Recent Sony TVs Are Receiving Android TV 8.0

There’s a major Android TV update rolling out today for recent Sony smart TVs. The company may have a good track record with rolling out updates for its smartphones but it doesn’t show quite the same haste for its smart TVs. So even though Android 9 Pie is now being rolled out, Sony has just got around to releasing Android Oreo for its TVs.

Starbucks Uber Eats Deliveries Are Being Expanded

It will now be easier for you to get your Starbucks fix delivered to your doorstep. The coffee chain has long allowed customers to place orders for pickup through its app and it’s now making it possible for them to get Starbucks without having to leave their home, provided they’re living in select markets.

Waymo To Open Self-Driving Car Factory In Michigan

Waymo, the self-driving division of Google’s parent company Alphabet, has today announced that it’s planning to build self-driving cars in Michigan. The company and Magna are going to set up a factory in southeast Michigan where self-driving cars will be built. The models will include autonomous versions of the Jaguar I-PACE and the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivan.

iPhones May Only Come With OLED Displays Starting 2020

The iPhone X was Apple’s first smartphone with an OLED display and the company followed that up with new models in 2018. It still offers an LCD model but 2019 might be the last year for this display technology in Apple’s lineup. A new report claims that Apple is going to go OLED only for iPhones starting next year.


Android Q May Enable Carriers To Implement Stricter Device Locking

There have been a few reports recently about what we can expect from Android Q but it will take some time before Google makes the next iteration of its mobile OS official. A new report claims that Android Q will allow mobile carriers to implement stricter device locking rules.

Honor View 20 Review Editor's Pick

The Honor View 20 brings incredible value and performance for photo lovers and gamers but watch out for the price in your market

Black Panther Is The First Superhero Movie To Get Oscars Best Picture Nomination

Black Panther was a massive hit and many felt that the movie should receive an Academy Award nomination for Best Picture. It would be a watershed moment if it did because no superhero movie has received a nomination in history. Black Panther has now become the first superhero movie in history to receive an Oscars Best Picture nomination.

Employee Fraud To Cost DJI $150 Million

DJI, the largest manufacturer of consumer drones, has revealed that it has to take a hit of $150 million due to employee fraud. Some employees were inflating the cost of parts for their personal gain and these incidents of suspected corruption have resulted in a financial hit of around $150 million in 2018.

Apple Pay Will Now Be Accepted At Target And Taco Bell

A couple of major U.S. merchants will now begin accepting Apple’s mobile payments service. The company announced today that Apple Pay is coming to Target and Taco Bell. It also mentions that seventy four of the top 100 U.S. merchants now accept Apple Pay.

Toyota And Panasonic Reportedly Teaming Up For Electric Car Batteries

Panasonic already works with Tesla on batteries for the latter’s electric vehicles and it appears that the company might soon work on similar products with Japanese auto behemoth Toyota. According to reports, Toyota and Panasonic will launch a joint venture to manufacture batteries for electric vehicles.

Tesla Cuts Supercharger Price Hike By 10 Percent

Tesla recently decided to raise Supercharger prices across its entire network but this decision hasn’t really gone down well with its customers. After receiving substantial negative feedback, Tesla has decided to reduce the Supercharger price hike by 10 percent.

Roland VR-1HD Is a $1,500 Camera-Mixing Deck For Pro Live Streamers

Roland has come out with a new product that it’s aiming at professional live streamers. The company is best known for its great electronic music gear but the VR-1HD is a bit different. It can handle audio modulation, add reverb, and more. The product’s defining feature is the ability to manage up to three cameras. This enables live streamers to broadcast multicamera live broadcasts that look professional.

Foxconn Could Shift iPhone Assembly To India

Foxconn is one of the biggest contract manufacturers on the planet and it has been manufacturing iPhones for Apple for quite some time now. It may now be looking to shift some of that manufacturing business to India. According to a new report, Foxconn is looking to shift iPhone manufacturing to the South Asian country as Apple seeks to reduce its reliance on manufacturing in China.

Google No Longer Allows Apps That Sell Banned Substances

Google has once again updated the policy guidelines for the Play Store and this time around, it’s dropping the banhammer on apps that sell unapproved substances. The company updates these policies often to ensure that the Play Store remains clear of apps that might be harmful to users. It has now deemed such apps to fall in this category and has thus decided to ban them from the Play Store.

Tesla Cleared To Deliver Model 3 In Europe

After Tesla allowed customers in left-hand drive countries across Europe to order the Model 3 it seemed that the company would soon win approval to sell its cars across the continent. That has indeed happened. The company now expects to start delivering the Long Range Battery variant of the Model 3 in Europe next month.

Apple Releases New ‘Shot on iPhone’ Short Film

Apple has been making short films shot entirely on the iPhone to highlight the camera prowess of its flagship smartphone. It’s a marketing tool that Apple has employed very well. The company has released a new “Shot on iPhone’ short film today. It’s a three-minute clip that tells us the story of an athlete from American Samoa, it’s a territory of the United States in the south pacific ocean.

Western Digital Black SSDs Will Be Available With An Optional Heatsink

Western Digital’s Black series of performance-focused SSDs have been quite popular and the company is now shipping the latest iteration of this series. It’s evidently tilting the brand towards gamers which is in line with the trend of premium PC hardware being branded as essential for gamers. The WD Black SN750 SSDs are available now and will soon be available with an optional heatsink as well.

Patent Shows What Motorola’s Razr Foldable Phone May Look Like

It was reported recently that Motorola could be thinking about reviving its iconic Razr brand. The company isn’t going to launch a slim flip phone, though. The report mentioned that Motorola was creating a foldable smartphone which would be launched under the Razr brand. A patent awarded to Motorola might give us an idea of what this device could look like.

Apple Gets ‘First Look’ Rights For Content From Ron Howard’s Imagine

Apple has signed an agreement with Ron Howard’s Imagine Documentaries to get “first look” rights for content from the production company. This is part of Apple’s continuing efforts to build its roster of original content which will include documentaries and TV shows. Imagine will be able to continue making content for other outlets but Apple will have the right to decide first whether or not it wants to pick something […]

Chevy Creates Full-Size Silverado Truck With Lego Bricks

You can build anything with the right Lego bricks. That’s something that Chevrolet set out to prove with its latest marketing stunt. The company has made a full-size replica of its latest Silverado truck with nothing but Lego bricks. It obviously won’t be able to haul your cargo but it does look pretty cool.

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