‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Movie Delayed To Summer 2020

Following the critical success of the Wonder Woman movie starring Gal Gadot, it didn’t come as a surprise that a sequel was greenlit. The movie was initially confirmed for a release on the 1st of November, 2019, but unfortunately it seems that the movie has since been delayed where it will now be released in the summer of 2020.

Uber Could Be Eyeing 2021 Launch Of Drone Food Delivery Service

With UberEATS, Uber has gone from a mere ride hailing service to a service that also delivers food to customers, taking advantage of its infrastructure and also its drivers. However it seems that the company could be thinking of expanding on those services by potentially using drones to deliver food.

Toyota And LINE To Bring AI Voice Commands To Cars In 2019

#CEATEC2018 – LINE is a messaging app that some of you might not be familiar with, but over in Asia, the app is incredibly popular such as over in Thailand, Malaysia, and Japan. LINE is also more than just a messaging app as they have expanded their services over the years, and now it looks like they’ll be teaming up with Toyota to bring AI to cars.

This 4D Gravity Drone Comes With Impressive Stabilization

#CEATEC2018 – Using drone to shoot videos is becoming increasingly common these days where due to the ease of access to consumer drones, even amateurs and hobbyists can shoot video footage using drones. However piloting a drone can be tricky, let alone achieve stable footage, and this is something Aeronekt seems to have solved with their 4D Gravity technology.


iPhone Xs Max VS Google Pixel 3 XL In Speed Test

Many are no doubt balking at the prices Apple is asking for its new iPhones, and so the question is, is it worth it? For those concerned about speed, the folks at PhoneBuff have in the past pitted the iPhone Xs Max against the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 where it walked away a winner, although barely as it beat the Note 9 overall by around 15 seconds.

Robots Become Even More Productive With A.I, At CEATEC 2018

Most people think of industrial robots as systems that work at peak efficiency from day one, and eventually gets replaced for a new model, but at CEATEC 2018, many companies where showing how currently deployed system can benefit from the Deep Learning AI to perform even more.

There’s No Need To Remove The Front Sticker From A New Xbox One Now

Ever since they were launched, Microsoft has been shipping Xbox One S and Xbox One X consoles with a warning sticker on the front. The sticker cautioned console owners to not move their Xbox One without first removing any disc inside it. There has been a #teamnosticker movement on social media to get Microsoft to stop shipping consoles with this sticker and the company has given in to the demand. […]

Japan Calls On Facebook To Improve User Data Protection

Facebook’s multiple data lapses this year have affected millions of people across the globe and this hasn’t gone down well with Japan. The country’s government today called on the world’s largest social network to do more in order to protect the personal data of its users. It also wants Facebook to inform regulators of any future changes in security measures.

Certification Reveals Triple-Camera And Android Pie For Honor Magic 2

Huawei’s sub-brand Honor has a new flagship smartphone in the pipeline called the Honor Magic 2 which will be unveiled later this month. A certification for the device has revealed some of the details that have been previously rumored. They include a triple-camera system at the back and the possibility that this device will ship with Android 9 Pie, the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system, out of the […]

eBay’s New Smartphone Trade-In Program Offers Instant Payout

eBay is making it easier for people looking to sell their smartphones to receive money for their old device instantly. It has launched a new service today called eBay Instant Selling. The program will enable users to sell their smartphones and get paid instantly with an eBay voucher. This eliminates the need for them to manage the selling process.

Fortnite Save The World Free-To-Play Launch Delayed To 2019

The free-to-play launch of Save the World, Fortnite’s FvE mode, is not going to happen this year despite expectations. The developer Epic Games has confirmed that this mode’s free-to-play launch will now take place in 2019. It says that the need for “features, reworks, and backend system scaling” has compelled it to delay the launch to next year.

Super Micro Reviewing Hardware For Chinese Spy Chips

It was reported recently that Chinese spy agencies that put chips inside Super Micro’s hardware to spy on Western technology companies like Apple and Amazon. The claims have been denied by those companies and Super Micro itself. The Taiwanese-American founded computer company has said in a letter to its customers that it’s now reviewing its hardware to find any trace of the alleged Chinese spy chips.

New Honor Watch Launch Likely On October 31st

Honor, a sub-brand by Huawei, is due to launch the Honor Magic 2 smartphone on October 31st. That may not be the only device it unveils that day. It appears that the company will also be unveiling a new Honor smartwatch on October 31st. A teaser of this smartwatch has surfaced on Chinese social media network Weibo.

iPhone XR Repair Fees Will Make A Dent In Your Pocket

It has never exactly been cheap to repair an out-of-warranty iPhone or to get a repair that’s not covered by the warranty. This doesn’t change with the iPhone XR as well. Apple has now revealed the iPhone XR repair fees and as expected, they will make a dent in your pocket if the damage isn’t covered by warranty.

First Boring Company Tunnel Opens Under LA On December 10th

Elon Musk has a company that digs underground tunnels and it’s aptly called The Boring Company. Musk has now revealed that the company’s first tunnel is going to open under LA later this year, on December 10th to be precise. The Boring Company has been digging this rapid transit tunnel beneath Los Angeles for several months now.

New ASUS Zen AiO 27 Desktop Comes With An Integrated Wireless Charger

ASUS has launched a new all-in-one desktop today called the Zen AiO 27. It’s the latest in the long line of AiOs that the company has released so far. The interesting thing about this particular one is that it has an integrated wireless charger in its base. The charger will enable users to charge their Qi-enabled devices when they’re placed at the base.

Pixel 3 XL Speakers Make Buzzing Sound For Some Users

It wouldn’t be the launch of a new Pixel smartphone if early adopters didn’t find some issues with the device. Some of you may remember that there were reports of issues with the Pixel 2 XL’s LG OLED panels last year. This time around the larger model’s speakers are to blame. Some users have complained that they can hear a buzzing or distortion sound from their Pixel 3 XL’s speakers.

Netflix Raising $2 Billion To Fund Original Content

Netflix has poured billions of dollars into original content and the company is not slowing down. Netflix has said that it’s raising $2 billion through a bond offering and that the money will be used for content production, acquisition, and development in addition to being used for “general corporate purposes.”

Samsung Launches Improved HMD Odyssey+ Windows VR Headset

Samsung’s HMD Odyssey headset was one of the best of its kind for the Windows Mixed Realty platform and the company has today announced an improved version of the headset called HMD Odyssey+. Some minor improvements have been made to the headset to provide a better user experience. The displays have been upgraded with an Anti-Screen Door Effect to help reduce nausea in users.

Facebook May Be Looking To Buy A Cybersecurity Company

The recent hack which revealed information of millions of users may have compelled Facebook to take more concrete measures to improve the security of its platform. To that end, the company might be thinking about acquiring a cybersecurity firm. That’s what a new report has claimed.

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