Samsung Reportedly Testing Behind-Display Selfie Cameras

These days we’re seeing a lot of smartphones adopt the notch in their display and design. This is because a lot of phones are starting to go for edge-to-edge displays with minimal bezels, but due to front-facing cameras, there needs to be a space for the components, thus leading to the notch.

New Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer Released

Rockstar has a couple of franchises under their belt that have been very well received, such as Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption, the latter of which many have been anticipating its sequel for quite a while now. The good news is that the game will be released soon but in the meantime it looks like gamers can check out the game’s newest launch trailer in the video above.

New Report ‘Confirms’ Upcoming iPad Pro Will Ditch Lightning For USB-C

For years Apple has refused to conform to industry standards for its iOS device connectors. The company has continued to use its proprietary connectors for iOS devices, but there have been rumors that suggests that the upcoming iPad Pro refresh could see Apple ditch Lightning for the USB-C industry standard.

Spotify Premium Updated With New Design Features

Earlier this year, Spotify rolled out a new design for its users, but it seemed to be only available to Spotify’s free tier users. However the good news for Premium subscribers is that it looks like Spotify is finally rolling out those changes where they can expect a new design as well as some changes to the way they navigate the app.


SoundCloud Will Now Allow DJs To Directly Mix Its Tracks

While SoundCloud might not necessarily be the streaming platform on par with the likes of Spotify or Apple Music, the platform has managed to carve out a rather niche section of the market where it appeals to those who enjoy EDM, and for indie musicians and DJs who upload their own mixes to the platform.

Meltin MMI Avatar Robot Creator Gets Additional Funding

During CEATEC 2018, the company behind this amazing Avatar robot, Meltin MMI, has announced that an additional $18M in a Series-B funding round.

Apple Appears To Be Addressing Its Subscription Scam Problem

Subscriptions are a sustainable way to develop apps, where customers pay a monthly fee versus a one-off fee. In a way it makes sense as the monthly fee helps incentivize developers to keep their apps updated and also generates more money for them in the long run, which is why it wasn’t a surprise to see Apple try to encourage developers to adopt that model for iOS apps.

Google Announces More Third-Party Integrations For Gmail

Gmail has become one of the default email services that many people use, but given that Google can only do so much or provide so much services, it’s not surprising that people sometimes turn to other companies for their different needs. For example some users might prefer using Dropbox over Google Drive.

Google Play Update Helps Make App Installs Smaller

Just like computers, when smartphones were first launched, apps in general weren’t that big. However as our phones got more capable, app install sizes got larger to accommodate all the necessary assets, such as higher-res audio files, higher-res textures for graphics in games, and so on.

Whisper Mode For Alexa Is Now Live

Smart speakers like the Amazon Echo rely on voice commands to get it to work. Given that natural language hasn’t fully evolved to the point where we can talk to our devices like a human being, usually such commands need to be made loudly and clearly. However for those who’d prefer not having to shout their commands all the time, Amazon’s Alexa now has a Whisper Mode that you might […]

Apple’s New iPad & Mac Announcements Set For October 30

While Apple might have refreshed some of its products already, such as the MacBook Pro and the iPhone, there are still several products that Apple has yet to update. This includes the iPad Pro, the MacBook Air, the 12-inch MacBook, and the iMac. Many expected these devices to be announced this month, and it looks like Apple has finally confirmed it.

YouTube & Eventbrite Team Up To Sell Concert Tickets In Videos

We’re sure many of us have watched music videos on YouTube and thought to ourselves, wouldn’t it be great if we could watch that artist live in person? Bands and artists have tried to make it easier for their fans to follow their tour dates by posting on social media, but now it looks like YouTube wants to make it easier for fans to attend concerts.

Google Maps For iOS Brings Location & ETA Sharing

Sharing your location with mapping apps isn’t new, and for the most part usually this is a static feature meaning that you share your current location only, and if you were to leave it will not update. However the good news for iOS users is that if you wanted a more dynamic way of sharing your location, Google Maps has been updated to do just that.

Two More Canon EOS R Bodies Could Be Launched In 2019

Just last month Canon announced the EOS R. This represents Canon’s more “serious” approach to mirrorless cameras as it seemed like it was designed to compete with Sony’s full-frame offerings. The company has attempted mirrorless cameras in the past but they never really took off.

PowerA Unveils Diablo Themed Nintendo Switch Controllers

Many have praised the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons which despite looking pretty small, actually turn out to be quite pleasant to use. However we imagine that there are probably many gamers who can appreciate larger gamepads, like the Switch’s Pro Controller for instance. If that’s your preferred method of gaming, then PowerA might have something for you.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Reportedly Earned $500 Million In 3 Days

Games like Call of Duty are released on an almost-annual cycle which has many wondering if maybe gamers could eventually get sick of it. Turns out that despite having been going on for so many years, gamers still love their Call of Duty because according to the official announcement, the game has managed to make $500 million in the first three days of its release.

ALPS Shows Next Generation Car Input And Control At CEATEC

When it comes to car interfaces and interiors, demos from companies such as ALPS often offer a peek into the near future, because the company is a huge component supplier to the automotive industry.

Stepping On LEGOs: Soon A Thing Of The Past With This Robot That Tidies Up Rooms

We all know how fast a room can go from tidy to messy, especially if children toys are involved. What if there was a robot smart enough to sort things up, so you never step on a LEGO or come back to a messy room again?

NVIDIA Enables Deeper Integration Of Google Home With Shield

NVIDIA is enabling deeper integration of Google Home with Shield. The device already comes with Assistant but it doesn’t quite have the same features that you would found on other Assistant devices. This deeper integration between the two should address some of the inconsistencies that users have noticed.

OnePlus 6T Verizon Support Will Reportedly Be Present

The OnePlus 6T is going to be a smartphone of many firsts for the company. We may have to add another first to that list. According to a new report, the OnePlus 6T is going to be compatible with Verizon. If it’s accurate this would be the first OnePlus device to work on Big Red’s network. All of its previous handsets have only been able to work on T-Mobile and […]

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