Google Chrome Might Deal Deathblow To Ad Blocker Extensions

There are quite a few ad blocker extensions available for Google Chrome. They allow you to block all sorts of ads on the sites that you visit. It appears that Google is planning to switch things up a bit for its popular Chrome browser which might render many of these ad blocker extensions useless.

Tesla ‘Sentry Mode’ Feature Will Capture Video In 360 Degrees

Like many modern cars, Tesla vehicles have cameras all around them to power advanced driving aids. The company regularly rolls out new features through updates which leverage existing hardware to make lives easier for owners. The “Sentry Mode” is going to be one such feature. It will enable the cars to record video in 360 degrees.

Boeing’s Autonomous Flying Taxi Pulls Off Successful First Flight

Boeing knows a thing or two about aircraft so if you’d expect anyone to be able to pull off a successful test of an autonomous flying taxi, it would be Boeing. The company has announced that its autonomous electric VTOL aircraft has successfully completed its first flight. What that means is that the aircraft was able to take off, hover, and land under its own power.

Hulu Price Cut To $5.99 Per Month

Not long after Netflix raised prices for all subscribers in the United States, Hulu has decided to cut the price of its base subscription plan. It currently costs $7.99 per month for the ad-supported plan and Hulu has decided to cut its price to $5.99 per month starting February 26th.


Farming Simulator E-Sports League Launched With $280,000 In Prizes

You’d expect e-sports leagues for popular multiplayer games like Fortnite and Overwatch, not for something like Farming Simulator. That doesn’t negate the fact that this game has a sizeable following of its own as well. To that end, developer Giants Software announced today that it’s launching a new Farming Simulator League, which is indeed a competitive tournament with lucrative prizes up for grabs.

YouTube TV Finally Rolling Out Nationwide

The YouTube TV streaming service was launched back in February 2017. It has been over two years since it was launched and it has gradually been rolled out to markets across the United States. YouTube TV has finally reached nationwide availability after almost two years of its initial launch. It now offers coverage for 98 percent of households in the United States.

LG Is Teasing A Gesture Control Device For MWC 2019

The Mobile World Congress 2019 is just around the corner. It will take place in the final week of February. Many companies will be headed to Barcelona, Spain in order to show off their latest wares. LG is now teasing one such announcement for the event. It appears that the device it unveils at MWC will offer gesture control.

Meizu Zero Is A Smartphone With No Buttons And Ports

Smartphone manufacturers have gradually been removing buttons and ports from their devices. We only get the most essential of buttons on phones these days while many are now ditching the 3.5mm headphone jack. Meizu has come out with a new device which is unlike any seen before. The Meizu Zero is aptly named since it has zero buttons. There isn’t even a port for wired charging.

Netflix Is The First Streaming Company To Join The MPAA

The Motion Picture Association of America is a powerful lobbying group in Hollywood and now Netflix is a part of it. The company has the distinction of being the first streaming service to join the MPAA as a member. It’s a watershed moment as this is the first time that a non-studio has been inducted as a member to this 97-year-old trade association.

Amazon Echo Wall Clock Pulled Over Connectivity Issues

Amazon launched a barrage of Alexa-enabled devices a couple of months ago and the Echo Wall Clock was one of them. It has been just over a month since the company started shipping this product and it has now had to pull it from the proverbial shelves. The decision has been made due to connectivity issues with the device.

Xiaomi Shows Off A Unique Foldable Smartphone Prototype

It seems that foldable smartphones will be all the range in 2019. Samsung is expected to launch one as early as next month while others like Huawei are also expected to show their hand in the coming months. Xiaomi is in the running as well and the company has now unveiled a rather unique prototype of a foldable smartphone.

Viacom Acquires Pluto TV Free Streaming Service For $340 Million

Some of you might know about Pluto TV. It’s a free, ad-supported TV streaming service that provides access to hundreds of channels through its website and mobile apps. There’s no monthly subscription, you can watch the content for free as long as you’re willing to put up with advertisements. It has caught Viacom’s attention which has decided to acquire Pluto TV for $340 million in cash.

Google Adds Strikethrough And Undo/Redo Buttons To Gmail

Google has highlighted a couple of improvements for its email client that will be rolling out in the near future. G Suite Gmail accounts will get buttons for strikethrough as well as undo/redo. These buttons will be available in the compose window.

Apple’s iPod Touch Could Be Positioned As A Gaming Device

Recently there was a rumor that claimed that Apple could be looking to revive the iPod touch lineup with the launch of a 7th-gen model. It is an interesting choice given that Apple had initially pitched the iPhone as having the capabilities of an iPod, but now we might have a better idea of what Apple could be thinking of doing.

HMD Global Shares Roadmap For Android Pie Update For Its Nokia Phones

The problem with Android updates is that unless you own a Pixel handset, if and when the latest Android update is released for your device is really anyone’s guess. Some manufacturers are faster than others, but once again it isn’t exactly predictable. However HMD Global wants to take out some of the guesswork involved.

Newark Airport Temporarily Halted Operations Following Drone Sightings

Last year there were reports about how potential drone sightings forced the Gatwick Airport to halt its operations. Now according to a report from Reuters, it seems that recent sightings at Newark Airport might have forced operations to be temporarily halted. This is according to the FAA who confirmed that due to alleged drone sightings flying over Teterboro Airport, operations had to be temporarily halted as a result.

Samsung Unveils A 15.6-inch 4K OLED Display

Laptop technology has evolved greatly over the years, where we are seeing slimmer laptops that can still pack quite a punch. However one thing missing from laptops would be OLED displays, where pretty much all laptops have relied on LCDs. However that is expected to change, thanks to Samsung who has recently taken the wraps off a 15.6-inch 4K OLED screen.

Instagram Denies They Are Limiting The Reach Of Posts

Recently some of you might have noticed how some of the people you follow on Instagram might have been sharing a photo that claims that Instagram has been limiting the reach of their posts. These posts claim that Instagram has limited it so that only 7% of their followers can see their posts.

AirPods With Health Tracking Expected In First Half Of 2019

Initially made fun of due to its design, the ease of pairing AirPods to iOS devices and also their convenience has made it quite a hit. This is why we understand that there is a fair amount of anticipation for its successor and what Apple could have up their sleeves. According to DigiTimes, the AirPods 2 could be worth checking out.

Sony’s Latest Aibo Dog Is Considerably Less Creepy

Sony’s Aibo robot dogs were designed to be “realistic”, but we have to admit that it can come off a bit creepy as smiling robots tend to be a bit disconcerting. However Sony’s latest Aibo, which was launched in the US last year, was a huge improvement over the first-generation model, but over in Japan Sony is trying their hand at making it more “realistic”.

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