iPhone 12 Will Let Users Download iOS Updates Over 5G
In order to download iOS updates, users typically need to be connected to a WiFi network and ensure that their phone has sufficient battery. The former is because some iOS updates, especially major ones, are pretty big and downloading it over LTE can take a while, not to mention can eat into data caps.

Hungover Woman Uses Uber Eats To Order Two Packets Of Ketchup From McDonald’s
We do a lot of things we probably shouldn’t do when we’re drunk. We also do a lot of things we shouldn’t do the next day we’re hungover, and we’re sure that all of us probably have a funny story or two to tell, like in the case of a woman from Toronto who woke up hungover the next morning and used Uber Eats to order two packets of ketchup […]

Some iPhone 12 Cases Are Shipped Out Without Speaker Holes
With every release of the iPhone, Apple releases some new official cases to go with them. Now, with the previous iPhones that sported rounded corners, Apple left the bottom of the cases empty to allow the speaker to be used unobstructed. However, with the new iPhone 12, Apple has redesigned the case to feature speaker holes.

iPhone 12 Benchmarks Are In And They Are Impressive
If you’re looking for the fastest possible smartphone you can get your hands on right now, it seems that Apple’s iPhone 12s could be it. This is according to a report from Tom’s Guide who ran benchmarks and did a couple of tests, and based on those findings, it looks like Apple’s new iPhones are a powerhouse.


Dropbox’s Family Plan Is Now Available To All
For the past few months, Dropbox has been testing out a Family storage plan. However, the good news is that if you’re keen on checking out the plan, you’ll be pleased to learn that Dropbox has since launched it where at $17 a month, you’ll be able to allow up to six users to share the cloud storage at once.

PayPal Is Embracing The Use Of Cryptocurrency
PayPal, for the most part, supports using credit cards to make payments. Users can also reload their wallets and store it in PayPal, and link their bank accounts. All those are more or less to be expected and are somewhat traditional forms of payment. However, it seems that PayPal is looking to embrace a future in which cryptocurrency could become the new standard.

It Looks Like The iOS 14 Default App Reset Bug Is Back
One of the features of iOS 14 is the ability to set default apps for things like your browser and email. However, shortly after the release of the update, users discovered a bug where if you were to reset your phone, your default app settings would also be reset and you would need to set it back all over again.

Belkin Launches A New Wemo Outdoor HomeKit Smart Plug
Smart home plugs aren’t exactly new, but there is a difference between plugs designed to be used indoors and those meant for outdoors. For the latter, it is important to have things like weather sealing or making it water-resistant. After all, you don’t want to fry your circuit board in the event that it is raining and your plug is in operation.

Teardown Confirms Qualcomm Snapdragon X55 Modem In The iPhone 12
It has been speculated that one of the reasons why Apple and Qualcomm settled their lawsuit was because Apple needed Qualcomm for their 5G technology. Sure enough, according to a teardown video of the iPhone 12 posted onto Weibo, it has been confirmed that Apple is using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X55 modem for its 5G iPhones.

Belkin Launches New 60W GaN Wall Charger
Laptop wall chargers aren’t always the smallest which can sometimes make bringing them around an issue. However, if you’re looking for a wall charger for your laptop that’s small enough to just slip into your pocket, then you might want to check out Belkin’s latest Boost Charge Pro 60W GaN wall charger.

Tesla Warns Some Model 3 Bumpers Might Fall Off While Driving During Heavy Rain
There are many reasons why a car’s bumper might fall off. It usually has to do with accidents, where if you accidentally scraped the underside, it might loosen it and cause it to fall off. Or if someone hit your car or you’ve hit someone else’s car or an object. But falling off due to heavy rain? That’s a new one.

WhatsApp Web Could Soon Get Voice And Video Calls
WhatsApp for the web does a lot of things the mobile version can do. It can send and receive messages, send photos, videos, and documents. For the most part, it does a pretty good job as a messenger service. However, one shortcoming of the platform is that it lacks voice and video call support.

How To Cancel Your Apple TV+ Subscription
Apple has a newish streaming service called Apple TV+ and if you’re not too keen on keeping your subscription, here’s how you can easily can you subscription.

How To Change Twitter Username
If you’ve had a change of mind regarding your Twitter handle or username, don’t worry because you can change it, and here’s how.

iPhone 12 On 5G Found To Be A Massive Battery Drain
When LTE was first released, one of the issues people had was with battery life where unsurprisingly, it drained battery faster than 3G. Eventually battery tech improved and for the most part, we got used to it. It looks like that cycle is repeating itself with the iPhone 12 and with its use of 5G connectivity.

Verizon And Nokia Team Up For Private 5G Networks For Businesses
A lot of businesses still largely rely on WiFi for communications and connectivity. However, the problem with WiFi is that it can be affected by things like range, where if you walk from one end of an area to another, you might lose coverage. This is versus cellular connectivity where the signal strength is stronger.

Amazon Luna Early Access Launched For iOS, Mac Gamers
Back in September, Amazon announced Luna. In case you missed the announcement, Luna is Amazon’s new game streaming service. With there being so many game streaming services in the market today, will Amazon’s Luna be able to compete and maybe even lead the pack? The good news for iOS and macOS gamers, you’ll be able to find out.

Apple Removes Its TV Remote App From The App Store
The Apple TV comes with a physical remote controller that lets users control the TV with it, but users also had the option of using the Apple-developed Remote app as an alternative. It turns out that that will no longer be the case as the company has since removed the Remote app from the App Store.

Regulatory Filing Reveals Smaller Battery For The iPhone 12 Pro Max
When the iPhone 12 was first announced, one thing that was conspicuously missing from Apple’s announcement was battery life. The company typically makes some kind of comment or statement regarding battery life and the improvements its made over the previous generation, but for the iPhone 12, Apple kept mum.

Forget Meat, Impossible Foods Wants To Create Plant-Based Milk That’s Like The Real Thing
There is an argument that by eating a plant-based diet, it could actually be better for the environment and more sustainable than eating meat. Of course, the reason behind why some people eat meat is for the taste and texture that would be hard, if not impossible, for plants to replicate.

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