iCloud User Locked Out Of Her Account Because Of Her Last Name
The names given to us are simply that, a name. Sometimes they do have a deeper meaning, sometimes they don’t, but unfortunately for some, their names could have unintended consequences. Take for example an iCloud user by the name of Rachel True, who for the past six months was locked out of her iCloud account due to her last name.

Watch Dogs: Legion PC Multiplayer Has Been Delayed Indefinitely
If you have been playing Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs: Legion, then you might have heard that the company plans on introducing an online multiplayer mode for the game. The good news is that multiplayer for consoles is in the works and should be released soon, but unfortunately for PC gamers, you’ll have to wait.

Alleged Third-Gen Apple Pencil Leaked With Redesigned Tip
When Apple introduced the second-gen Apple Pencil a few years ago, they brought various changes to the design and features of the stylus. This included a matte finish, magnetic charging, and also the ability to double tap on the stylus to change functions while using different types of apps.

Microsoft Testing Its Edge Browser On Xbox Consoles
If you truly want the most feature-rich experience of a browser, then you probably need to use the one on your computer. This is because even on mobile, certain features available on desktop aren’t supported, like extensions, for example. This gets progressively worse on other devices such as consoles, in which browsers are there for the basic stuff.


Apple Rumored To Launch A Pair Of Smart Contact Lenses In 2030
According to the rumors, Apple is working on quite a few wearable tech devices. This includes a potential AR/VR headset and a pair of smart AR glasses, but it seems that isn’t all. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who put together an expected roadmap of Apple’s AR efforts, he seems to believe that Apple could be working on a pair of smart contact lenses.

Twitter Testing A Way For Users To ‘Undo’ The Posting Of Tweets
Many have long begged Twitter to allow them to edit their tweets, but Twitter has pushed back on the idea. However, it seems that Twitter could have some kind of alternative in the works in the form of an undo timer. This basically allows users to recall a tweet after they post it, assuming it was done in the timeframe that they were given.

Google’s Next Pixel Phone Could Be Announced In June
It’s almost a guarantee that Google is working on a new Pixel phone (or phones) that they plan to launch this year, but the question is when? According to leakster Jon Prosser, he believes that a new Pixel announcement is slated for the 11th of June, 2021, which is admittedly a rather odd date.

Hummingbird Drone Captures Rare Closeup Footage Of A Monarch Butterfly Swarm
The problem with capturing footage, whether it be photos or videos, of nature is that due to our presence, it can scare away animals and insects and cause them to behave unnaturally. However, researchers might have found a way around it by creating a drone disguised as a hummingbird which allowed them to capture this incredible footage of a swarm of Monarch butterflies that you can check out in the […]

Unmanned Combat Drone Hits Crazy Speeds Of Over 1,500mph
Unmanned combat drones aren’t exactly new. We’ve heard about them and read about them being used in warfare, but it seems that we could be reaching new heights in drone technology. This is thanks to Kelley Aerospace who have managed to craft an unmanned combat drone that can hit speeds of over 1,500mph.

Marshall Announces New Mode II Wireless In-Ear Headphones
Marshall has been making a name for themselves in the consumer audio space and if you’re looking for a pair of true wireless earbuds, then you might be interested to learn that the company has since announced their new Mode II true wireless in-ear earbuds, although they don’t necessarily come cheap.

Alphabet Could Be Developing A Device That Could Pick Out A Voice From A Crowd
Trying to pick out a voice from a crowd, especially a noisy crowd, can be difficult. However, a report from Business Insider has revealed that Google’s parent company, Alphabet, could actually be developing a wearable codenamed Wolverine that would have the ability to pick up specific voices in a crowd.

Apple’s AirTags Will Have An Anti-Stalker Feature
Apple is rumored to be launching their new AirTags accessory possibly this month. For those who are hearing about this for the first time, the AirTags are a tracking accessory similar to Tile, but instead of regular Bluetooth, it will reportedly use UWB that is meant to be more accurate when it comes to pinpointing the location.

Valve Hits The Brakes On Artifact Development
A few years ago, some of you might recall that Valve announced and eventually launched the Artifact game. For those who are unfamiliar, Artifact is a card-based video game that is also loosely based on Dota 2. The game was initially met with favorable reviews, but eventually the cost of playing the game was simply too much for players.

Nikon’s NX Studio Is A Free Photo And Video Editing Software
Want to edit your photos and videos on your computer? There are more popular paid options from the likes of Adobe, but if you’d rather not shell out hundreds of dollars for a piece of software that you might not use very often, don’t worry because Nikon has you covered with the launch of its new NX Studio.

OLED iPads And MacBooks Rumored For 2022
Right now, the only OLED devices from Apple are the iPhones and the Apple Watch. However, there have been rumors suggesting that Apple could actually make the jump to mini LEDs for its other products, which is why we have to say we are a bit skeptical to learn about a new rumor from DigiTimes who claims otherwise.

Qualcomm Snapdragon Sound for Predictably Higher Quality Audio
Qualcomm just announced Snapdragon Sound, a new brand that is akin to certifying interoperable audio systems that use various Qualcomm technologies.

Amazon Launches GameOn Short-Form Gameplay Footage App On iOS
Amazon’s Twitch platform tends to focus more on PC games and is usually streamed for longer periods of time. However, mobile games can be just as popular which is why Amazon has since announced its new short-form gameplay footage app for mobile devices called GameOn.

Lexip’s Np93 Alpha Gaming Mouse Comes With A Pretty Cool Built-In Joystick
There are many gaming mice on the market today. Some focus on speed, some focus on ergonomics, and some focus on giving players with access to as many buttons as possible. If you’re looking for more functionality rather than speed or feel, then Lexip’s Np93 Alpha could be of interest to you.

These 3D Printed Beehives Could Help Save The Species
We usually associate bees with being the producers of honey, but did you know that bees are quite important to our ecosystem? This is because in addition to producing honey, bees also help to transfer pollen from one flowering plant to another, thus helping to maintain the cycle of life.

WhatsApp Desktop Now Supports Voice And Video Calls
WhatsApp has a web and desktop version of its app which more or less does what the mobile version does. Almost. While it does almost everything the mobile version can do, like send messages, photos, videos, and documents, it cannot make voice or video calls, but that’s a feature that they were testing out last year.

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