Samsung 870 EVO SSD Review
SATA drives are still trendy, especially when extending SSD secondary storage since many computers come with (only) one NVME SSD boot drive. Purists and SSD nerds might frown at the idea of using SATA, a legacy disk IO protocol, but the reality is that it is often the only option for users with a single m.2 and no extra PCIe slots.The Samsung 870 EVO takes over the 860 EVO’s market […]

WhatsApp’s Privacy Policy Change Could Have Lost Them Millions Of Users
Earlier this month, WhatsApp announced some changes that they will be making to their privacy policy. These changes basically state that data from WhatsApp will be shared with Facebook, and it didn’t really give users a choice – either they accepted it or they would need to find a new messaging platform.

Apple Will Warn iPhone Users If Non-Genuine Camera Parts Are Installed
There is usually peace of mind when it comes to choosing first-party repairs. This is because it’s pretty much a guarantee that the parts used are genuine and are compatible, but at the same time, it’s easy to see why some might choose the third-party route because it is usually a lot cheaper.

Intel Releases Their First Discrete Desktop GPU
Graphics processors aren’t exactly new to Intel. There’s a good chance that if you’ve ever bought a budget PC or laptop, it comes with Intel’s onboard graphics, which admittedly aren’t exactly very good for hardcore gamers, but they are usually good enough to get the job done, for the most part.


Scientists Want To Use Twitter To Discover The Origins Of COVID-19
At the moment, there is still a lot of debate on where the COVID-19 virus might have originated from. At the start of the pandemic, it was widely-believed that it might have come from a market in Wuhan, China, but later several different theories were floated suggesting that it might have been around much earlier than that, and it might have come from outside of China.

Latest Firefox Update Will Crack Down On The Use Of Supercookies
Cookies were introduced to the web many, many years ago. Initially was deemed as a useful feature which allowed websites to remember certain things about you and your browsing activity so that in some instances, you wouldn’t need to start from scratch everytime you loaded that website.

Sony’s Xperia PRO Is A Smartphone Aimed At Professionals
Sony’s place in the smartphone market is slowly diminishing as the company’s releases have been sporadic. However, it seems that Sony could be changing their direction where instead of focusing more on the average consumer, they might be hoping that their products could appeal to creative professionals.

Apple Could Revisit The Idea Of Titanium MacBooks
Apple’s laptops and computers in general are made out of aluminum. This is more or less the standard choice of materials for a lot of electronics these days, but according to a patent discovered by Patently Apple, it seems that Apple could be interested in exploring other materials, such as titanium.

The Sony Alpha 1 Camera Is A 50MP That Can Also Shoot In 8K
Sony’s full-frame mirrorless lineup consists of their A7 and A9 series, with the A9 being aimed more at working professionals who might need some of the features offered in the camera that isn’t available in the A7. However, it seems that Sony has since stepped things up an extra notch with the launch of the Sony Alpha 1 (A1).

Second-Gen AirPods Pro Could Launch In First Half Of 2021
Apple’s first-gen AirPods Pro has been around for a couple of years now, which means that it seems like it might be time for a refresh. According to a report from DigiTimes (paywall), it appears that the second-gen AirPods Pro could arrive in the first half of 2021.

Another Report Claims iPhone 13 Could Support WiFi 6E
According to the rumors, Apple’s iPhone for 2021 is going to be treated as more of a “S” version, which means that the upgrades will be mostly under the hood and that we shouldn’t expect any design changes. However, one of those upgrades could be interesting as it could come in the form of faster WiFi.

You Can Now Play Retro Arcade Games On Plex
While modern games are fun, there is a certain charm about old school arcade games that just cannot be replicated with the games we play today. For those who love old school games, you’ll be interested to learn that Plex has announced the launch of Plex Arcade. This is a game subscription service that will give users access to a bunch of retro arcade games.

iOS 14.4 Update Is Live, Will Patch Three Major Security Flaws
When it comes to software updates, some people choose the “wait and see” approach by waiting for other people to update and report any bugs or issues before they update their devices themselves. It is understandable as some updates have been known to cause issues from time to time.

How to See How Much RAM Your Phone Has
Our smartphones are essentially like computers, which means that in addition to having a processor, they also have RAM. Want to see how much RAM your phone has? Here are the steps.

How to Make The Most Out of Google Photos
Google Photos is the most popular photo storage solution. Not just limited to Android’s market share, but Google Photos is technically the most convenient and easy to use option for most of the users.You can easily sync your photos automatically with unlimited storage for high-quality photos (till June 1st, 2021). Of course, when Google’s new policy comes in to effect, any photo or video you upload will be count against […]

TikTok Had A Vulnerability That Could Have Allowed Hackers To Steal Phone Numbers
It can be dangerous to associate your phone number with online services and apps, but sometimes some services do require it. The reason it’s dangerous is because should a data breach happen, it could result in phone numbers being leaked into the wild, which can then be used for malicious or harassment purposes.

Cyberpunk 2077’s Latest Update Actually Introduced A Game-Breaking Bug
Cyberpunk 2077 is plagued with a wide variety of bugs to the point where for console gamers, companies like Sony started to refund gamers for the game as it was essentially unplayable. On PC, it is much better, but it isn’t without its issues. The company did pledge to release major patches meant to fix the problems, but it seems to have brought new problems of its own.

Apple Hit With Another Lawsuit Over ‘Batterygate’
Several years ago, it was discovered that Apple was secretly throttling the performance for some of its older iPhones. The company defended their decision, claiming that this was done to prevent phones with older and degraded batteries from shutting down at random, but the fact that it was initially done without users knowing about it felt suspect.

Makers Of The Sophia Robot Plan A Massive Rollout In 2021
The concept of robots aren’t new. We see them in factories where they help to make all kinds of products, but they are exactly common outside of those settings. Sure, you might see a couple if you go to Japan or Korea, but like we said, it’s not very often that you would encounter a robot in a home or in a shop.

Australian Company Builds A Hydrogen Battery Storage System For The Home
When it comes to sustainable energy, one of the ways of going about that is to use solar energy to bring power to a home. Companies like Tesla have also created devices like the Tesla Powerwall, which takes excess energy that the solar panels might have gathered and stores it, which can then be used for emergencies.

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