OnePlus 6T Camera Review Editor's Pick

In daylight, it takes the level of detail to the highest we’ve seen yet. In low-light, this mobile camera captures very agreeable photos with well-preserved colors, without excess filtering.

WinRAR Finally Patches 19 Year Old Bug That Put Millions At Risk

You would have used WinRAR at some point if you’ve ever used a Windows PC as a daily driver. The software has been around for almost two decades and it was a lightweight tool to extract .ZIP files and other file archives on PC. More than 500 people million have used it over the years and many of them wouldn’t be delighted to hear that WinRAR has just patched a […]

Apple’s ‘Project Titan’ Might Turn Out To Be An Electric Van

It has been rumored for several years now that Apple is working on an electric car of its own. Subsequent rumors suggested that the company had given up on its automotive ambitions and the project was now focused on developing software for autonomous cars. A new report in a German magazine suggests that the so-called “Project Titan” could eventually yield a product which won’t be a car but an electric […]

Amazon Will Fund Computer Science Courses In Over 1,000 U.S. High Schools

Amazon is expanding its investments in educational initiatives for school students in the United States. The company has announced that it will be funding computer science courses in more than 1,000 high schools in the United States. The high schools are located in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The courses are funded through Amazon’s Future Engineer program and will reach thousands of students across the country. It’s […]


Russia To Fly Space Tourists To The International Space Station

Russia has been flying space tourists to the International Space Station since 2001. It has taken up seven people so far who were willing to go and had the pockets deep enough to pay for the trip. The country is going to add to that number in a couple of years as it’s going to fly two space tourists to the ISS in late 2021.

Pokemon Go Gets AR Portrait Mode On Android

Pokemon Go developer Niantic confirmed earlier this month that it would be rolling out an AR portrait mode for the popular game on Android. This feature is called “Go Snapshot” and it lets players use the app to take AR photos. This feature is now live for Pokemon Go on Android devices.

Nokia 9 PureView Renders Leave Little To The Imagination

We have been hearing rumors and reports about the Nokia 9 PureView since late last year. The company was originally expected to release this device in 2018 but is believed to have delayed the launch to MWC 2019. Nokia’s MWC 2019 teaser essentially confirmed that this handset will be unveiled in Barcelona. Now, official press renders of the Nokia 9 PureView have been leaked online.

Huawei’s First Flagship Store Outside China Will Be In Vienna

Huawei has become one of the fastest growing smartphone vendors on the planet despite the fact that its smartphones are effectively banned in the United States. Even though it doesn’t have access to this key market, the company has been able to perform very well in the global smartphone market. The company will now be opening its first flagship store outside China in the Austrian city of Vienna.

HTC Unveils Vive Focus Plus With New Motion Controllers

HTC has unveiled a new version of its standalone Vive Focus headset. The Vive Focus Plus comes with an updated pair of HTC’s motion controllers which the company first launched as developer hardware in October last year. The original controllers had three degrees of freedom support while the new ones have support for six.

Garmin’s VivoActive 3 Music Gets Spotify At Last

Garmin launched its music-focused VivoActive 3 fitness watch last year. It didn’t have support for Spotify, though, which is the world’s most popular music streaming service. That might have prevented some customers from picking up this device. Not anymore. It has been confirmed that Spotify is finally available on the Garmin VivoActive 3 fitness watch.

Apple Reportedly Launching A Credit Card This Year

Apple may be looking beyond mobile payments with a credit card of its own. A new report claims that the company will be teaming up with Goldman Sachs to launch a credit card of its own which will be available to the public later this year.

Xiaomi Takes On Google’s Home Hub With The XiaoAI Touchscreen Speaker

Xiaomi is a company that many of you might know as a smartphone manufacturer. However the company also dabbles in a variety of products that aren’t smartphone related, such as table lamps, kettles, screwdrivers, air purifiers, and so on. Now it looks like Xiaomi wants to take on te likes of Amazon and Google by launching the XiaoAI Touchscreen.

LG Details Upcoming Gesture Sensor Module

LG will be launching the LG G8 ThinQ at MWC 2019. As with what LG has done in the past, the company is slowly teasing features of the upcoming phone ahead of the launch. More recently LG teased that the LG G8 will come with a sound-on display, and now it seems that the company has also confirmed that the phone will support touchless gestures.

Pinterest Is Now Blocking Vaccination Related Searches

There is a lot of fake information floating out there, and while we would like to think all of us are smart enough to tell the fake from the real, or at least do enough research to come to our own conclusions, that isn’t always the case. As they say, a little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

Valve Could Be Considering Acquiring Dota Auto Chess

While Valve makes their own games, some of the company’s more famous and popular games are actually mods based on games which they then acquired and turned it into their own thing. Some examples include Counter-Strike, which was a mod created in Half-Life, then there is also Team Fortress which was a Quake mod, and DotA 2 which was a mod made in Warcraft 3.

Apple’s HomePod Managed To Sell 1.6 Million Units Over The Holidays

According to a report from earlier this month, it was suggested that Apple’s HomePod commanded about 6% of the US smart speaker market. Clearly this is less than ideal as it means that the rest of the market is dominated by pretty much the likes of Amazon and Google with their Echo and Google Home devices.

Gmail’s Redesign Is Rolling Out To All Android Users

Earlier this year Google announced that they would be launching a new design for its Gmail app on mobile devices. For those who have been anticipating the update, you’ll be pleased to learn that Google has confirmed to Engadget that the update is now being rolled out to all Android users as we speak.

Samsung Galaxy S10 To Get Custom Version Of Adobe Premiere Rush

There are various video or photo editing apps available on our mobile devices, but the good news for those who are planning on getting their hands on the Samsung Galaxy S10 is that the phone will be getting a custom version of Adobe Premiere Rush. The app will not be available at the phone’s launch and is only expected to be made available later this year.

Twitter’s Threaded Replies Now Available In Public Beta

Last year it was revealed that Twitter was testing out a new feature in the form of threaded replies. The good news is that if you enjoyed the idea of threaded replies on Twitter, you’ll be pleased to learn that the company has rolled out a public beta for the feature where users who are interested can take part in it.

Bixby Button On The Samsung Galaxy S10 Can Be Remapped

One of the annoying features in more recent Samsung phones is the dedicated Bixby hardware button. The idea behind it is that it will allow users to quickly launch the digital assistant at the touch of a button, but given that Bixby has been found to be lagging behind the competition, it’s not surprising that not many people want to use it.

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