

Gran Turismo Sport was released a few weeks back and players have already clocked in more than 26 million hours of gameplay across the globe. We now have some updates on what’s to come next with Patch 1.06 in November and the launch of the “GT League” next month. All Gran Turismo Sport players will receive three new cars for free starting November 27th. The upcoming patch is also going to bring the Livery Editor, Scapes and Campaign modes will become available for offline play. However, internet access will be required to save progress.
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There have been a lot of reports recently that Samsung might unveil the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ ahead of schedule. The new flagship handsets are also expected to be released earlier than expected. A new report from a reputable leakster suggests that Samsung is indeed going to show off the handsets earlier. The Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are both expected to be revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 in January.
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Some of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the world are based in China. While they’re commonly used for purchasing clothes, electronics, and other products, you might not expect to see a Boeing 747 jet being auctioned off at one of those platforms. However, that’s precisely what China’s biggest e-commerce platform Taobao did. It auctioned not one but two jumbo jets.
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