Instagram Accounts Reportedly Being Hacked En Masse

It appears that hundreds of Instagram accounts have been hacked en masse since the beginning of this month. The method of these hacks is actually quite similar. It’s unclear at this point in time what vulnerability is being exploited to hack hundreds of Instagram accounts or if it’s a data dump from somewhere that’s aiding the hackers with credentials that are being used to compromise these accounts.

Samsung’s Gear App Is Now Called Galaxy Wearable

Some of you might be aware that Samsung launched a new smartwatch alongside the Galaxy Note 9. The company has decided to make its wearable devices a part of the Galaxy brand. Therefore, the Gear S3’s successor isn’t called the Gear S4, it’s called the Galaxy Watch instead. To that end, Samsung has also updated the Gear companion app for its smartwatches and renamed it to Galaxy Wearable.

Latest Chrome Canary Feature Will Lead To Faster Page Load Times

Google Chrome’s development has been split into multiple channels so that new features can be developed and tested quickly and reliably before it’s decided whether or not they are to be released to the stable version. A new feature being tested in the latest Chrome Canary build is going to lead to significantly faster page load times. A feature commonly known as “lazy loading” is now being tested in Chrome […]

Tesla Forms Special Panel To Negotiate On Taking Company Private

Tesla has been in the news recently for reasons other than electric cars. The company’s CEO Elon Musk tweeted that he was thinking about taking the company private. It’s going to be a major transaction if that happens and will obviously require approval from the board and the company’s shareholders. Tesla’s board has now formed a special panel of three directors which will negotiate with Elon Musk on the plan […]


Devil May Cry 5 Playable Demo Will Arrive At Gamescom 2018

There’s a lot of excitement among the Devil May Cry fans for Devil May Cry 5. The title’s director has now revealed that a playable demo of the title will be available at Gamescom 2018. It appears that attendees at the convention will be able to get their hands on the title which will be good for them as there’s going to be a long wait before this title is […]

Pandora Premium Available On Google Home And Assistant Devices

Pandora’s music subscription service is available on Google Home speakers and Google Assistant-powered audio devices now. The service is called Pandora Premium and it provides subscribers with access to a vast library of tracks. It’s an on-demand music streaming service much like its rival Spotify and Apple Music.

Twitter Lite Expanded To 21 Additional Countries

Twitter Lite, the lightweight version of the microblogging network’s app, has only been released in a handful of markets since its launch. The app is very useful in markets where most users don’t have high-end smartphones or where mobile data tends to be too costly. Twitter has confirmed that it’s now expanding Twitter Lite to 21 additional countries.

Siri Multi-User Support Possibly Being Developed

Apple might be working on multi-user support for Siri, its digital personal assistant, if a new patent approval for the company is any indication. Apple has been granted a patent which details how a voice recognition system will be able to identify users based on their speech and then perform tasks by responding to their respective commands. It would vastly improve the Siri experience on devices like the HomePod speaker.

Dark Souls: Remastered Nintendo Switch Release Date Confirmed

It has confirmed some time back that Dark Souls will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch. Bandai Namco has finally confirmed what the Dark Souls: Remastered Nintendo Switch release date is. The game is going to land on this platform in a couple of months from now after making its mark on competing platforms.

Study Finds Blue Light From Smartphones Can Accelerate Blindness

A study conducted by researchers from the University of Toledo finds that the blue light emitted by devices like smartphones and tablets changes cells in our eyes which could accelerate blindness and hurt vision. The study highlighted that blue light can trigger “toxic” reactions in retinal molecules which sense light and signal the brain. These retinal molecules are used by the photoreceptors which allow the eye to actually have the […]

President Trump Bans Government Use Of Huawei And ZTE Devices

It’s no secret that lawmakers and agencies in the United States view Huawei and ZTE products as security threats to the United States. There have been repeated calls to ensure that their products aren’t used by government officials. President Trump has now signed a law banning the U.S. government and government contractors from using devices made by these two Chinese manufacturers.

FBI Warning Banks About ATM Cash-Out Scam

The FBI is taking steps to ensure that banks are fully aware of a new fraud called ARM Cash-out. It involves the use of malware that attackers use to compromise a bank or payment card processor. They then disable the fraud controls and withdraw huge sums of money with cloned bank cards.

BlackBerry Key2 LE Launch Possible On August 30th

If the BlackBerry Key2 hasn’t been acceptable to customers at $650 a pop, perhaps a slightly cheaper variant might be better received instead. TCL Communications, the company that makes BlackBerry-branded smartphones now, has sent out invites to the press for an event on August 30th ahead of the IFA 2018 convention in Berlin. It’s expected to unveil the BlackBerry Key2 LE at this event.

Essential Phone Android 9 Pie Update Rolling Out On Sprint

The Essential Phone was the first non-Pixel smartphone to receive the Android 9 Pie update. Google released the update earlier this month and the Pixel handsets were the first to get it in addition to the Essential Phone, the device made by the company founded by the co-founder of Android. It was the unlocked variant that got it first and it’s now being rolled out for the Sprint variant.

Elon Musk Reveals More Details About Taking Tesla Private

Tesla CEO Elon Musk took many of the company’s shareholders by surprise earlier this month when he tweeted that he’s considering taking the company private at $420 per share. He mentioned in the tweet that the funding for this transaction had been “secured.” Amid reports that Tesla was still in the process of locking down funding for the deal, Musk has now penned a detailed blog post to provide more […]

EA Will Now Develop Games With A ‘Moral Compass’

Loot boxes aren’t new, but it seems that when EA decided to launch Star Wars Battlefront 2 with loot boxes, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back as it prompted an investigation into the feature, leading to debates around the world by governments as to whether not the feature might constitute as gambling.

12-inch MacBook Shortages Hint At Upcoming Refresh

It has been more than a year since Apple refreshed their 12-inch MacBook laptops. However it seems that we could be getting closer to an announcement because according to reports, it appears that some retailers are running low on stock on the laptop, suggesting that they could be winding down their orders for the current-gen model in anticipation of the refresh.

Apple’s LCD iPhone Could Be Priced Starting at $699

Apple is expected to launch three iPhones this year, two of which will be OLED models, and one will be an LCD model which is supposed to represent a “cheaper” alternative. So the question is given the price of the iPhone X last year that started at $999, how much cheaper could the LCD iPhone get?

Google Assistant ‘Face Match’ Feature Spotted In APK Teardown

Ever since Apple introduced Face ID to the iPhone X last year, the rumors have been running rampant that Android OEMs are expected to follow suit. To date we have yet to see an OEM offer up a similar solution to what Apple has, but could Google be next? According to a recent APK teardown by XDA, there are signs to suggest that they could be.

‘Synthetic Click’ Attack Discovered For macOS High Sierra

When you click on a button, a link, or an item on your computer, chances are you are doing it with your mouse. However it seems that recently it was discovered that macOS High Sierra is vulnerable to a “synthetic click” attack which is essentially a software-based clicking of the interface, meaning that your computer registers clicks that you might not even have made.