Nike’s New Smart Sneakers Aren’t Working With Android App

Nike launched its new Adapt BB smart sneakers a couple of weeks ago. These self-lacing shoes are cheaper than an earlier iteration from the apparel giant even though $350 is still a lot of money for shoes. It released apps for iOS and Android so that users could lace up the shoes using their phones but it turns out that an update released for the Android app has caused it […]

Apex Legends Gets A New Weapon Today

Respawn’s Apex Legends has made waves in the short period of time that it has been out. For those who are unaware, it’s a battle royale title that’s set in the world of Titanfall. It’s not a new Titanfall game by any stretch of the imagination but Respawn has set it in the world of its popular game. The battle royale title is now receiving its first piece of meaningful […]

Chevrolet Adds ‘Vehicle Locate’ Feature To Mobile App

Chevrolet has rolled out an update for its mobile app with a new “vehicle locate” feature which does exactly what the name suggests. The feature allows the user and up to 10 designated people to keep an eye on the car’s location. The feature does not allow for constant tracking of the vehicle, though, much like Uber’s Trip Tracker does for example.

Bixby Adds Support For More Languages

It was reported a couple of months ago that Samsung would be expanding the language support for its Bixby virtual assistant. Ahead of the Galaxy S10 event later today, the company appears to have made a server side switch to add support for more languages to its virtual assistant.


Razer Phone 3 Has Reportedly Been Canceled

There hasn’t been a lot of talk about a new Razer Phone. With the company announcing its decision to close the Razer Game Store earlier this week as part of its realignment plans, many were wondering what that would mean for the future of its phone division. Some reports suggest that Razer has actually canceled the Razer Phone 3 project.

Batman Arkham And Alien Isolation Joining Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft’s Netflix-style game subscription service for Xbox owners. Subscribers pay a monthly amount to get access to an expanding library of titles. Microsoft continues to add some pretty cool titles to the library, the latest addition being that of Batman Arkham and Alien Isolation.

Google Says Nest Secure’s Secret Microphone Was ‘Never Supposed To Be A Secret’

Google announced earlier this year that it was bringing its Assistant to the Nest Secure home security and alarm system. Many of you will be well aware that you require a device with a microphone to get the most out of the Assistant. There was only a tiny little problem: Nest Secure owners didn’t know that their device had a microphone in the first place. Google has now said that […]

Latest Fortnite Patch Adds A Hoverboard

Epic had teased the Driftboard when Fortnite season 7 opened and merely days before the season ends, Epic has finally released the hoverboard for players. The latest Fortnite patch does indeed add a hovering snowboard to the game in addition to a few limited time game modes one of which makes use of the Driftboard.

New Arrested Development Episodes Air March 15th On Netflix

Netflix has been the new home for Arrested Development for a couple of years now. The streaming giant has kept one of its first few semi-originals around and has confirmed that new Arrested Development episodes will be out next month. This will be the second half of the show’s fifth season which arrives ten months after the first half.

Apple To Reportedly Combine iOS And Mac Apps By 2021

It’s no secret that Apple is working to make iOS and macOS apps play nicely with each other. This is part of a project codenamed Marzipan that the company talked about at its Worldwide Developer Conference last year. That’s what resulted in iOS versions of Home, News, Stocks, and Voice Memo being brought over to macOS 10.14 Mojave. According to a new report, Apple is going to take this one […]

Canon PowerShot G5 X Mark II Rumored To Be In The Works

Canon is known for their cameras, and not just their DSLRs either. The company actually has a pretty decent reputation for creating solid compact cameras aimed at enthusiasts as part of their PowerShot G series. For those who loved the PowerShot G5 X, you will be pleased to learn that a successor to the camera could be in the works.

Nintendo Switch Reportedly Continues To Dominate The Competition

For the longest time ever, Sony’s PS4 has more or less dominated the console space, at least until the Nintendo Switch came along and changed the landscape. Granted the Switch has yet to catch up to Sony in terms of total units sold, but so far it appears that on a monthly basis, Nintendo may very well have outsold the competition.

Germany Could Consider Using Huawei’s Equipment For Its 5G Networks

Huawei’s 2019 isn’t off to a very good start. The company has been facing a lot of resistance from varying countries who are skeptical about using the company’s technology in their 5G networks. This is mostly from the US government who has expressed concern about Huawei and the potential of China spying on them, and have encouraged their allies to do the same.

Logitech Revives The Legendary MX518 Gaming Mouse

When it comes to gaming mice, there are plenty of options to choose in the market today. However if there is one gaming mouse that is revered by many a gamer, it would be the Logitech MX518. The mouse was originally launched in 2005 and is considered by many to be one of the best gaming mice to date.

Researchers Develop System That Helps Robots Better Track Objects

As humans, we tend to have greater flexibility and adaptiveness compared to robots. For example, if we dropped an orange, we would reach out and attempt to stop it from rolling to the ground. Robots, on the other hand, might not, depending on how they are programmed. However, researchers at MIT have developed a system that would make robots better at tracking objects.

Square Enix To Release A Major Game Later This Year

Earlier this year, Square Enix released one of their most anticipated titles in the form of Kingdom Hearts 3, but it seems that might not be all that the company has planned for the year. According to Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda, the company has plans to release a major game later this year.

Student Caught Distributing Drugs Through An iOS App

Apple has been known to have a very strict and almost rigid review process for apps that make it onto its App Store, but every now and then we learn about apps that should have been blocked, but yet make it past the reviewers anyway. More recently it was discovered that an app on the App Store was used by a college student to facilitate drug deals, but at this […]

Internal Emails Hint Leasing Option For Tesla’s Model 3 Could Be Coming

Tesla makes some very impressive cars in terms of their design and also performance. Unfortunately that combination has resulted in cars that are a little out of the price range for more than a few, not to mention the fact that they are electric cars, it gives customers additional pause, especially when trying to decide if these cars might be worth investing in.

Vivo V15 Pro Announced With A Popup Selfie Camera

MWC 2019 will be kicking off next week, but it seems that several companies are opting to announce their phones ahead of the event. One of those companies is Vivo who has recently taken the wraps off their latest smartphone in the form of the Vivo V15 Pro, a phone which has done away with the notch in favor of a popup selfie camera.

Android Pie Update Rolling Out To Samsung Galaxy S8 Owners In Germany

It has been about two years since Samsung launched the Galaxy S8 handsets, and the good news for owners of the device is that if you were worried that Samsung had forgotten about you, it seems that they haven’t. According to a report from SamMobile, it appears that the company has started the rollout of the Android 9.0 Pie update for users in Germany.

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