Google Now Helps You Book Vacation Rentals

Heading someplace nice for the summer? Google already allows you to book hotels directly through its platform and it’s now expanding this service to include vacation rentals as well. It redesigned the mobile and desktop hotel search experience last year so that users can easily find hotels by price, location, and retains. It’s expanding the hotel search experience by including a wider assortment of vacation rental properties across the globe.

ISPs Told To Reveal Information They Collect On Users

The Federal Trade Commission has sent out an order to several big internet service providers in the United States, telling them to detail the data that they collect on their customers and the purpose for which it’s collected. This may signal new regulatory action from the FTC as the information may reveal patterns of abuse or otherwise concerning use of data against which states or the FTC may want to […]

Americans Spent More On Airbnb Compared To Hilton In 2018

Hilton is one of the largest and well-known hotel chains in the world. Airbnb has been taking business away from it and other hotel companies. The latest data shows that it may have been causing some serious headaches for hotel companies. Americans spent more on Airbnb than they did on Hilton in 2018.

Arkansas Bill Proposes Charging Robocallers With A Felony

Robocallers continue to be a nuisance for people in the United States. Robocalls surged 46 percent in 2018 with more than 26.3 billion calls being placed just last year alone. The problem only seems to be growing and as people call on the FCC and carriers to take concrete steps against them, Arkansas legislature is considering a different option. A bill has been tabled which proposes charging robocallers with a […]


Brooklyn Landlord To Install Facial Recognition Tech At Rent-Stabilized Complex

Tenants and housing rights attorneys have expressed their concern at the intention of a Brooklyn landlord to install facial recognition technology at the entrance of a rent-stabilized complex with around 700 units. Tenants and attorneys feel that this is a far-reaching form of digital surveillance.

ASUS Releases Fix For Update Tool Malware Attack

It was reported yesterday how hackers had managed to infiltrate countless ASUS systems by distributing a backdoored software update tool from the company’s own servers. The hackers digitally signed the ASUS Live Update Tool with one of the company’s own code-signing certificates before sending it to ASUS’ download servers where the backdoored tool was hosted for several months in 2018. The company today confirmed that it has rolled out a […]

macOS Mojave 10.14.4 Adds Support For Apple News+ Subscriptions

The beta for the latest macOS update hinted that Apple might be launching a magazine subscription service. The company formally unveiled Apple News+ yesterday, its very own magazine subscription service. It would obviously be rolling it out on the Mac. Apple has released macOS Mojave 10.14.4 which brings support for Apple News+.

McDonald’s Using AI To Optimize Drive-Thru Menus

The drive-thru accounts for a significant chunk of sales at McDonald’s restaurants across the globe and the company is now turning to artificial intelligence in order to drive those numbers up even further. It has acquired machine learning startup Dynamic Yield reportedly for $300 million. The technology it gets will enable it to use AI to optimize drive-thru menus.

UPS To Deliver Medical Supplies In North Carolina With Drones

UPS is joining forces with Matternet, an autonomous drone delivery startup, to test deliveries of medical supplies using drones. The companies have announced their partnership today which will see supplies being delivered immediately using Matternet’s M2 quadcopters to WakeMed hospital in Raleigh, North Carolina.

EU Parliament Has Voted To End Daylight Saving Time

EU member states will not adhere to daylight saving time as the European Parliament has now voted to end the practice. The biannual clock changes became the law back in 1996 but the bloc is doing away with it going forward. The clock changes will come to an end in EU member states come 2021. This will free up individual member states to decide whether they want to remain on […]

Uber Ride Pass Expands To 16 New Cities

Uber introduced its Ride Pass monthly subscription service to make riders cheaper in October last year. It was launched in five cities initially and provided subscribers with flat rates on all UberX and UberPool trips taken during the month. It locked in consistent prices for rides that subscribers can take anywhere in a supported city at any time of the day in exchange for a monthly fee. This service is […]

NASA Cancels All-Female Spacewalk Due To Spacesuit Size Issue

History was due to be made on March 29th, 2019 as NASA had scheduled the first all-female spacewalk for that date. This would be the first time in decades of human spaceflight that an all-female crew would venture outside the International Space Station for a mission. It was unintentional but historic, nonetheless. However, NASA has had to cancel the all-female spacewalk because of what’s essentially a wardrobe issue.

Uber Confirms Careem Acquisition For $3.1 Billion

It was reported last week that Uber could soon announce the acquisition of Careem, its main rival in the Middle East. The reports have turned out to be accurate as the company confirmed this morning that it’s acquiring Dubai-based Careem for $3.1 billion. The company was founded in 2012 and it has rapidly expanded in markets across the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia. It developed services with the […]

Huawei P10 And Honor 8X Receive Android 9 Pie Update

Huawei is doing more than just launching new devices, the P30 and the P30 Pro to be precise, this week. It’s also rolling out the latest firmware update for a couple of existing devices. Multiple reports have come in from users across the globe that the Huawei P10 and the Honor 8X are now receiving their Android 9 Pie update.

Xiaomi Shows 100W Charger Filling A 4,000mAh Battery In 17 Minutes

The battery size has become a big selling point for smartphones these days but as you’d probably expect, larger batteries take longer to charge. That’s why companies have been developing fast charging technologies to fill up the batteries quickly. Xiaomi has shown off its new 100W charging technology which can fill up a 4,000mAh battery in just 17 minutes.

Huawei P30 vs. P30 Pro Differences and Highlights Editor's Pick

Huawei just launched the Huawei P30 and Huawei P30 Pro smartphones in Paris, in front of ~3000 industry attendees, including media and business partners. In this article, we’ll go over the highlights and differences between the two models, along with some preliminary analysis. Keep an eye out for the full Camera IQ review and smartphone review in the coming days.

HTC Vive Focus Plus Will Go On Sale In April For $800

Back in February, HTC announced the HTC Vive Focus Plus virtual reality (VR) headset. For those who are wondering when the headset is expected to go on sale, you’ll be pleased to learn that HTC has announced that the Vive Focus Plus will be going on sale starting in April for $800.

Sony Will No Longer Allow Retailers To Sell PS4 Digital Game Codes

With developers and publishers now letting players choose to purchase their games digitally, physical retailers such as GameStop seemed like they might be in trouble as it meant that there would be less customers walking into their stores. However, it wasn’t the end of the world as retailers would sell digital game codes that allowed customers to purchase it from their store and download the game at home.

Razer’s CEO Downplays The Possibility Of The Razer Phone 3

Last month there was a report that Razer could be done with phones, or at least they might have hit the pause button on the development of new hardware. This was based on a report that Razer had laid off the majority of their mobile division. However a rumor from earlier this month sparked some hope that the Razer Phone 3 might not be dead after all.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Could Be The Company’s First Button-less Phone

Samsung has been sort of playing it safe with the design of their smartphones (save for the Galaxy Fold which was actually a rather bold move). However with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10, the company could be making some changes which could potentially see the removal of all physical buttons.

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