How To Use AirDrop
AirDrop is Apple’s proprietary way of transferring files from one device to another, and here’s how you can use it.

Apple Has A Crazy New Design For Future iMacs
Apple’s iMac has mostly kept its design for many years now, which means that it is bound for a redesign at some point in the near future, or at least that’s what we hope. Whether or not that will happen remains to be seen, but in the meantime, it looks like Apple has come up with a pretty crazy idea for a potential redesign.

Vine’s Spiritual Successor, Byte, Has Officially Launched
Many years ago before the rise of TikTok and before apps like Instagram and Snapchat became the dominant force they are today, there was Vine. It allowed users to upload short video clips to its platform resulting in many Vine celebrities being created. The app and platform was ultimately shutdown, but it looks like it’s back.

This Fortnite Pro Just Paid Off His Mom’s Student Loans
It is no secret that these days, being a professional gamer has the potential to rake in the big bucks. Just take a look at Fortnite pro, Aydan Conrad, who recently managed to pay off his mom’s student loans by being a streamer and also a professional gamer.


Sonos Backtracks On Its Plans To End Support For Its Older Speakers
The problem with a lot of our modern day smart devices is that software support for them could end at any point in time, depending on the company that makes them. This problem was highlighted just last week when Sonos announced that they would be ending support for some of its legacy speakers.

Boeing Successfully Tests The World’s Largest Twin-Engine Jet
Boeing did not have a particularly good 2019 due to a flaw in the system that pretty much grounded all of the company’s 737 planes. However, it seems that the company is still forging ahead with its developments and more recently, it looks like Boeing has successfully tested what could be the world’s largest twin-engine jet.

Two New Silent Hill Games Reportedly In Development
Several years ago when Hideo Kojima was still working at Konami, there was a new Silent Hill game in development. Unfortunately, the game was never completed and Kojima has since left the company. Many have been wondering about the fate of the franchise, and it seems that there could be some good news.

Uncharted Movie Has Been Delayed To 2021
It has been a few years since Sony announced plans to create a movie based on the Uncharted video game franchise, but it seems that for whatever reason, directors keep dropping out during the process. The movie had been previously slated for a release in 2020, but now according to a report from Deadline, it has been pushed back to 2021.

AI Predicted The Wuhan Virus Outbreak Before Everyone Else Did
As many of you are familiar by now, there is an outbreak of a new coronavirus that originated from Wuhan, China. It is a pretty serious issue as it seems that despite the best efforts by China, the virus has managed to spread to various parts of the world and there have also been reports of infections in the US.

iOS 14 Will Most Likely Run On All iOS 13 Capable Devices
When it comes to software updates, Apple has generally done a pretty good job at ensuring that as many devices as possible are compatible. If you have an older iOS device and you’re wondering if the upcoming iOS 14 update will be compatible with your device, you might be pleased to learn that there is a good chance that it will.

How To See My PC Specs
Want to check what kind of specs your PC is running? Here is our guide on how to quickly and easily see what kind of hard you have under your hood.

The Second Season For Fortnite’s Chapter 2 Drops On February 20
If you’ve been keeping up with Fortnite’s updates – you might be already knowing this, but in case you don’t –  chapter 2’s season 2 is coming on February 20.In the official announcement for the next update, Epic Games mentioned the release date of season 2 for Chapter 2.They also mentioned that the next game update 11.50 in early February will set things up for season 2, which includes the […]

Apple Insists That Losing Lightning Port Will Create Waste
Recently, we reported that the EU wanted Apple to drop the Lightning port in favor of a standard charging port (USB Type-C).The reason behind the suggestion was that the move will potentially reduce the waste generated in the production of charging cables while also making it convenient.No matter what the consumers think about the EU’s suggestion – Apple thinks that losing the Lightning port will generate more waste.Apple suggests that […]

Microsoft Is Preparing Developers For Its Surface Duo Dual Screen Smartphone
While Microsoft might have yet to fully embrace the foldable smartphone design, the company does seem to think that a hybrid device such as a smartphone that can transform into a tablet does have merit. This is why back in 2019, the company announced the Surface Duo, an Android smartphone that can be folded and comes with dual displays.

This App Will Let You Know If It’s Safe To Mix Certain Chemicals
It doesn’t really take a science degree or to be a chemist to know that mixing certain chemicals together isn’t necessarily the best idea. So the question is, when the time comes, how do we know if mixing certain chemicals will be safe? Thankfully, engineers at the University of California, Riverside have created an app for that.

Researchers Managed To Listen To The ‘Voice’ Of A 3,000 Year Old Mummy
Over the decades, we’ve uncovered ancient buried mummies. Unfortunately, due to the lack of photographs from back then, we don’t really know how they would have looked like if they were alive. However, science and technology have managed to roughly recreate their looks based on their skeletal structures.

Price Of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Leaked, And It Won’t Be Cheap
According to the rumors, Samsung is said to be working on a new foldable smartphone. However, unlike the Galaxy Fold, the upcoming foldable handset will be similar in design to a flip phone, except with a flexible display in the middle. Now thanks to a report out of Korea from Naver, the alleged price of the phone has been leaked.

It Looks Like Apple Hasn’t Completely Abandoned Touch ID Just Yet
With Apple ditching Touch ID on the iPhone and iPad, it feels like the company could be ready to completely give up the technology, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. According to a recently discovered patent, it only seems to fuel the rumors that Apple could actually be looking to bring an in-display fingerprint sensor to future iPhones.

Facebook’s New AI Allows Robots To Navigate Without The Use Of Maps
Devices like Roombas rely on maps to find their way around your home. This is done by the robot moving around and when it detects an obstacle, it marks it down, and ultimately this creates a map of the room so that it knows where it can or cannot go. However, Facebook thinks that they might have developed an AI for robots that could potentially eliminate the need for maps.

Logitech Ergo K860 Ergonomic Keyboard Review
As a writer and former software engineer, I must admit that I pay a great deal of attention to keyboards because it is probably the most used tool in my computing arsenal.

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