Polar Ignite Wearable Launched With Sleep And Fitness Tracking

When it comes to health-related gadgets and products, Polar is a name that has been in the industry for a while, with its chest-strap heart rate monitor being thought of by many as being one of the more accurate models in the market. The company has since expanded into wearables and they have just launched their latest one in the form of the Polar Ignite.

San Francisco Has Voted To Officially Ban E-Cigarettes

According to a report from last week, it was suggested that the city of San Francisco could be the first city in the US to officially ban e-cigarettes. Unfortunately, for those who are fans of e-cigarettes and were hoping that this would not come to pass, it looks like it did as the city has since voted in favor of banning the sales and deliveries of e-cigarette products.

Oppo Reinvents The Walkie-Talkie With Its New ‘MeshTalk’ System

Our smartphones these days allow us to make calls over WiFi in addition to using them normally over a cellular connection. However, the downside is that we will either need to have a cellular signal or be connected to the internet, although that is usually not very hard to do in this modern day and age.

Apple Confirms That They Have Acquired A Self-Driving Car Startup

Many are probably already familiar with the fact that Apple has a self-driving car division. In recent times, it has been suggested that the company could be looking to downsize the division with layoffs, but that does not appear to be the case because Apple has since confirmed that they have acquired a self-driving car startup.


Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Could Have A 3-Stage Variable Aperture System

As far as smartphone hardware goes, it feels like it has plateaued, which is why many companies are now focusing more on their cameras in which quite a lot of advancements are still being made today. In fact, it seems that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10 could be a smartphone to look forward to if you enjoy mobile photography.

An Indonesian Couple Has Named Their Baby ‘Google’

These days we’re starting to see people name their babies after characters they see in movies or television. For example, names from HBO’s Game of Thrones has proven to be a pretty popular choice, although it seems that a couple from Indonesia have decided to name their baby after one of the biggest tech companies in the world: Google.

Boeing Forced To Park Its 737 Max Planes In Car Parking Lots

As some of you might have heard Boeing’s 737 Max airplanes have encountered some issues which has forced the company to ground them while they work on a fix. However, it seems that it might be taking Boeing longer than expected to roll out a fix for their planes, so much so that the company appears to have run out of space to park them that they are forced to […]

Instagram Insists That They Are Not Spying On You

We’re sure many of us have had very uncanny and slightly creepy experiences where we are talking to someone about something, only to open up our social media platforms like Instagram and discover an ad for that thing we were just talking about. It almost feels like we are being spied on and having our conversations listened in on, doesn’t it?

Fujifilm X-Pro3 Might Come With A Tilt Screen

We have been hearing rumors that a new Fujifilm X-Pro3 could be in the works and now according to a new report from Fuji Rumors, one of the alleged new features of the upcoming camera could be the inclusion of a tilt screen. For photographers using other brands, a tilt screen is hardly groundbreaking.

The Commodore 64 Is Getting A Retro Re-Release This Year

When it comes to the re-release of retro gaming consoles, it seems that Nintendo has enjoyed the most success so far with the release of its NES and SNES Classic consoles. Other companies such as Sony have tried, although admittedly we’re not really hearing much about it.

The Apple Watch’s ECG Feature Is Already Saving Lives In The UK

Due to the Apple Watch’s ECG feature being seen as a medical tool, it needs to be properly licensed before it can be used. Given that different countries have different laws, this means that it could take a while before the feature found its way to other countries around the world.

‘The Office’ Will Be Leaving Netflix In 2021

If there is a reason why Netflix is investing so heavily into its own content, it is because we imagine that they’d rather not be at the mercy of other studios who may or may not decide to renew their licensing deals with the company. A good example of that happening would be with “The Office” TV series.

New York Public Library Ends Its Free Movie Streaming Service

For many New Yorkers, the Public Library’s free movie streaming service has been one of the city’s best kept secrets. That will no longer be the case starting next week. It has been confirmed that the iconic New York library is shutting down the service since its partnership with Kanopy, a multimedia streaming service, has ended.

BMW Aims To Have 25 Electrified Cars By 2023

Like many of its rivals, BMW has also embraced the future of mobility which almost certainly includes electrified cars. The company is best known for making some of the best combustion-engine powered sportscars on the market but it’s also heavily invested in leading the charge for electrified vehicles. BMW has said that it will put 25 electrified vehicles on the road by 2023.

Apple Thought About Putting A Camera Inside The Apple Watch’s Band

The Apple Watch has never come with an integrated camera and it’s unclear if it ever will. However, a recently discovered patent suggests that Apple has toyed with the idea of allowing people to take pictures from their wrist. One of the solutions it dreamt up involved putting a camera inside the Apple Watch’s band.

Microsoft Introduces 2FA-Locked ‘Personal Vault’ To OneDrive

Microsoft is adding an additional layer of security to its OneDrive storage service. It has introduced a new OneDrive Personal Vault feature which is essentially a folder which locks sensitive material behind two-factor authentication or an extra identity verification step such as PIN or facial/fingerprint authentication.

T-Mobile Launches 5G Service On June 28th

T-Mobile is joining its rivals in launching its 5G network in the United States. The carrier confirmed today that its new 5G network will enter service from Friday, June 28th. The service will be extremely limited initially as it will only be available in parts of six cities. It will no doubt increase in the coming months.

Airbnb Luxe Lets You Travel In The Lap Of Luxury

If you use Airbnb frequently when you travel, you might have had a bad experience once or twice. Either the property isn’t what the images made it seem like or the area isn’t as good as you thought it would be. All of these concerns go out the window for the company’s new tier, Airbnb Luxe. If you’re willing to dig deep into your pockets, you can now access unique […]

Next-Gen BMW Cruise Control Can Stop At Traffic Lights Automatically

Adaptive cruise control technology has been around for quite some time now. The car can slow down automatically if the car in front of it does and then go back up to the set cruise speed without disengaging. BMW has been working to enhance the capabilities of its adaptive cruise control technology. It has demonstrated a new capability which will enable the car to stop automatically when it pulls up […]

Google Drive Offline Support Extended To Non-Google Files

It’s currently possible to use Google Chrome to make Google Drive files like Sheets, Docs, and Slides available for offline use. As part of a new beta test, Google has now decided to extend this functionality to other content stored in Drive. This can include Microsoft Office files, images, PDFs, and additional non-Google formats.

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