Hacked Florida City Paid $600,000 Ransom To Get Its Data Back

Ransomware gangs have increasingly been going after cities with less than perfect data security protections. They hack the city’s systems and hold its data hostage. A ransom is then demanded which most cities end up paying because it becomes very difficult for them to operate without access to the data. The same has happened to a Florida city which paid $600,000 to a ransomware gang just to get its files […]

Singapore Changi Airport Runway Shuts Down Over Drone Sighting

Drones and airports don’t mix. Yet, we continue to hear about disruptions caused by drone sightings. Singapore’s Changi is one of the busiest airports in the world. A delay here can have a knock-on effect that can be felt across the globe. A drone caused disruption at Changi this week leading to one of the airport’s runways being shut down intermittently over 10 hours.

EA Defends Loot Boxes, Calls Them ‘Surprise Mechanics’

There is some concern over the loot box mechanic in video games. This is because some have likened the feature to gambling, where players pay real-life money to purchase a loot box without knowing what is inside of it, which some could consider to be a gamble. Some companies do not agree with this assessment, and EA is one of them.

Scientists Create A Realistic Robotic Fish And Pumped It Full Of ‘Blood’

The problem with most robots is that they tend to move very stiffly. This is due to the design of robots which for the most part, still doesn’t have the mobility and flexibility of a human being yet. However, researchers from Cornell University and the University of Pennsylvania have developed a robotic lionfish that has movement that could be described as more realistic.


Google App For Android Testing A Way To Share Your Search With Others

Despite Google being so easy and straightforward to use, people still like to ask questions that they can easily Google the answer for, but we get it, sometimes older users might not be familiar with the process and the good news is that Google is testing out a way for users to easily share their searches.

iOS 13 Will Let Users Share Headphone Audio With Friends

We’re sure some of you might remember the good old days when we would share our headphones with our friends, where each person will listen to one side of the headphone. These days, it’s becoming less common, but if you’d still like to share what you’re listening to with your friend, then iOS 13 might have a feature you could be interested in.

Microsoft PowerPoint Assistant Will Coach You Through Presentations

The fear of public speaking is very real which is compounded when you have to make a presentation, whether it be for school or for work. However, the good news is that Microsoft wants to help you with that and the company has recently revealed a new feature for PowerPoint called the Presenter Coach.

YouTube Is Testing A New Way Of Displaying Comments On Android

Most of us have used the YouTube app on our phones. One of the ways to view the comments on our phones is by scrolling all the way down. This isn’t the most convenient way of viewing comments, but according to a report from XDA Developers, it appears that the company is testing out a new way of displaying comments on the Android app.

Apple’s Project Catalyst Could Bring New Messages And Shortcuts App To Mac

iOS and macOS have different apps, although the company has tried to create apps for both platforms, such as Messages, Calendar, Notes, and so on. Now, as far as Messages are concerned, the version on macOS doesn’t feel quite as robust compared to its iOS counterpart, but that could soon change.

watchOS 6 Will Let Users Delete Apple Watch Built-In Apps

While native apps that come bundled with our devices are meant to serve a purpose, there are times when we don’t need to use them. For the longest time ever, Apple would not allow users to delete native apps on iOS, but that changed in recent times when an iOS update finally allowed users to delete native apps.

Second-hand Nest Cam Owners Could Be Spied On By Its Original Owners

Buying a second-hand gadget is a good way to save money, but is it a good idea? As second-hand Nest Cam owners are finding out, maybe it’s not. This is because according to a report from Wirecutter, it has been discovered that there is a potential for owners of a second-hand Nest Cam to be spied on by the device’s original owners.

Hasbro Launches A New Voice-Controlled Version Of Monopoly

Back in the day, board games were pretty straightforward and “low tech”, where you would roll some dice, play with pieces of paper, and so on. For the most part, a lot of board games are still built that way, but it seems that Hasbro is experimenting with more hi-tech board games and has recently unveiled a voice-controlled version of its popular Monopoly game.

Kano Wants To Teach Children How To Build Their Own Computer With A DIY Kit

While the majority of computers these days come prebuilt, building your own PC can be a fun and fulfilling experience. This is because you get to pick and choose your own components and ultimately customize your PC to your own liking. However, the overall experience can be a bit intimidating, but Kano is hoping to change that by teaching kids when they are young.

Our Smart Speakers Might Be Able To Detect When We Are Having A Cardiac Arrest

Anyone can experience a cardiac arrest at any point in their lives. This is when the heart suddenly stops beating. Usually when this happens, especially if you’re alone, there’s really no way to come back from this, but researchers are hoping that by being able to call for help when a person experiences cardiac arrest, they can still be saved.

Researchers Want To Use AI To Create The Perfect Pizza

Is cooking an art form or is it science? There are plenty of chefs out there who cook based on feel and look, while there are others who have utilized science to their advantage, resulting in spectacular creations such as molecular gastronomy, but it seems that over at MIT, researchers seem to believe that cooking is largely a science.

Twitter To Remove Precise Geotagging Feature From Tweets

On social media platforms, users have the ability to post status updates, photos, and so on and share their location at the same time. Some might view this as giving up your privacy and if you’re not comfortable with the feature, you might be interested to learn that Twitter has announced that they will be removing it.

Huawei Ban Could Cost US Companies $11 Billion In Revenue

Following the ban on Huawei by the US government, it means that the company will no longer be able to buy or do business with US companies. While this will no doubt have a huge impact on Huawei, it seems that there will also be a huge impact on US companies that Huawei used to do business with.

Marvel In Talks To Bring Keanu Reeves Into The MCU

Actor Keanu Reeves has been in the industry for a very long time, but it seems that the actor is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. This is a combination of various factors, such as the success of his John Wick movies (in which a part 4 is expected for 2021) and stories about his ground-to-earthness.

Avengers: Endgame Will Be Returning To Theaters With Extra Footage

If you’re thinking about rewatching Avengers: Endgame, you’ll be pleased to learn that according to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, he has confirmed that the movie will actually be returning to theaters where those who missed out on it can watch it, or those who want to rewatch it will be able to do so.

Work On God Of War Sequel Might Have Begun

The God of War franchise has a massive dedicated fan base and many of them will be interested in knowing when Sony plans on coming out with a God of War sequel. The company hasn’t confirmed anything as yet but its recent job postings suggest that it might have begun work on the sequel. Given how the previous title ending, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Santa Monica Studios did […]

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