Google Fi VPN Is Now Available For iPhone
For those unfamiliar, a VPN is a service that helps protect your identity online. This is because it routes your data through its servers meaning that as far as your ISP is concerned, your data is just going to one place. This is useful if you want to protect your online activities from potential prying eyes.

Fujifilm X-H2 Might Be Priced Under $2,500
For a while, the fate of the Fujifilm X-H2 was uncertain, with some early rumors suggesting that the X-H1 could have been the first and last of its kind. Fast forward to today and we are hearing that the camera will actually be launched in 2022, but how much will it cost? According to Fuji Rumors, it seems that it will be priced under $2,500.

Windows 11 Will Come With Xbox Game Pass Built Into It
In the future, your Windows 11 computers will be ready to start gaming right out of the gate. This is because when Microsoft announced Windows 11, they also announced that one of the features of Windows 11 would be that it would come with Xbox Game Pass built into it, so if you’re already subbed, you can start playing your games almost immediately.

Apple Will Make It Easier To Erase A Stolen iPhone
Apple has security measures in place that helps people deal with their stolen/lost iPhones that attempts to lower their value for those attempting to resell it. However, it was recently reported that over in Brazil, iPhone thieves weren’t stealing iPhones to resell, but rather to access the banking apps on the phone and steal money from their victims.


You Can Now Post Photos To Instagram From Your Desktop
If you’ve ever wanted to share a photo on Instagram, you would have to upload it through the Instagram app on your phone. There were some workarounds, but nothing official. Now, back in May it was reported that Instagram was looking to change that and now it looks like that change has arrived.

Apple Cracks Down On Leaks In China
Over the years, we’ve come across various Apple leaks, some of which come from China. However, it seems that Apple is done with these leaksters from China who seem to have been posting pretty accurate information about the company’s upcoming plans and products, and have sent legal letters to some of the more prominent leaksters.

All Windows 11 Laptops Must Have Webcams In 2023
These days, a good many laptops come with laptops built into them. Of course, maybe some of the super low-end models might skip on the webcam to cut down on costs, but come 2023, that will no longer be the case. This is because if you wanted to build and release a laptop in 2023 that runs on Windows 11, a webcam is a must.

Microsoft Welcomes Apple To Bring iMessage Onto Windows
iMessage is one of the few exclusive features of Apple’s products. For a while, that was the case with FaceTime but that will kind of be changing soon. That being said, during an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella said that he would welcome iMessage onto Windows.

Is Microsoft Saying Your PC Can’t Run Windows 11? You’re Not Alone
Microsoft recently announced that Windows 11 will be a free upgrade for those coming from Windows 10, assuming they meet the somewhat bare minimum hardware specs of a 64-bit processor, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage. Microsoft even introduced a tool that lets you check if your PC is eligible for the update.

Windows 11 Will Be A Free Upgrade For Windows 10 Users
In the past, upgrading to major versions of operating systems involved money, where users had to decide if the new features are worth paying money for. However, it seems that Microsoft will be taking a page out of Apple’s playbook because it looks like Windows 11 will be a free upgrade for those coming from Windows 10.

Windows 11 Will Be Able To Run Android Apps
Want to run Android apps on your computer? Previously, you might need to buy a Chromebook, but that will change in Windows 11. In an announcement by Microsoft and Amazon, both companies will be partnering with each other where in Windows 11, you will be able to access the Amazon Appstore and download and use Android apps.

iPhone 13 Expected In Third Week Of September
Are you looking forward to the next iPhone? If you are, then you might be interested to learn that the handset is expected to launch this September. To be more specific, it is expected to launch in the third week of September, maybe as soon as the 14th of the month, at least that’s what Wedbush analyst Dan Ives believes.

County Sheriff Blames iPhone For Over 700 Accidental 911 Calls This Year
The other day we reported that due to people wearing the Apple Watch in their sleep, it seems to have triggered a situation where people are accidentally calling 911 in their sleep. It turns out that the Apple Watch isn’t alone in this either because according to the Langlade County Sheriff’s Office, iPhones are also to blame.

Apple Exec Says Users Who Want To Sideload Apps Might Want To Consider Other Platforms
One of the criticisms Apple has been facing over the years, more so in recent times, is the tight control they have over the iPhone and the App Store, where it’s almost impossible to get apps outside of the App Store. This is versus other platforms like Android where users can easily sideload apps.

Lenovo’s New Webcams Will Fit Perfectly On Their New Monitors
A potential problem that some of you might have when it comes to third-party webcams is how well it fits and sits on your computer monitor. For the most part, there aren’t many issues and we haven’t really seen much complaints, but if you have been eyeing Lenovo’s recently announced monitors, then you might want to consider the company’s webcams as well.

This Is What Samsung’s New Wear OS Smartwatch Could Look Like
Many are undoubtedly excited to see what Samsung has to unveil at MWC 2021 next week. This is because if you recall, at Google I/O 2021 last month, Google announced that they would be collaborating with Samsung to revamp its Wear OS platform, combining the best of both Wear OS and Tizen together for some super wearables platform.

Google Authenticator For iOS Now Supports Face ID/Touch ID
Apps like Google Authenticator help you generate 2FA codes that act as another layer of protection for your online accounts. This means that in addition to your password, you will get a one-time generated code that verifies who you say you are, so in the event that your password is stolen, hackers still can’t get into your account.

In-Display Touch ID Might Only Arrive In 2022’s iPhone
There is no denying the effectiveness of Apple’s Face ID system, but there is a certain convenience with Touch ID that makes it better to use in some situations. We have been hearing that Apple could be working on a solution, but if analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s latest report is accurate, we might have to wait until next year.

Instagram Testing Putting ‘Suggested Posts’ In Your Main Feed
Your feed on Instagram is basically a collection of posts made by people that you follow. It is also algorithmically sorted where it will be based on posts Instagram thinks you’re more interested in. However, Instagram could soon be adding “Suggested Posts” into the mix, according to a small experiment the company is running.

2022 iPhone SE Will Come With Support For 5G
In 2020, Apple launched the iPhone SE which is basically the company’s attempt at creating a “budget” iPhone. It was a rather basic iPhone with a design that mimicked the iPhone 8, so for those who didn’t really need to have all the latest or greatest hardware, it got the job done just fine.

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