Xbox Series X Will Focus Less On Console Exclusives
Whenever a new console generation is launched, there is a bit of an awkward phase in which gamers who owned the previous-gen console will have to decide if giving up their current library of games is worth it. To encourage gamers to make the switch, console makers have created console-exclusive titles to attract gamers to their newer machines.

Amazon Launches Livestreaming Platform For Businesses
Twitch is mostly known for being a livestreaming platform aimed at gamers, although in recent years it has expanded to cover non-gaming activities. Now it looks like Amazon wants to expand Twitch’s streaming technology to cover not just gaming, but also businesses as well in the form of a new platform called Amazon Interactive Video Service.

First Apple Silicon MacBook Pro And MacBook Air Expected By End Of 2020
Earlier this year, Apple announced a refresh to the 13-inch MacBook Pro. It came with updated processors and the new scissor switch Magic Keyboard. However, it seems that Apple could be getting ready to update the 13-inch MacBook Pro again, but this time, it will come with Apple’s custom silicon instead.

The Twitter Hack Was An Insider Job
As many of you might have heard, several high profile Twitter accounts belonging to huge companies like Uber and also high profile users like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and so on were hacked and had their accounts taken over. The hackers then used these accounts to share a bitcoin scam in which it was alleged that the hackers made over $100,000 during that brief period in time.


Say Goodbye To The Xbox One X
The Xbox One was launched more than half a decade ago, and the console was later followed by the cheaper Xbox One S, and then the more expensive and more powerful Xbox One X. However, it seems that despite the Xbox One X having been around the shortest, it also seems to have the shortest lifespan as it appears to have been discontinued.

Johnnie Walker Whisky Goes Green With Its New Paper Bottles
There are many products out there in the market today that are focusing on being greener and more environmentally friendly. For example, supermarkets have started to encourage shoppers to use reusable cloth bags instead of plastic bags, and food packaging has also turned towards greener options.

Oppo’s New Wireless Charging Tech Can Juice Up A Phone In 30 Minutes
Wireless charging has gained something of a bad rep due to the fact that for the most part, it tends to be slower compared to wired charging, especially with all the fast charging technology we’re seeing these days. However, over the years, we’ve seen various improvements being made to said tech, and Oppo could have a solution.

Mozilla Launches A New, More Affordable VPN
There are plenty of VPN services out there for you to choose from. The pricing will vary from service to service, with price largely dependent on features. If you’re simply after privacy and nothing more, then you might be interested to learn that Mozilla has recently announced their latest VPN service that will just cost you $5 a month.

Your Apple Watch Can Now Be Used To Unlock Your Car Door
We had previously heard about Apple’s plans to eventually allow their devices to act as a digital car key to unlock car doors and whatnot. For those who think that this is a fantastic idea, you’ll be pleased to learn that Apple has since released the latest update for its watchOS platform, where updating to watchOS 6.2.8 will now allow you to use the wearable as a digital car key.

Moderna’s Coronavirus Vaccine Trials Are Showing Great Promise
Until a vaccine for the coronavirus can be found, it’s safe to say that life will not be returning back to normal. Even in countries like New Zealand where they seem to have gotten a handle on things, it is possible for flare ups to happen especially if they plan on reopening their borders, but there is some good news.

Sony Could Boost PS5 Production To Meet COVID-19 Demand
Bored at home during the pandemic lockdown? If you are, you’re not alone, and it seems that Sony knows this too because according to separate reports from Bloomberg and Nikkei, it seems that Sony will be boosting the production of its PS5 by a huge margin in order to meet anticipated demand for their next-gen console.

Uncharted Movie Will Begin Shooting Soon
The Uncharted movie has been in the works for several years. There were many false starts as the movie has lost many, many directors ever since it was first announced, but it looks like things could finally be kicking off. This comes from actor Tom Holland who posted on Instagram that hinted that the shooting of the movie would be starting soon.

Zoom Just Launched A $600 Tablet Just For Remote Working
Zoom is available on multiple platforms such as mobile devices and computers, but it seems that the company wants to expand its reach and have teamed up with DTEN to create the DTEN ME, which is basically a massive 27-inch tablet that will come with Zoom preloaded onto it.

A Bunch Of Twitter Accounts Are Being Hacked To Advertise Bitcoin Scams
If you’ve been browsing Twitter and have come across several posts by big brand accounts or high profile users advertising a bitcoin giveaway, you should probably ignore those. This is because there seems to be a spate of Twitter hacks that have been going around where these high profile accounts are being taken over to advertise a bitcoin scam.

Gmail Gets A Massive Redesign
Google’s Gmail interface hasn’t really changed that much over the years. Its UI has undergone some redesigns to make it more modern, but for the most part, it is still largely the same. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it is a familiar interface, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be improved upon.

The Apple Watch’s ECG Could Have Just Saved Another Life
In the past, we have come across various stories of how the Apple Watch has saved a life thanks to its built-in heart rate tracking features. Now according to a new post on Reddit, it looks like another life could have potentially been saved. According to the poster, a 22-year old, his Apple Watch alerted him to an Afib despite him not showing any symptoms.

News Organizations Will Start Using Digital Watermarks To Combat Fake News
Fakes news has proven to be a huge problem these days, especially when sharing it on social media can allow it to spread extremely fast, with the potential to do a lot of damage before it can be stopped (if at all). However, it seems that major news organizations are working together to address this problem through the use of digital watermarks.

iPhone 12 Could Come With A More Durable Charging Cable
If the rumors are to be believed, the iPhone 12 is not expected to come bundled with any accessories apart from a USB-C to Lightning cable. However, there is a bit of a silver lining and that is according to the latest rumors, apparently Apple will be solving one of the main criticisms that users have had with their products.

Apple Could Be Readying A New App For Windows
Last year during WWDC 2019, Apple announced that for macOS, they would be doing away with iTunes. Instead, the company opted to split up various aspects of iTunes into its own dedicated apps, like a standalone app for Apple Music and so on. However, back then Apple suggested that Windows users might have to wait.

Razer Huntsman Mini 60% Keyboard Announced
Razer has been putting out mechanical keyboards for quite a while now, and it looks like the company is back with its latest keyboard in the form of the Huntsman Mini, which is based on its Huntsman series of mechanical keyboards with the optical mechanical switches. However, as you can clearly see in the photo, this will come in a new form factor.

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