Recover From Ransomware Attacks With Recovery Toolbox for SQL Server
Any Database Administrator (DBA) knows that security comes first. Thanks to responsible engineers, the database always works without failure. Also, there is the latest backup on the shelf, with which you can restore data in case of problems.

Google Images For Mobile Lets You Quickly Pull Up Websites For More Context
When you search on Google Images for a photo, it will show you all the various websites that the photo might be hosted on. This is fine, but what if you wanted more context? You’d usually have to click on the website, read it, and then go back to Google Images in case you did not get the information you wanted.

Razer Hammerhead Pro Earbuds Launched With Noise Cancelling Features
Razer is no stranger when it comes to true wireless earbuds, but in case you felt that the company’s previous offering was a bit lacking in terms of features, then you’ll be pleased to learn that the company has since announced its latest pair of true wireless earbuds – the Razer Hammerhead Pro.

Razer Tomahawk Modular PC Is Finally Available For Purchase
A lot of PC makers allow users to customize their components to a certain degree, but usually trying to make modifications yourself after that is a bit tricky. However, Razer wants to help gamers with that issue and have finally released its Tomahawk modular PC system where it is priced starting at $2,400.


Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max Loses Out To The OnePlus 8T In Blind Camera Test
For the past few years, tech YouTuber MKBHD has run a blind camera test at the end of the year to see which phone takes photos that the general public seems to appreciate. This year is no different, although it seems that it might be rather embarrassing for Apple because none of their smartphones made it through the first round.

Apple Patents An Interesting Dual Monitor Stand
When it comes to monitor mounting solutions, everyone has a preference. There are those who are perfectly fine with the stand that their monitors come with, but for others, they might prefer an arm so that it leaves more space on their desks, and depending on how many monitors you’re using, you might have multiple arms or mounts.

The ‘Wristcam’ Adds A Pair Of Cameras To Your Apple Watch
While taking photos via our wrist might not necessarily be the most ergonomic, it might actually be useful if you’re looking for a bodycam and you’d rather not strap a harness to your chest and walk around with a GoPro smack in the middle. This is why if you own the Apple Watch, you might be interested in a device called the Wristcam.

IBM Claims Hackers Are Targeting COVID-19 Vaccine Supply Chains
Right now, many companies around the world are working to develop a viable vaccine for COVID-19. This is a good thing as it means that the pandemic could be brought under control, or best case scenario, eliminated for good. However, it seems that all the companies rushing to develop their own vaccine has created an opportunity for hackers.

Twitter Rolls Back Its Threaded Replies Feature
Earlier this year, Twitter introduced a new threaded reply feature where replies to a tweet would be threaded similar to other platforms such as Reddit. It was supposed to make it easier to see who commented what, and who is replying to whom. Unfortunately, it seems that the feature was not as well-received as the company had hoped.

FTC Warns Of New Robocall Scam Targeting Apple And Amazon Users
Phishing attacks and scam calls aren’t new, but given that scammers are trying all kinds of ways to sound more convincing than ever, it’s not surprising that people still fall for them these days even though such scams are well-documented. That being said, it seems that a new robocall scam is making its rounds, this time seemingly targeting Apple and Amazon users.

Apple Could Launch A New Product Next Week
There have been a couple of Apple-related accessories that have been rumored for a while now but have yet to make their appearance. This includes the AirTags tracking accessory and the over-ears AirPods Studio headphones. Now it seems that there is a chance that these products could be announced next week.

Apple Forced To Include Charger For iPhones Sold In Brazil
Moving forwards with the brand new iPhone 12, Apple will no longer include charging bricks with its iPhones. The company cites environmental reasons for the move, although we suppose that increased profit margins are another reason too. However, it seems that over in Brazil, Apple will have no choice but to include it with the iPhone.

Hulu’s Watch Party Feature Is Now Available For All On-Demand Subscribers
Due to the pandemic, a lot of us are no longer to hang out with our friends as often as we would like, which means that certain group activities like watching TV shows and movies are off the table, or are they? If you are a Hulu on-demand subscriber, you’ll be pleased to learn that the company has since released its watch party tool for all users.

Spotify Patents A Tool To Help Prevent Songwriter Plagiarism
Given that there are only so many notes in music, it is possible that some songs could end up sounding similar to each other. In some instances, this has led to accusations of plagiarism which could get ugly real fast and cost a lot of money. To help musicians avoid this problem, it seems that Spotify has created a tool that can deal with that.

Facebook Is Deleting Pictures, Videos Uploaded From The PS4
If you thought that maybe keeping your photos and videos on Facebook might be a good way to preserve them and act as a backup, you might want to rethink that. This is because according to multiple user reports, it seems that Facebook has started to delete pictures and videos uploaded to its platform via the PS4.

An Even More Affordable MacBook Air Could Arrive In 2022
While Apple’s products in general aren’t known to be cheap, the company does put out some products every now and then that are actually quite value for money. The MacBook Air is one of those examples, where it might be more expensive than a lot of Windows laptops out there, the price-to-performance ratio is one that’s hard to argue against.

TikTok Is Testing Allowing Users To Upload Videos Up To 3 Minutes Long
One of TikTok’s appealing features is the ability to upload short videos to the platform, which means that users can watch multiple videos quickly and easily that gets to the point. The idea, presumably, is to drive consumption and engagement where users won’t get bored by watching videos that drag on for too long.

Apple’s Incredibly Expensive MagSafe Duo Is Now Available For Purchase
When Apple announced its new iPhone 12s, the company brought back the MagSafe brand with some new magnet-based charging accessories. One of those accessories is the MagSafe Duo that will both charge an iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time, which we guess is the company’s alternative to its failed AirPower attempt.

Singapore Is The World’s First Country To Approve The Sale Of Lab-Grown Meat
When it comes to meat, there are some who are uncomfortable at the way we get our meat, where animals are basically raised for slaughter. There are also those who argue that our desire for the consumption of meat has led an increase in our overall carbon footprint. This has led to companies like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods to create semi-realistic plant-based substitutes.

iPhone 12 Users Are Experiencing Rapid Battery Drain Even On Standby
Batteries are kind of like our bodies, where if we exert a lot of energy doing tasks, we’ll get tired faster compared to if we just sat around doing nothing. This means that in theory, batteries in standby should last considerably longer than compared to if they were being actively used to run apps, take photos, watch videos, and so on.

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