How To Improve Your Android Phone’s Battery life?

What can you do to improve or extend the battery life of your Android phone? There are just so many different suggestions across the web to recommend you the best techniques to improve the battery life of your Android device.However, in this article, we aim to focus on actionable tips that are proven to be helpful. We are pretty sure that you do not want to follow a long list […]

How To Turn Off Autocorrect On iPhone

Do you type a lot in slang or shortcuts but hate how autocorrect in iOS is messing up the way you write? Here’s how you can turn off the (sometimes) annoying feature.

Google Earth Adds New Creation Tools To Help You Create Your Own Story

Google Earth is usually the go-to place on the Internet if you want a real-world view of a place to research. Not just for travelers to explore places, you can get a great deal of information through it.However, the information was limited, until now. Google has added new creation tools for Google Earth that lets you create your own maps and stories to share with the world.For instance, you have […]

Apple Has A Way Of Reducing Motion Sickness In Cars

apple logoCar sickness is something that people suffer from, but it seems that when it comes to self-driving cars, it can be made worse. Companies such as Uber have been working on coming up with ways to try and combat that, and now it looks like Apple could be working on something similar as well.


Macy’s Confirms Data Breach That Leaked Credit Card Details

It is worrying that we are seeing more systems getting breached these days, especially from huge retailers and hotel chains that have a lot of customer information stored, such as personal details like names, email addresses, date of birth, and in some cases, even credit card details. Unfortunately, it looks like Macy’s is the latest victim of such breaches.

Apple Maps Cost The Company ‘Billions’

When Apple first launched Apple Maps, it was a bit of a disaster as the app and service did not work quite as intended, where it actually led drivers down the wrong roads. It was so bad that Apple’s CEO Tim Cook was forced to issue an apology and even recommended users use a different service until they could get it fixed.

Olympus CEO Says That The Company’s Camera Business Could Be Put Up For Sale

In the digital camera market, there are many players such as Sony, Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Fujifilm, and Panasonic, just to name a few. However, there are some brands that are definitely more popular and preferred than others, and as such, other brands are starting to suffer as their slice of the market pie is getting smaller.

Parents In China Are Testing Their Babies’ DNA To See If They Might Be Prodigies

How does one tell if their child might grow up to be a prodigy? It’s hard to tell as for all we know, some of us might have talents that were never nurtured, but apparently over in China, parents are starting to test the DNA of their babies in hopes of discovering potential talents that could turn their children into prodigies.

A Man Built A ‘Wheelchair’ For His Pet Goldfish

If you’ve ever reared a fish as a pet, you might have noticed that sometimes, your fish might have problems swimming where they can no longer maintain themselves upright and will start swimming on their sides. This is known as swim bladder disease and is actually pretty common amongst aquarium fish.

Pirelli Develops Smart Tyres That Can Inform Other Vehicles Of Road Conditions

The tyres on our cars are extremely important where the size and grip of the tyres really helps to determine our driving experience. It also impacts the safety of the car, where some tyres are considered to be “better” than others for certain road conditions. Now it looks like Pirelli is taking things to the next level by developing smart and connected tyres that use 5G to relay information.

7-Eleven Now Supports Voice Orders Through Google Assistant And Alexa

With the rise in smart speakers which allows us to control our smart home objects using our voice, it’s not surprising that this would eventually be expanded where we can even make orders using our voice instead of having to go through an app. Recently, Walmart and Apple teamed up where users could place orders via Siri, and now it looks like 7-Eleven is launching a similar feature.

Future Apple Watch Might Be Capable Of Detecting Muscle Movements

Apple has been steadily making the Apple Watch the ultimate health and fitness wearable, where with every watchOS update and new Apple Watch model, they are introducing new features. With the Series 4, Apple introduced an ECG monitoring tool, and it looks like in the future, it seems that the Apple Watch could even potentially detect muscle movements.

Android Security Flaw Allows Apps To Spy On Users Through Their Camera And Microphones

Recently, iOS users with Facebook installed had a bit of a privacy and security scare when it was discovered that due to a bug in the app, it would launch the phone’s camera in the background while the app was being used. The issue has since been patched, but now it looks like it’s Android’s turn to suffer from a similar vulnerability.

16-inch MacBook Pro Has A New Mysterious Lid Angle Sensor

With the launch of the 16-inch MacBook Pro, Apple introduced its largest laptop to date. For the most part, the design of the laptop is the same as its predecessors save for the larger screen, and even internally, the way the components are laid out also appears to be similar, with the exception of a new keyboard and also new thermal architecture.

Apple Could Be Working On A Successor To iTunes For Windows

When Apple launched macOS Catalina, one of the biggest changes that users had to get used to is the fact that iTunes no longer exists. Instead, Apple launched several apps that is essentially iTunes, but broken up into individual apps to help make the experience less bloated, where there would be a dedicated app just for music, one for videos, and so on.

The Angry Birds ‘Venting Machine’ Is Something You Might Need

To celebrate Angry Birds 10th anniversary, Rovio decided to make a “Venting Machine” on which you can pass all your anger.As part of its “Bring the Anger” campaign with the celebration, the idea of a ‘Venting Machine’ is almost the perfect thing one could have asked for.The interesting thing is that it is not a high-tech machine, but just something that you can attack with your anger and in return […]

The Startup ‘Heliogen’ Backed By Bill Gates Announces A Breakthrough

Heliogen is a startup not known to many. It recently surfaced the buzz when it announced a solar breakthrough.Heliogen aims to replace fuels with sunlight. Even though it sounds impossible for the time being – they have succeeded with a breakthrough that potentially helps Industries to use solar energy instead of fuels.The breakthrough involves a pretty basic concept where a field of mirrors reflects the sunlight to a single point […]

Apple To Host A ‘Special Event’ On The 2nd Of December

So Apple has officially announced their 16-inch MacBook Pro, but if the rumors are to be believed, Apple could also have a Tile-lie tracking accessory in the works that has yet to be announced. However, there is a small chance that the accessory could potentially be announced next month.

Here’s Another Reminder To Never Keep Your Electronics In Your Cars

Leaving your electronics such as your tablets, phones, or laptops in the car is a bad idea simply because it makes it tempting for thieves to break into your vehicle to steal it. Sure, some of you think that maybe hiding it in the trunk or covering it or shoving it under the seat might make it harder, and in some cases that might be true.

Ad-Supported Free Amazon Music Now Available For iOS, Android Devices

There are many music streaming services available today, and as such, customers might be torn trying to decide which to signup for. If you’re still unsure about whether or not music streaming is right for you, then you might want to check out Amazon Music because Amazon has made it free and available for iOS and Android devices.

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