Sony Mobile Rumored To Be Considering Southeast Asia Exit

While Sony makes pretty decent smartphones, it is obvious that they aren’t holding up so well against the competition like Samsung, or Chinese OEMs such as Xiaomi and OnePlus where they are offering smartphones at incredibly affordable prices. This is why it didn’t come as a surprise when Sony decided to reduce their focus in the US, China, and India back in 2016.

Bungie Says That They Will Remain Committed To Destiny

Last week Bungie announced that they would be separating from Activision and will also be retaining the rights to Destiny, which they plan on self-publishing in the future. It was unclear as to what would become of the franchise moving forwards, but in a new blog post shared on Bungie’s website, the developer has stated that they will remain committed to the franchise.

WhatsApp Testing Sticker Integration With Google’s Gboard

WhatsApp is admittedly a bit late to the sticker game. Other apps such as Facebook Messenger, KakaoTalk, and LINE have long offered its users stickers. However it seems that the Facebook-owned company might have found a way to quickly spread its stickers and that is by integrating it with third-party keyboard apps.

Report Claims That Fortnite’s V-Bucks Are Being Used To Launder Money

Epic’s Fortnite Battle Royale is making the company a ton of money, despite it being a free game. This revenue is generated by selling in-app purchases such as costumes. However it seems that a chunk of this change could actually be used by criminals to help launder their money.


In China You’ll Soon Be Able To Use An App To See Debtors Around You

It was reported not too long ago that China plans on implementing a social credit system for its citizens. This will basically assign citizens a “score” based on their life, where if you have run-ins with the law, or are known to break the rules, spread misinformation online, and so on, your scores will be reflected as much.

Blizzard Seems To Be On A Hiring Spree For Unannounced Diablo Project

Many gamers are waiting for Blizzard to announce Diablo 4. Last year during BlizzCon there was some hope that the game could be announced, but instead Blizzard launched Diablo Immortal, a mobile version of Diablo that was immediately met with massive backlash from fans who weren’t thrilled by the game.

Overwatch’s Lunar New Year Event Kicks Off January 24

We are in the year of 2019 which means that if you follow the Chinese Zodiac, it is also the year of the pig. However even if you don’t necessarily follow the Chinese Zodiac or celebrate the Lunar New Year, not to worry because Blizzard plans on celebrating it anyway in Overwatch where the game’s Lunar New Year event will be kicking off next week.

Microsoft Wants To Turn Cortana Into An Alexa Skill

Microsoft’s Cortana digital assistant has been around for much longer than Amazon’s Alexa has, but yet Alexa has quickly dominated the scene, so much so that it seems that Microsoft has decided that if they can’t beat them, maybe they should join them. This is what Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella had hinted at in a report from Business Insider.

Twitter Bug Accidentally Exposes Private Tweets From Years Ago

There is a reason why some tweets are marked as private because there are some users who’d rather not have their tweets made public. Unfortunately according to a recent disclosure from Twitter, it appears that due to a bug, it accidentally exposed private tweets on Twitter for Android from many years ago.

2019 iPhones Could Sport 3x Telephone Lens, Larger Battery

Battery life on Apple’s iPhones isn’t terrible, but it’s not particularly good either. While Apple has made huge tech upgrades over the years, battery life is still one aspect that the company hasn’t quite addressed. However if the latest rumors are to be believed, that could change this year with the 2019 iPhones.

Authentication Will Soon Be Required To View Chrome OS Saved Passwords

Whether you’re using a third-party password manager like LastPass or 1Password, or using built-in password managers in your operating system, it works the same where you’ll need to enter a master password to view your saved passwords. Oddly enough Chrome OS never had this security where you could easily view saved passwords as long as the device was unlocked.

Netflix Thinks Fortnite Presents A Bigger Competition Than HBO Or Hulu

Netflix as an entertainment service that provides video streaming to their customers definitely has their fair share of competitors in the form of Amazon, Hulu, HBO, and let’s not forget Disney who is planning on launching their own service later this year. However interestingly enough, Netflix doesn’t necessarily view them as big of a competition compared to Fortnite.

Nintendo Plans To Release 2-3 Mobile Games A Year

Nintendo is absolutely killing it in the home console market at the moment with the Switch and its games selling pretty well, making the failure of the Wii U a very distant memory. The company has also in recent years embraced mobile gaming, something that they had refused to do in the past.

Robot Dog Can Learn To Pick Itself Back Up After A Fall

There are some movies where we get comical scenes of people pushing over robots who are unable to pick themselves up after they fall. This seemed like a good way to run away from our robot overlords, at least until now where researchers have actually taught a robot dog how to pick itself back up after it has fallen over.

Future Apple Watches Could Detect Strokes

Ever since the Apple Watch was launched, one of its features was the ability to let users know if they were suddenly experiencing high or low heart rates out of the blue, suggesting that they could have a heart problem. This has led to several lives being saved. This was later improved upon with an ECG monitor which also proved to be just as useful (although some doctors disagree).

Future iPhones Could Launch Camera App When You Pick Up The Device

Just like the majority of smartphones out there, the iPhone has a camera shortcut which users can access even when their phone is locked. However it does require that the phone’s display be turned on first. This isn’t a big deal but in crucial moments, this added “delay” could result in photos or videos missing critical context.

Study Finds Most Users Aren’t Aware That Facebook Keeps A List Of Their Interests

Facebook collects data on us based on how we use the app, the pages we interact with, the things we post, and so on. However did you know that Facebook actually generates a list of interests that it thinks we likes so that it can display ads that it deems to be relevant to you? According to a recent study by Pew Internet, apparently not many people do.

Health-Related Jobs At Apple Have Increased Dramatically

While Apple’s iPhones appear to be get weaker in demand with every generation, there is one area that seems to be on the rise: Apple’s wearables which have increased over the years. Apple has made significant investment in its wearable tech, like the Apple Watch, and it shows according to data from Thinknum.

Mastercard’s Free Trial Protection Only Applies To Physical Goods

Recently Mastercard announced a free trial protection feature where it will prevent merchants from billing customers automatically once a free trial period of a product/service ends. It sounds like this would be ideal for subscription-based services on the internet, like VPNs, music streaming, video streaming, cloud storage, and so on.

Facebook Employees Caught Leaving 5-Star Reviews Of Portal On Amazon

Last year amidst the various privacy scandals and controversies that Facebook found themselves caught up in, the company debuted the Portal video chat device. It was an odd choice to launch a product that would have raised eyebrows any other day, during a time where there was a public outcry to #DeleteFacebook.

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