Huawei Founder Claims That The US Cannot Crush Them

Huawei is in a bit of a bind at the moment. The US government and its allies are taking steps to keep Huawei out of their communications infrastructure, and are urging others to follow suit. This would mean a pretty big loss of business for the company, but speaking to the BBC, Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei believes that they cannot be crushed.

Huawei P30, P30 Pro Confirmed For 26th March, 2019

Given how well-received the Huawei P20 and P20 Pro smartphones were back in 2018, it’s safe to say that many are anticipating the launch of the Huawei P30 smartphones. The good news is that Huawei has since confirmed that the P30 and P30 Pro smartphones will be officially announced next month.

Facebook Accused Of Revealing Sensitive Health Data In Groups

Back in the day, being on Facebook was considered to be the “in” thing, but these days it’s starting to feel like not being on Facebook might be a better idea. The company has suffered from a scarily amount of privacy scandals, where it has been reported that they could be facing a multibillion-dollar fine from the FTC.

Opera For Android Makes It Easier To Turn Off Ad Blocking

Back in the day, ad blocking on browsers were only available through third-party extensions. However these days companies are starting to recognize that these are features that their users want, and browsers such as Opera come with ad blocking built into them, but turning it off can be a bit of a hassle.


Android Q Could See Google Ditch The Back Button

One of the features that Android devices have over iOS devices is the “back” button. This is actually a pretty useful feature where users can use it to navigate websites, navigate menu settings, and more. However it seems that come Android Q, there is a chance that Google could be ditching the feature.

Apple Watch With Ceramic Casing Could Be Making A Return

When the Apple Watch was first launched, they introduced a $10,000 model made out of gold and was known as the Apple Watch Edition. Apple later toned this down by launching a slightly more affordable version with the Series 2 and Series 3 made out of ceramic, but with the Series 4, it seems that Apple’s experiment with the Edition models came to an end.

Criminals In The UK Will Soon Be Tracked Using GPS Tags

When a criminal is released from jail, how do the authorities keep track of them? Apart from a home address and maybe with some criminals being outfitted with an ankle tag, it would be quite hard to keep track of where these people go once they are out of jail. However, in the UK, the government has proposed an idea of outfitting these criminals with GPS tags.

Overwatch Is Getting More Figurines And Its Own Monopoly Set

Blizzard’s Overwatch was kind of a happy accident. The company had been working on its next-gen MMORPG codenamed Project Titan, but they later decided to scrap the project and instead used some of its assets to create Overwatch. It was a good decision because Overwatch was launched to great success and is now one of the staples in the eSports scene.

Apple’s New Mac Pro Will Apparently Be Easy To Upgrade

Apple’s old Mac Pro was designed like a regular PC where you could open the case, remove the components, and upgrade them where necessary. However Apple later introduced a new Mac Pro design which more or less killed off the ability to make any substantial upgrades, something that many power users did not seem to appreciate.

Report Confirms Apple’s Plans For A Bunch Of New iPads For 2019

Last year Apple introduced a new budget iPad with Apple Pencil support. The company later updated its iPad Pro lineup with a brand new design with Face ID, and if the rumors are true, Apple could be gearing up for an iPad refresh along with a long overdue refresh of the iPad mini.

Apple’s Video Streaming Service Could Cost $15 A Month

A recent rumor revealed that Apple could be planning an event for the 25th of March where the company is expected to make some announcements, namely the launch of its video streaming service and also its news subscription service. Not much is known about Apple’s streaming service, such as content offered and how it might cost.

Apple Could Be Looking To Introduce Reverse Wireless Charging Across Their Products

One of the features that we’re starting to see catch on these days is the introduction of reverse wireless charging. Huawei introduced this in their handset and if the rumors are true, Samsung could be introducing a similar feature to the upcoming Galaxy S10 handset as well, so it’s not surprising that Apple could be exploring the idea too.

Future Apple Watches Could Feature A Flexible Display

The Apple Watch features a fixed display as most watches do, but it seems that Apple could be exploring the idea that one day the Apple Watch could sport a flexible display that would wrap around the wearer’s wrist. This is according to a recently discovered patent by Foldable News which suggests that Apple is looking into an Apple Watch with a flexible screen.

Group FaceTime Privacy Issue Was Fixed, But Bugs Still Remain

A couple of weeks ago it was discovered that Apple’s Group FaceTime feature had a bug which allowed other users to listen in on a call that was still not answered. Apple has since released an update for iOS that seems to have patched the issue, but unfortunately for FaceTime users, it seems that the feature is still a bit buggy.

Report Claims Huawei Is Using ‘Dubious’ Tactics To Steal Tech Secrets

A lot of companies tend to “borrow” features from each other, where a company releases a killer feature for a product or service, and shortly after another company will come along and offer something similar. Unfortunately for Huawei, it seems that a recent report is claiming that the company is actually resorting to some pretty “dubious” tactics to steal the tech secrets of their competitors.

2019’s iPhones Could Incorporate The Use Of Frosted Glass

Apple’s iPhone X represented the company’s new design approach to their iPhones. This was later repeated and upsized with the iPhone XS and XS Max, but could Apple be planning a repeat in design this year? Apparently not, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who claims that Apple might be making some design changes.

Nissan Will Reuse EV Batteries To Power Camping Trailers

The problem with a lot of our modern technology is that they use materials that are rare or hard to dispose of. The irony is that some of these components are finding their way into products designed to promote greener living, such as electric cars. However, Nissan thinks that they might have the answer to that problem.

Amazon Plan To Release At Least 30 Movies A Year

There are various streaming services in the market right now, which could be a good thing for consumers, but at the same time, it has created a very competitive space for companies who are now all vying for a slice of that pie. With the competition being so fierce, Amazon thinks that they might have one way to fight back.

OPPO Hints That Its R Series Smartphones Are Dead

OPPO has been releasing several different lineups of smartphones over the years, ranging from their F-series and R-series. Unfortunately for those who might be a fan of the R-series, it seems that OPPO could be done with that lineup as hinted at by OPPO’s Vice President Shen Piren who suggested that we might not be seeing a new R-series smartphone this year.

A Chrome Bug Is Preventing Extensions From Working Properly

While Google’s Chrome browser is a pretty good browser by itself, however with the support for extensions, it has allowed users to customize their browser experience by installing ad blockers, password managers, privacy protection, and so on. However, it appears that a recent Chrome bug has resulted in extensions not working for users.

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