Hunger Games Prequel Book Confirmed For 2020

Fans of the dystopian trilogy The Hunger Games will be delighted to know that a prequel book has now been confirmed by author Suzanne Collins. It hasn’t been confirmed what the new book is actually going to be called but a release date has been confirmed. It has also been revealed that the prequel will be set 64 years before the events of the first The Hunger Games book, particularly […]

Destiny 2 Players On Stadia Will Only Match With Other Stadia Players

Bungie recently confirmed that Destiny 2 will be available from Google Stadia, the company’s online game streaming service which will enable users to stream console-quality games on smartphones and even Chromebooks. All that’s required is a decent internet connection and a subscription to Stadia. Bungie has now revealed that Destiny 2 players on Stadia will initially be able to play against other Destiny 2 players on Stadia.

Xiaomi Android Q Beta Test Schedule Confirmed

Several OEMs are working with Google to test out the Android Q beta on select devices and Xiaomi wants to get in on the action as well. The company has confirmed its beta roadmap for Android Q. A total of 11 devices from the Chinese company will take part in the Android Q beta test before Google’s latest and greatest Android OS iteration is rolled out for these devices.

Next Chrome Release Will Making Bypassing Paywalls Easier

Most major publications that rely on paywalls to drive subscriptions offer visitors a number of free articles per month. Once your quota for the month is finished, you can either wait until the next month or subscribe. One way users got around this paywall was by using the incognito mode in Google Chrome but developers later added some code to check if the visitor was using incognito mode. If it […]


Cat Filter Spices Up Pakistani Minister’s Live Press Conference

Press conferences aren’t exciting, even more so the ones made by politicians. So what could make a long and drawn out press conference bearable? Perhaps a cat filter? Better yet, a cat filter that the politician doesn’t know has been turned on. That’s precisely what happened during a live press conference of a Pakistani minister, the cat filter was accidentally enabled during the live stream on Facebook.

Spotify Podcasts Will Now Have Targeted Ads

Spotify has long allowed advertisers to target its free-tier listeners by genre or playlist but it’s providing much more detailed targeting for those looking to advertise in podcasts. As Spotify continues to build out its podcasts product, it’s now offering more specific targeting options to advertisers. They will be able to target ads to listeners based on the type of podcasts that they stream.

All 2021 iPhones Said To Feature 5G Support

Apple isn’t expected to launch its first iPhone with 5G support until next year. The company will certainly be taking its time in supporting the next-generation network standard on its smartphone. Several Android manufacturers have already put 5G phones on the market. Apple might be waiting for 5G networks to be more widespread before it puts a 5G iPhone on the market. A new report claims that while Apple’s first […]

Domino’s Will Now Deliver Your Pizza Via Self-Driving Robots In Houston

Domino’s is no stranger to adopting the latest in technology to get your pizza to you even quicker. It’s trying out some new tech for those who are based in Houston, Texas. Customers in Houston will soon be able to get their Domino’s pizza delivered to them in a self-driving robot. Domino’s has entered into a partnership with robotics delivery startup Nuro for this purpose.

Huawei Taking A $30 Billion Hit Because Of Ban

The U.S. administration’s ban on Huawei has thrown a spanner in the works of one of the world’s fastest growing smartphone vendors. The company has put forward some figures which suggest that the ban has had a more negative effect than originally anticipated. The company has cut its revenue forecast by $30 billion and also expects to ship up to 60 million fewer devices this year.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Specs May Include On-Chip 5G

Qualcomm isn’t due to unveil its next flagship mobile platform until later in the year but that doesn’t mean that the company isn’t working on it already. No official information has been released about the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 specs, at least that’s what it’s expected to be called, but a tipster suggests that it may feature on-chip 5G and support for LPDDR5 memory.

New NVIDIA SHIELD TV Could Be In The Works

It has been a while since NVIDIA has put out new SHIELD hardware, and if you loved the potential that the device had, you might be pleased to learn that NVIDIA could have a new SHIELD TV in the works. This is according to a report from XDA Developers who discovered evidence of a new device in the Google Play Developer Console’s Device Catalog.

Security Company Claims To Be Able To Pull Data From Any iOS Device

Cellebrite, for those unfamiliar, is an Israeli mobile security company who gained attention when it was revealed that they had managed to crack Apple’s iPhones, allowing them to gain access to the contents of the device without needing the passcode or biometric authentication from the owner of the device.

MIT Has A New Robot That Can Identify Objects By Sight And Touch

Robots have no trouble picking up objects, but the problem is they don’t know what they are touching. This is actually a very useful feature to have, because if robots could identify what they are touching or holding, it will make it easier for them to help sort and categorize objects, which might be handy when recycling, picking up hazardous materials, and so on.

Nikon Confirms New ‘Pro’ Mirrorless Camera Is In The Works

Last year, Nikon launched their brand new Z-series of digital cameras. These cameras are Nikon’s latest and renewed efforts at tackling mirrorless cameras and so far, initial reviews have been largely positive. However, if you feel that maybe the Z7 might not be “pro” enough for your needs, Nikon has you covered.

American Airlines To Start Offering Satellite WiFi Across Its Mainline Fleet

Usually when we’re in a plane, we lose all reception on our phones. However, depending on the flight and the airline company, sometimes there is the option to purchase onboard WiFi, usually at exorbitant prices. However, if you’re the type that must absolutely stay connected, you might be interested to learn that American Airlines has rolled out satellite-based broadband WiFi across its entire mainline narrowbody fleet of planes.

Instagram Is Testing An Easier Way For Users To Recover Hacked Accounts

There is a good reason to choose strong and secure passwords and also to enable 2FA whenever you can. Sure, it might be more troublesome, but the trouble now might be worth it in the future compared to trying to recover a stolen account. For anyone who has experienced trying to recover a hacked account, you know what we mean.

Florida Will Allow Self-Driving Car Tests To Be Conducted Without Backup Drivers

Self-driving cars have come a long way, but for the most part, we still don’t really know how the tech will fare in day-to-day situations. This is why despite there being hundreds, if not thousands of hours of testing having been done, the general rule is that a human backup driver is required to be in the car at all times.

Lyrics Website Alleges That Google ‘Stole’ Its Content

One of the ways that Google has changed over time is how it displays information. In the early days, Google pretty much directed users to websites based on their search, but these days, Google is trying to put everything they can on the front page. In a way, this makes it a lot easier for users to find what they are looking for at a glance.

A Pair Of Lovemaking Birds Caused A Power Outage In Australia

Nature sometimes does not play too well with modern urban development. Take the case of Australia where it has been reported that due to a pair of lovemaking kookaburras, who were spotted mating on top of a power line, resulted not only in their deaths, but it also resulted in a temporary outage.

Google Assistant Can Automatically Remember Where You’ve Parked

Do you have difficulty remembering where you’ve parked? If you do, you’re not alone, especially if you’re somewhere you’re not too familiar with. However, thanks to technology, remembering where we’ve parked is pretty easy. In fact, it seems that Google Assistant will now be able to remember where you’ve parked automatically.

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