Google’s Data Center Uses AI For Its Cooling System

Data centers are where companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook store their servers which contain all kinds of information and processes. Due to the sheer number of users and customers such companies have, these data centers tend to be huge which means that a lot of cooling is required to prevent the computers from overheating.

Netflix Completes Their Purge Of User Reviews From Its Website

There are many ways to gauge whether or not a product, service, TV show, or movie is good. For example there is the star rating, and then there are also user-submitted reviews where customers can leave behind more detailed reasons as to why they might like or dislike a certain product or service.

Twitter CEO Explains The Company’s Stance On Fake News

Fake news can be a dangerous thing, especially in this age of social media where news (whether fake by intention or accidental) can be spread at a click of a button, after which there’s really no stopping it from being seen by hundreds, if not thousands, or even an entire country of people.

‘Watchmen’ TV Series Confirmed For Launch On HBO

There are many graphic novels out there today, and DC’s Watchmen series written by Alan Moore is one of the more classic graphic novels around. In fact in 2009, an official Watchmen movie was launched and while there was no sequel, for those hoping to see more Watchmen on their screens, you now have HBO to thank.


Librarian Embezzles $89,000, Spends It On A Mobile Game

In-game purchase are a popular way for developers and publishers to make money, especially through mechanisms such as loot boxes. However it seems that the lure of in-app purchases are more than what some can handle, which in the case of a Utah librarian resulted in him embezzling $89,000 in public money which he then used towards Game of War.

Blizzard To Reveal New Overwatch Content At Gamescom 2018

Gamescom 2018 will be kicking off in the next couple of days, and at the event we expect that there will be a bunch of new announcements and showcases from various developers and publishers. In fact Blizzard themselves are expected to make several announcements, such as new Overwatch content.

Elon Musk Thinks Tesla Could Build A $25,000 EV In The Next 3 Years

One of the reasons why electric cars aren’t as widely adopted is cost. Generally speaking they’re a lot more expensive compared to gas-powered cars. However Tesla has been trying to address this problem with the Model 3 which is priced at $35,000, making it one of the more affordable models around.

Valve Accidentally Launches New Broadcasting Platform Steam TV

Streaming is a huge deal these days, whether it be music, movies, TV shows, or games. This is why it did not exactly come as a huge surprise to see Valve launch its own streaming platform in the form of Steam TV, although it appears that this wasn’t really by choice as it was launched by accident.

Skype Testing New Texting Feature For PCs

Since a lot of us work on our computers, having to stop halfway to respond to messages on our phones can be distracting and annoying, which is why many messenger apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE, KakaoTalk, and more have desktop counterparts so that we can keep working on our computers without having to switch back and forth.

Nintendo Introduces Anti-Cheating Tool For Splatoon 2

No one likes cheaters in video games. This is because it ruins the fun for everyone, and we’ve seen how developers over the years have toughened their stance on dealing with cheaters, where we’ve gone from warnings to outright bans. For Splatoon 2 players who are tired of cheaters, worry not as Nintendo has an anti-cheating system in place.

Rumor Claims 4K Nintendo Switch Could Launch In 2019

While the Nintendo Switch is enjoying a lot of success since its launch, it’s hard to ignore that it is underpowered when compared to consoles like the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, both of which allow gamers to enjoy games played in 4K. Of course resolution is just one part of what makes games great, but we’re sure that Nintendo gamers would have liked to futureproof their purchases.

Sony’s God Of War Was Almost Set In Ancient Egypt

Sony’s God of War franchise started out based largely on Greek mythology, but when Sony announced a new installment in the franchise, they not only shook up the way the game was played with the introduction of Kratos’ son, but they also changed its settings where it was now based on Norse mythology.

Nikon Z Mirrorless Cameras Will Feature ‘Better’ Sensor Than The D850

The Nikon D850 was launched last year and has been met with a lot of favorable reviews. It comes with a pretty big 45.7MP sensor, but apparently Nikon’s upcoming mirrorless cameras could actually end up rivaling it. This is according to a comment posted by a Nikon Rumors’ reader (via Nikon Rumors) who claims that the sensor on the new cameras will be “better” than the D850.

Analyst Believes Sony’s PS5 Could Launch Late 2019

While the PS4 Pro does a pretty decent job at bringing 4K gaming onto home televisions, we’re sure many are already wondering what kind of hardware and gaming the next-gen PlayStation could bring to the table, which is why in recent times there has been a bit of talk about the Sony PS5.

Upcoming Skype Update Will Let Users Archive Conversations

While Skype has been around for a very long time, it feels that the chat app is lacking features that many other chat apps launched after it have since included. For example read receipts were only recently added, and for an app that was initially marketed for making calls over the internet, call recording was a feature that was only added last month.

New Android Pie Update May Bring Back Essential Phone Notch Settings

The Essential Phone was one of the first Android-powered devices with a notched display. It came with the notch settings feature on Android Oreo which allowed users to customize who each app used the notch and status bar area. These settings were removed with the Android 9 Pie update that was recently released for the handset. The Essential Phone notch settings may return with a future Android Pie update.

iPad Battery Explosion Causes Apple Store Evacuation

An Apple retail store in Amsterdam was temporarily evacuated after an iPad battery exploded and released substances in the air that could have potentially been harmful. The employees were quick to secure the device after its battery exploded but since the vent could have released potentially harmful substances in the air, the store was evacuated.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Specs Will Appeal To Gamers

NVIDIA hinted earlier this week that it may announce a new set of graphics cards at Gamescom. A new report brings us the purported GeForce RTX 2080 specs, which if accurate, will certainly appeal to gamers. The report also mentions that NVIDIA won’t just be unveiling the RTX 2080 at the event, it will also unveil the high-performance RTX 2080 ti variant at the same time.

New Google Pixelbook Specs May Include 4K Display

Among the products that Google is expected to launch at its fall event this year is a new Pixelbook. The company launched one last year as well so it’s safe to assume that there’s going to be a successor to that device this year. A new report mentions that the new Google Pixelbook specs may include a 4K display.

Rainbow Six Siege Free Weekend Underway

If you’ve always thought about playing Rainbow Six Siege but never got around to buying it, well, you can now try out the game for free. The Rainbow Six Siege free weekend is underway and this title is free to play for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC for the entire weekend. Such free weekend runs provide a great opportunity for gamers who are apprehensive about purchasing a title […]