Google Chrome For Desktop Gets ‘Back-Forward Cache’ Feature
If you use Chrome on your mobile device, you might notice how when you go back and forth between pages it loads kind of instantly? This is because Chrome on mobile, specifically Android, has a feature called “back-forward cache” that basically keeps a page “alive” temporarily so that if you go back or go forward, it will load instantly instead of you having to wait.

Samsung Could Adopt Google’s Mysterious Fuchsia OS In The Future
Many years ago, it was discovered that Google was working on a new operating system codenamed Fuchsia OS. It is, what some believe, the successor to Android where it is said that it will give Google a greater degree of control over Android that it never had, similar to how Apple controls iOS.

Twitter’s Paid Subscription Could Cost $2.99 A Month
As some of you might have heard, Twitter could be considering a new paid subscription model. For those wondering how much this service could cost, a tweet by researcher Jane Manchun Wong has revealed that it could possibly end up priced at $2.99 a month, and that the service will also be known as Twitter Blue.

MediaTek Dimensity 900 Processor Launched
MediaTek is expanding its 5G smartphone platform with the addition of the Dimensity 900 SoC (processor), the successor of the Dimensity 820, and presumably occupying the same market segment in the mid-range.Like the Dimensity 1100 and 1200, It is manufactured using a 6nm semiconductor process at TSMC but features a CPU and GPU configuration that is less expensive, and therefore more affordable. For instance, the maximum CPU frequency is 2.4GHz […]


Facebook Wants You To Read Articles Before Sharing Them
Headlines and titles of articles are important. From a publishing standpoint, a catchy headline can draw in readers, but sometimes a headline that’s too inflammatory might cause people to get upset and share it or make comments without actually reading it. This in turn can cause problems with misinformation.

This Japanese Toaster Company Is Looking To Make An Android Phone
If you’re into cooking or fancy kitchen appliances, you might have heard of a Japanese company called Balmuda. For those unfamiliar, they are a company that has gained a cult following for a toaster machine that supposedly creates the “best” toast. This is thanks to the use of steam during the toasting process that helps create a better texture.

TCL Launches 85-inch Roku TV For $1,599
When you think of 85-inch TVs, you might already be dreading the cost of such a device. However, you might be interested to learn that TCL has actually just announced its new 85-inch Roku TV enabled TV for a somewhat affordable $1,599. This still isn’t cheap by any means, but considering how much other manufacturers are charging, it’s not too bad.

Alleged Google Pixel 6 Renders Shows Off A Futuristic Design
Google is expected to launch the Pixel 6 later this year. We’re not sure what the phone will look like yet, but thanks to Jon Prosser of FrontPageTech and RendersbyIan, the potential design of the upcoming phone has been revealed, and we have to say that we’re pretty excited by its futuristic design.

Twitter’s Verification Program Could Be Coming Back Next Week
As with most social media platforms, Twitter has a verification feature that basically identifies people on Twitter who might need to have a verified account, like a politician, a company/brand, journalists, researchers, and so on. The idea is that since these accounts are verified, whatever they say that might represent themselves will be more legit.

Nokia 2720 Flip Phone Has Made Its Way Onto Verizon
These days, feature phones are no longer as popular as they once were, but it doesn’t mean that they no longer have a use. For those who are looking for a secondary phone and want something cheap and simple, feature phones can come in handy, especially since a lot of them boast quite long battery life.

Brain Implant Helps Paralyzed People Write With Their Minds
The idea of using brain implants to help those who are paralyzed do certain things isn’t new, but the reality doesn’t always match the concept. For example, there are implants and eye-tracking tech that allows those who are paralyzed to communicate with others, but this is usually a rather slow process.

Lenovo Announces New ‘Go’ Computer Accessories For The Office
There are many brands out there when it comes to accessories for your computer, but it seems that Lenovo wants to toss their hat into the ring as well. The company has recently announced a sub-brand called Lenovo Go that will create PC accessories designed for what the company calls a “hybrid workforce”.

More Than 60% Of Apple Customers Plan To Buy The AirTag
Tracking accessories have been around for a while. Tile is probably one of the biggest names in that space, but it seems that the arrival of Apple’s AirTags has piqued the public’s interest again. According to a recent survey conducted by SellCell, they found that more than 60% of Apple customers plan on buying the AirTag.

Infinix Note 10 Series Features 6.95-inch Displays
Infinix has announced its new “Note” series, with two models in the 2021 Note 10 lineup: the Infinix Note 10 Pro (~$259, image below) and Infinix Note 10 ($199, image above). Both are addressing the large-phone “multimedia beast” type of market but at slightly different price points.Their 6.95” displays (FHD+, 1080×2460) should make any visual application extremely agreeable to use. The panels are based on IPS LCD technology, which typically […]

Intel Uses Machine Learning To Make GTA’s Graphics Look Scarily Photorealistic
GTA 5’s graphics are decent and it looks good considering how old the game is, but we would never ever call it realistic-looking, but that might not be a bad thing. That being said, if you’ve ever wondered what a game like GTA could look like had it been developed with photorealistic graphics in mind, then you’re in luck.

Google Chat Now Available Through Gmail App On iOS
Google has several ways for users to keep in touch and communicate with each other. One of those ways is through Google Chat, but that usually means having to switch between apps. However, Google is making it easier because according to 9to5Google, a recent update to the Gmail app on iOS has integrated Chat into the app.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Could Actually Be Quite Affordable
If the rumors are to be believed, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is expected to be launched in August. Now, the thing with foldable phones is that while they are exciting, they are also rather pricey simply because what you’re paying for is the tech behind the foldable display. If price has been what’s holding you back, you could be in luck.

Amazon’s New Echo Show 8 Has A Camera That Tracks You Around A Room
If you’re in the market for a new smart display, you’re in luck because Amazon has recently announced an update to its Echo Show 8 smart display. With the new update, the smart display will come with a 13MP wide-angle camera that has the ability to track you around the room, meaning that you can walk around and have a conversation instead of sitting in front of it.

Google, Apple, Amazon Team Up For ‘Matter’ Smart Home Alliance
Google, Apple, and Amazon all have their own smart home platforms. This can be confusing and also a bit annoying because certain products might support Google but not Apple, and vice versa, so trying to piece together your “perfect” smart home will be a headache. However, that could change in the future.

Motorola Wants To Bring OTA Wireless Charging To Its Smartphones
Earlier this year, a video surfaced which seemed to show Motorola showing off its wireless charging technology. While wireless charging isn’t new, what made this particularly exciting was how it could charge devices without needing for it to be one a wireless charging mat, making it “true” wireless charging.

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