Nintendo Switch Becomes America’s Fastest Selling Console

It goes without saying that the Nintendo Switch has been an incredible success for the company. It needed to hit it out of the park after the Wii U and it delivered the goods with the Switch. The latest numbers from NPD Group show that the Nintendo Switch has actually become America’s fastest selling console.

Microsoft Is Hiding Gift Cards In Newsletter Emails

It seems that Microsoft has been sending out holiday gifts with its newsletter emails recently. Clicking on the red trees in a holiday promotional email takes users to a dedicated site where they get a $10 gift card for free. Microsoft has apparently hidden these gift cards in newsletter emails sent as far back as Black Friday. They were hidden behind a blue squirrel at that time.

New Fortnite Vehicle Release Has Been Delayed

Epic Games teased a new Fortnite vehicle recently which seems to look like a snowboard. The developer has now confirmed that it won’t be releasing this vehicle, called the Driftboard, with the upcoming Fortnite patch. A snowboard-like vehicle seems an appropriate addition to this insanely popular game ahead of the upcoming holiday season.

Huawei Commits $2 Billion For Cybersecurity To Address Concerns

Huawei’s network equipment business has come under a lot of pressure recently. It continues to be the target of allegations that the networking products may allow the Chinese state to spy on their targets. The United States and some of its allies have started to effectively ban Huawei’s equipment from networks in their countries. The company has always denied the allegations and it’s now making a $2 billion commitment for […]


Amazon’s Third Digital Day Confirmed For December 28th

Amazon today announced that its third annual Digital Day has been set for Friday, December 28th. The annual sales event offers a significant discount on digital content available across Amazon. Customers will be able to take advantage of deals on digital content such movies, TV shows, apps, ebooks, games and more.

HTC Will Focus On Flagship And Mid-Tier Smartphones In 2019

HTC has had a rough couple of years in the smartphone market. Even though it has made devices that have received good reviews, the company just can’t seem to sell enough of them to stop bleeding money. It’s not giving up, though. HTC Taiwan president Darren Chen has said that the company aims to reboot its smartphone sales by focusing on flagship and mid-tier models next year.

Sphero Stops Making Licensed Disney Robots

Sphero has made several cute robots based on Disney characters as it had a licensing agreement with the media conglomerate. However, the former has now decided to completely give up on its licensing partnerships. Sphero has confirmed that it will no longer be making licensed robots. The ones it has made include R2-D2, BB-8, BB-9E, and Lightning McQueen from Cars.

Collaborating On G Suite Documents To Get Easier For Non-Accounts

Google’s G Suite – Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides – are a great resource for working on the go. They’re effective tools for collaborative working backed by the power of Google’s cloud. Everything is tied to Google accounts but the company is making it easier for non-Google account holders to collaborate on G Suite documents.

AT&T Will Offer Its 5G Hotspot Service Starting This Week

AT&T announced the Netgear Nighthawk 5G Mobile Hotspot device in October this year. The hotspot was available for purchase even though it offered access to the carrier’s 5G Evolution network, which wasn’t a proper 5G network. It merely provided users with faster access on existing 4G networks. However, AT&T has today announced that it will fire up 5G proper for the mobile hotspot starting this week.

Huawei Expects To Hit 200 Million Shipments Goal By December 25th

Huawei is one of the fastest growing mobile companies in the market. It shipped some 153 million units in 2017 and had aimed to cross the 200 million units milestone the following year. The company has now said that it expects to hit this milestone by December 25th, 2018.

Wall Street Journal Hacked By PewDiePie Fans

PewDiePie fans are really going to extreme lengths to ensure that their favorite YouTube creator remains the channel with the most subscribers. Some of you may be aware that PewDiePie’s lead is under threat from another channel called T-Series so his fans have taken it upon themselves to get as many new followers for the channel as possible. To that end, they hacked a Wall Street Journal partner site to […]

Next-Generation Xbox Reportedly Codenamed Anaconda

Even as game streaming services become more popular, the age of gaming consoles is still not over. Microsoft is believed to be working on a couple of new consoles that may arrive in the next few years. The company is reportedly sticking with the reptile-themed codenames for its next-generation consoles. Some of you may recall that the Xbox One was codenamed Durango while the Xbox One X was referred to […]

Google Halts Chinese Data Collection In Major Blow To Dragonfly Program

It was reported earlier this year that Google has secretly been working on a search product for China which may comply with the country’s strict censorship regulations. The company has taken a lot of flak for the project called Dragonfly and has seen considerable opposition to it from many employees as well. According to a new report, it has now dealt a major blow to the Dragonfly program by halting […]

LG May Commercially Launch Its Rollable TV Next Year

Companies like LG often showcase their new technologies at trade shows even if they have no intention of commercializing those technologies in the near future. LG and Samsung have both been showcasing their rollable OLED displays for a few years now and it appears that the former is now ready to launch an actual product. According to a report, LG is going to launch a TV with a rollable OLED […]

Lenovo Launches First Smartphone With 12GB Of RAM

There aren’t a lot of mainstream devices that feature 10GB of RAM. Some Chinese manufacturers have made devices with this much memory, though, so it’s not a new milestone for smartphones. Lenovo has raised the bar today by announcing the first smartphone with a whopping 12GB of RAM. The handset is actually a variant of the Z5 Pro that the company launched last month.

Instagram Now Makes It Easier To Add Users To Video Chat

Earlier this year Instagram rolled out the ability for users to make video calls within Direct (Instagram’s direct messaging feature). Making the video call itself is pretty easy and straightforward, but now it looks like Instagram has decided to update the feature to make it easier to add new users to the video chat.

Hacker Talks To His Victim Through His Internet Security Camera

While it is pretty cool to be able to hook up our various appliances and gadgets to the internet and be able to control them remotely, there is the question of security, where being connected to the internet means that your device is essentially open to the possibility of being hacked. Unfortunately for one Andy Gregg, that is precisely what happened.

Jaguar’s Automatic Car Doors Could Help People With Disabilities

We’ve seen how there are some cars that come with doors and at a press of a button can open or close themselves. In fact over in Japan, such technology can easily be found in taxis. However Jaguar is taking things to the next level by developing a car door that can open or close itself automatically.

More Evidence That Apple Is Preparing A New iPhone Smart Battery Case

According to a couple of reports, it seems that Apple could be working on a new Smart Battery Case for their new iPhones. Now according to a new report from Appleosophy which has been verified by 9to5Mac, it looks like we are seeing more evidence that a new Smart Battery Case could indeed be in the works.

Apple Patent Describes How Face ID & Touch ID Can Used In The Same Device

Apple made an interesting decision to drop Touch ID entirely on the iPhone X in favor of Face ID. While Face ID has proven itself to be a pretty secure way of protecting your iPhone, the downside is that you are required to look at the phone to unlock it, versus Touch ID where you could reach for your phone and unlock it more discreetly.

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