Brave Browser v1.0 Released With An Initiative To Reward Its Users

We have a lot of browsers available to choose from. However, the biggest deal-breaker for some of the options available is the lack of privacy-focused features.Brave browser could be a great alternative for you to explore as a privacy-focused browser with a lot of rewarding features.It literally rewards its users if you opt into its private ad platform. Technically, the advertisements displayed by the browser (only if you opt-in) will […]

Minecraft Earth AR Game Is Finally Available

After Pokémon Go and a few more AR games coming to the scene, it is time for Minecraft to step in.Minecraft Earth is a real-world Augmented Reality game that is Microsoft’s recent experiment for the mobile gaming community.In case you were not aware, Minecraft happens to be one of the most popular games with a huge player base in the U.S alone. Now, with the launch of Minecraft’s mobile port […]

A Fully-Specced Out 16-inch MacBook Pro Will Cost $6,099

Apple just announced its brand new 16-inch MacBook Pro where based on its specs and features, this is a laptop that Apple is trying to make appealing to professionals who might need high-end hardware while on the go. Some of these “pro” features include support for up to 64GB of RAM and also up to 8TB of SSD.

Apple’s Mac Pro Workstation Will Begin Shipping In December

In June earlier this year, Apple announced a brand new Mac Pro computer. Unlike the previous-gen Mac Pro which kind of killed the upgradability of the Mac Pro, the new workstation offers up a more familiar tower case design that will allow users to better configure the computer to their liking.


It’s Here, Meet Apple’s New 16-inch MacBook Pro

After a series of rumors and leaks, it seems that Apple’s latest MacBook Pro has arrived, and it represents the largest MacBook Pro that we have seen from Apple in a while. The new MacBook Pro, as per the rumors, now features a 16-inch display. Prior to this, the biggest MacBook Pro featured a 15-inch display, and prior to that, Apple actually had a 17-inch model which has been discontinued […]

A Boxing Fight Was Illegally Streamed Through The Reflection Off A Guy’s Glasses

There are some sporting events that are held behind a paywall where viewers will need to purchase a pass in order to watch it. There are some ways to get around this, such as going to a bar where the event might be streamed, or alternatively, there is always pirate streams that you could look for.

Details Of Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro Leaked

If the rumors are true, Apple could be announcing its new 16-inch MacBook Pro today. We have been hearing a lot of rumors about the laptop, although for the most part, a lot of the focus has been on its keyboard and also its display. Now in a tweet by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, additional alleged details of the laptop has been leaked.

Apple Could Apply Its TrueTone iPad Tech To A Car’s Interior Lighting

One of the display technologies that Apple employs in its iPads and iPhones is TrueTone. For those who are unfamiliar, TrueTone basically detects the ambient light around you and based on that, it will adjust the device’s display so that it will always render the correct kind of color regardless of the environment it is in, or at least that’s in theory.

Twitch Studio Will Make It Easier For First-Time Streamers To Get Started

Back in the day, we were told that playing video games would “rot our brains” and was basically not good for us. However, these days, playing video games has proven to be a rather lucrative thing to do, and people are actually paying money and watching other people play games on platforms like Twitch.

State Of Iowa Hires Security Firm To Break Into A Courthouse, Arrests Them Later

From time to time, companies hire security firms to test their security systems. For example, sometimes when a company wants to know if their software is secure, they might hire hackers or launch a bounty program where they would let hackers try their best to beat their system to find potential flaws and vulnerabilities.

Walmart Customers Can Now Place Their Orders Via Siri

Shopping online these days is a pretty simple process, but if you’d like to be a little more hi-tech about it, you might be interested to learn that Walmart and Apple have entered into a new partnership where Walmart customers shopping through iOS devices will be able to place their orders using Siri.

New Trailer For Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Released With Updated Character Design

Earlier this year, the official trailer for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie was released and it featured a very weird looking Sonic. This was met with massive backlash from the internet, which prompted the studio to delay the release of the movie while they went back to the drawing board to fix the character’s design.

Facebook Gets In On Mobile Payments With ‘Facebook Pay’

The concept of mobile payments isn’t new and we’re seeing a lot of competition in the market today. In fact, several years ago, Facebook attempted to get in on mobile payments in the form of Facebook Messenger Payments, where users could send money to each other over the Messenger platform.

Instagram Takes On TikTok With New App ‘Reels’

Apps tend to trend every now and then, and for a while back, Snapchat was one of the more popular apps around. While it is still very popular, there is a new-ish app that has kind of taken over in the form of TikTok. If you’re unfamiliar, TikTok is basically an app where users can lip-sync and dance to pre-recorded music and share those videos online.

Disney Plus Password Sharing Is Allowed…For Now

Password sharing is when users of a service share a single account. This is usually frowned upon and is typically not allowed under the terms of service agreement, but people do it anyway because it saves them from having multiple subscriptions. We’ve seen some companies attempt to clamp down on this behavior, but Disney seems to be OK with it, for now.

US Federal Court Rules That Suspicionless Phone Searches At The Border Is Illegal

As some of you might have heard, it seems that people wanting to get a visa to the US will need to hand over social media information. In some cases, some visitors to the US have even had their phones and electronic devices searched at the border, which some believe is a violation of a person’s privacy.

Facebook For iOS Secretly Uses The iPhone’s Camera While You’re Using The App

There has been a longstanding conspiracy theory that suggests that Facebook is somehow listening and spying on its users through the microphone and/or camera of the smartphone that it is installed on. After all, how would one otherwise explain how uncannily accurate the ads are, especially since we just talked about it with our friends, right?

SpaceX Finally Launched 60 Starlink Satellites For High-Speed Internet Access

Elon Musk’s Starlink project is going up a notch after its recent launch of 60 satellites into orbit.Even though the scientists are concerned about the increase in the number of satellites as a threat to astronomy, it is still big progress for the high-speed Internet service.The launch took place on Monday from a launchpad in Cape Canaveral, Florida. They were loaded onto a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.After the lift-off, at […]

CastAway Phone Case Adds A Second Screen To Smartphones

Of course, it is interesting to see a second screen on your smartphone. Just like Microsoft’s Surface Duo and LG’s G8x ThinQ.You can get the LG device (available for purchase) – however, the surface Duo is yet to be launched next year.Even though you have the option to get a full-fledged smartphone with a second screen, what if you can easily add another screen to your existing iOS or Android […]

Lenovo ThinkPad T490 Review Editor's Pick

Introduced earlier this year, the Lenovo ThinkPad T490 is a “do it all” business laptop that has a wide gamut of possible configurations, making it simple to deploy to various roles, from office workers to developer or even creative staff.

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