Ford And Walmart Working On Autonomous Delivery Service

Ford’s heavily invested in self-driving cars and it’s working with multiple partners to create solutions that will rely on cars that can drive themselves. The company has teamed up with Walmart to explore how self-driving cars can delivery everyday goods such as groceries and supplies. Postmates is a partner in this project as well.

Your Messages With Local Businesses Will Now Appear In Google Maps

Google allowed users in select countries to message businesses from the Business Profiles on Google. This allowed them to ask a business questions without having to make a phone call. It’s taking this one step further by displaying messages with the business you connect with through Business Profiles within the Google Maps app.

Vega GPU For MacBook Pro Now Available For Purchase

It was revealed rather quietly after Apple’s recent hardware event that the company will soon be offering AMD Radeon Pro Vega GPU options for the MacBook Pro. The company is now selling the optional GPUs through its online store. You can head over there now and configure a 15 inch MacBook Pro with an AMD Radeon Pro Vega 16 or Vega 20 GPU.

Windows 10 October Update Rollout Resumed

Microsoft has resumed rolling out the Windows 10 October update. It was originally released in the first week of last month but Microsoft had to pull the October update due to a bug which was causing data loss for those who installed it. The company has addressed the matter and is now rolling out this update to PCs once again.


Nikon Z6 Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Arrives November 16th

Nikon unveiled the relatively affordable Z6 full frame mirrorless camera earlier this year. It will be a good option for those looking for a camera of this sort without shelling out close to $3,500 for the company’s Z7 camera. Nikon has confirmed today that the Z6 camera will be available for purchase starting November 16th.

Some Juul Pods Will No Longer Be Sold At Retail Stores

You may have heard of the Juul e-cigarettes that have been wildly popular over the past year. They don’t actually look like e-cigarettes as the design is very discrete which makes them look more like USB drives than e-cigarettes. That’s one of the reasons behind Juul’s popularity. However, in the wake of increased government scrutiny, Juul has said that it will no longer be selling some of its flavor pods […]

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Teaser Reveals Some Game Details

Pokemon Go developer Niantic and publisher WB Games announced Harry Potter: Wizards Unite in November last year. The title will be similar to Pokemon Go in that it will also rely on augmented reality. A new teaser of this augmented reality-based game has been released online today. It shows us a glimpse of what the game might look like.

Verizon Conducts First 5G Data Transmission On A Smartphone

Verizon is one of the major carriers in the United States who will be switching on their commercial 5G networks next year. They’re now conducting tests to get everything prepared ahead of the commercial launch in 2019. Verizon has announced that it has now conducted the “world’s first” 5G data transmission to a smartphone on a “commercial 3GPP 5G New Radio (NR) network.”

Lime’s First Car-Sharing Service Launches In Seattle

Lime is well known as a scooter and bike sharing company but it’s now ready to offer a more widely used mode of transportation. It’s launching its first car-sharing service in Seattle. The service, called LimePod, will be available in Seattle starting this week with a fleet of 50 Fiat 500 cars at launch.

L’Oréal’s Wearable Sensor Tracks Your UV Exposure The Entire Day

L’Oreal unveiled its UV Sense prototype sensor earlier this year and the company today launched a full-fledged wearable sensor that anyone can buy. The La Roche-Posay My Skin Track UV sensor can track your exposure to UV radiation throughout the entire day. Ultraviolet radiation is bad for the skin and eyes. It can even cause skin cancer.

Indiegogo Won’t Release Funds For Some Campaigns Until Products Ship

Some crowdfunding campaigns have left a bad impression because even though they racked up millions in contributions, the actual products never shipped. Backers lost their money in some cases and got nothing to show for it. Indiegogo, one of the two most widely used crowdfunding platforms, has taken notice of this and is now looking to change the very concept of crowdfunding.

Netflix Testing Mobile-Only Subscription As Affordable Option

Netflix’s CEO recently said that the company is thinking about offering cheaper subscriptions in select markets to further increase its user base. He didn’t reveal any information about these plans in his interview but the company has begun testing a mobile-only subscription that may be a part of Netflix’s plan to offer more affordable options.

Fortnite Gets Food Fight Mode For A Limited Time

A new limited time mode is headed to Fortnite, the insanely popular battle royale title. The developer Epic Games announced today that the title is getting a new mode called Food Fight. The mode arrives as part of the game’s v6.30 patch. The mode is essentially a food-themed base defense game between Durrr Burger and Pizza Pit.

Uber Rewards Program Launched To Provide Special Benefits

Days after Lyft announced the launch of a rewards program for riders, Uber today announced a similar program. Uber Rewards is not just limited to the ride-hailing service. Users will earn rewards points on both Uber and Uber Eats. The program will offer special benefits that users will be able to unlock as rewards.

First ASUS Chrome OS Tablet May Arrive At CES 2019

The International Consumer Electronics Show 2019 is only a couple of months away. We’ll get to see a wide variety of new products at the trade show in Las Vegas. ASUS always unveils new products at CES and if a new report is to be believed, we might get to see the company’s first Chrome OS tablet at CES 2019.

Google Assistant New Features for the Holidays

Google Assistant launched at Google I/O 2016 as the software for Google Home, the nemesis of Amazon Echo and its voice operated software Alexa. Since that day, countless new Google Assistant features and new compatible devices have been released. Today, Google Assistant is rolling out new features for the holidays, some will be available immediately and others in a few weeks. We met the product team in charge of Google […]

iPhone X Reportedly Explodes After Updating To iOS 12.1

Updates are usually seen as good things because they typically contain things like bug fixes, performance improvements, new features, and so on. However in the case of Twitter user Rocky Mohamadali, it seems that recently updating his iPhone X to iOS 12.1 had less than desirable results.

Spain Wants To Ban Gas & Diesel Car Sales In 2040

These days we’re starting to see more car makers make the shift towards production of electric and hybrid cars in a bid to reduce the amount of gas we consume. While having a wider variety to choose from definitely helps with adoption, the fact that gas and diesel powered cars are still available means that some customers will continue to choose such cars over greener models.

Withings Pulse HR Fitness Tracker Will Feature 20 Day Battery Life

A lot of smartwatches don’t have particularly good battery life, thanks to its large-ish displays which we expect probably contributes to its battery drain. If you want a wearable that focuses on fitness, then fitness trackers might be a better solution as they tend to offer up better battery life, and Withings might have something for you.

Intel Launches Neural Compute Stick 2

In recent years we’ve seen how companies such as Intel have explored non-traditional methods of computing by launching devices like the Intel Compute Stick, which basically puts computer components into a small USB-sized stick that can connect to displays, such as TVs, via the HDMI port.

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