Apple’s Video Service Won’t Have Live Sports

Cord cutters are increasingly ditching their conventional cable packages in favor of online TV streaming services that offer greater flexibility at lower prices. Apple is going to compete in this market as well with the launch of its streaming service on March 25th. However, when the service does arrive, it won’t offer any live sports.

Apple May Release New iPod Touch Tomorrow

It has been a while since Apple updated the iPod touch. Its last major update was back in 2015 and it had picked up far more functionality than its predecessors. However, it has been over three years and Apple has not refreshed this product. Many would have thought that it’s the end of the road for the iPod touch but reports suggest that the company might unveil a new one […]

Google Unveils Controller For Stadia Gaming Service

Google’s much-awaited game streaming service was finally announced today. What was previously known by its Project Stream codename will be launched later this year as Stadia. It will stream games to a variety of different platforms via the Chrome browser and Chromecast in addition to Pixel smartphones. Conventional USB controllers will work but Google has made a dedicated controller for Stadia as well.

Following Controversy, Facebook Changes Some Targeting Options For Ads

Facebook’s ad tools came under the spotlight in a series of articles by ProPublica which highlighted how the tools could be used to discriminate against certain sections of the society. The company was hit with legal action by the American Civil Liberties Union and it has now reached a settlement with a group. As part of this settlement, Facebook will end some targeting options for advertisements which could be potentially […]


U.S. Senators Want Airlines To Clarify How Seatback Cameras Are Used

Vitaly Kamluk, a malware researcher, recently spotted what appeared to be a camera lens integrated into the seatback inflight entertainment system on a Singapore Airlines flight. It emerged that some recent IFE products indeed feature an integrated camera even though Singapore Airlines and others have denied using them to monitor passengers. Two U.S. senators are now demanding answers as they want airlines to clarify how these devices are used.

Cashless Shops And Restaurants Banned In New Jersey

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has signed a bill into law which bans cashless retail stores and restaurants in the state. It’s now the second state in the United States to ban stores that don’t accept cash, Massachusetts being the first, enacting a similar law back in 1978. Cashless stores were also banned in Philadelphia earlier this month.

Google Stadia Cloud Game Streaming Service Revealed

Google confirmed a few months ago that it was working on a game streaming service codenamed Project Stream. It has formally announced the service today at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Google says that its Stadia cloud game streaming service is a platform meant for everyone and that it will stream games to all kinds of devices.

Next James Bond Aston Martin Could Be An Electric

James Bond, the man with a license to kill, is always seen going about on Her Majesty’s service in the latest Aston Martin sportscar. Some of the company’s most iconic vehicles have featured in 007 films and to reflect the changing times, we might see an electric Aston Martin in the next James Bond movie.

MoviePass Unlimited Movie Plan Returns For $9.95

MoviePass shot to instant popularity because of its unlimited movie plan. The company eventually had to take it away as it faced financial troubles. It’s now bringing back the unlimited plan which allows subscribers to watch an unlimited number of 2D movies in return for a monthly fee.

Right To Repair Bill Reintroduced In California

A right to repair bill has been reintroduced in California after an earlier effort to push similar legislation through failed last year. State lawmakers will once again debate promulgating right to repair legislation which will compel device manufacturers to provide tools, parts, repair manuals, and other materials to independent repair outlets and consumers interested in repairing their devices on their own.

Checkout On Instagram Lets You Shop Within The App

There’s no shortage of people hawking stuff on Instagram. Whether it’s a fitness model you follow who’s promoting a diet tea or a clothing brand showcasing its latest range. It’s a platform which may influence your next shopping decision. That’s why Instagram has been building out shopping features on the platform with Checkout on Instagram being the latest one. It will enable users to shop for products without having to […]

Call Of Duty: Mobile Announced, Pre-Registration Open

Call of Duty: Mobile is now coming to the West, thanks to a partnership between Activision and Tencent. This shooter was announced during a Unity keynote at the Game Developers Conference 2019. going to be a free-to-play release. The mobile title will bring together the most loved weapons, modes, maps, and characters from across the entire Call of Duty franchise.

Firefox 66 Is Out And It Blocks Autoplaying Content By Default

If you were to say that videos that autoplay with sound online are a major inconvenience, you’d likely find a lot of people who agree with you, myself included. Mozilla is looking to do away with these online inconveniences. The company today announced that the latest Firefox 66 release available today blocks autoplaying content by default.

Apple Adds $5,200 RAM Option For iMac Pro

Fancy spending $5,200 on just the RAM for your new iMac Pro? Now you can. Apple has updated its configuration options for this powerful Mac machine which include an option for a staggering 256GB of RAM. You’ll need some really deep pockets for this because the iMac Pro itself starts at $4,999.

Google Inbox App Shutting Down On April 2nd

You may have heard that Google+ will bite the dust on April 2nd but it’s not going to be the only Google service to meet its demise on that day. The company has now started sending notifications to Inbox users that the service is going to bid farewell on the same day.

Motorola Could Have A Smartphone Powered By Samsung’s Exynos Chipset

Samsung has their own chipsets in the form of the Exynos range. However for the most part, these Exynos chipsets have been exclusive to Samsung devices, but if recent benchmarks are to be believed, Motorola could be working on a handset that is powered by Samsung’s Exynos chipset.

Huawei’s P30 Series Might Not Come Cheap

Our smartphones these days are increasing in prices and if you’re hoping that the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro will change that, think again. According to a report from, it seems that the upcoming P30 will be priced at 749 Euro, while the P30 Pro will be priced starting at 999 Euro for the base model, but will go up to 1,099 Euro for the 256GB model.

Netflix Confirms They Won’t Be Part Of Apple’s Streaming Service

Apple has confirmed that they will be hosting an event on the 25th of March where the company is largely expected to unveil the new video streaming service. The service is expected to play home to Apple’s own original content, as well as act as a hub where users can subscribe to other streaming services as well.

Apple Watch Will Try To Reduce False Afib Notifications

One of the new features of the Apple Watch Series 4 is that it comes with a built-in ECG. The feature seems to have saved more than its fair share of lives to date, but at the same time it seems that some doctors aren’t a fan of the feature as it seems to be causing undue panic for some of their patients.

Old iPad Cases Won’t Fit Apple’s New iPad Air And iPad Mini

Apple recently launched their new iPads in the form of the 10.5-inch iPad Air and the iPad mini. For those who are planning to get the new iPads and are thinking that maybe some of your older iPad cases can still fit (like the iPad mini), think again. According to AppleInsider, it seems that the new iPads won’t play nice with existing cases.

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