Apple Watch Series 7 To Sport A Flat Edge Design
A few years ago, Apple made some minor revisions to the Apple Watch design where they gave it a slightly larger display, but for the most part, the body remained the same. Given that 2021 will bring the Series 7, making it about 6 years since the Apple Watch was first launched, it seems that Apple will finally be introducing a new design.

Apple Reportedly Prioritized 24-inch iMac Over Larger Model
Last month, Apple announced and unveiled its brand new Apple Silicon powered 24-inch iMac. There are many things new about this iMac, such as the design, the hardware, and also the size. This is the first 24-inch iMac after Apple had stuck with 21-inch and 27-inch options for years.

Spotify’s Lossless Music Streaming Could Be Launching Soon
When Tidal first launched, the company tried to set themselves apart from the competition by offering up higher-end streams, but no one really paid attention to it, save for audiophiles who might have been on the lookout for such a service. However, it seems that maybe Tidal could have been onto something all along.

Steelseries Nimbus+ Will Give Customers Four Months Of Apple Arcade
If you’re looking for a gaming controller for your mobile device, there are so many options to choose from it can feel overwhelming. However, if you’re looking for one and also want a good deal, then you might be interested to learn that Apple and Steelseries have announced a promotion for the Nimbus+.


Apple TV’s Display Calibration Might Actually Make Your Display Worse
One of the features of Apple’s tvOS 14.5 is that it comes with a new display calibration tool. This is meant to help improve the colors of your display. Unfortunately, it seems that it might actually have the opposite effect, at least that’s according to Vincent Teoh who shared his findings on his HDTVTest YouTube channel.

A 40-Core Apple Silicon Powered Mac Pro Could Be In The Works
When Apple announced their plan to transition away from Intel to their own Apple Silicon chipsets, many have wondered what this could mean for Apple’s Pro computers like the MacBook Pro and Mac Pro, both of which are typically used by various professionals who need the horsepower that the computers can put out.

AirTags Can Be Used As An NFC Trigger For iOS Shortcuts
One of the features of iOS is Siri Shortcuts. For non-iOS users, Siri Shortcuts offers a way for iOS users to automate their mobile devices. It can be programmed to do certain things after an event has been triggered, for example putting your iPhone on low battery mode once it hits a certain percent.

Microsoft Teams Now Available For Family And Friends
Microsoft Teams is the company’s answer to Slack, which for those unfamiliar is a chat space designed for the enterprise. However, it seems that Microsoft is hoping that more non-enterprise users might be keen on using its Teams platform because the company has announced that it will now be open to friends and family.

Redesigned MacBook Pro Expected To Launch This Summer
For a while now we have heard rumors that Apple could be redesigning the MacBook Pro. The laptop has pretty much maintained its design for quite a while now and it is due for a refresh, especially with Apple planning on introducing the Apple Silicon chipset to it. The good news is that the redesign could launch this summer.

Amazon Music HD Will Be A Free Upgrade For Its Subscribers
So, yesterday Apple announced a new lossless streaming option that will be free for all Apple Music subscribers. It was an interesting move as we expected the company to charge users a separate price for the lossless option, but no, it will be a free upgrade for all Apple Music users this coming June.

New Oculus Update Lets You See Yourself In VR
One of the problems with VR is that it’s so immersive that sometimes you can forget your surroundings. It’s also almost impossible to see yourself from the inside, at least until now where a recent update to the Oculus mobile app will give VR users the ability to see themselves in a VR setting.

Amazon Could Be Considering Acquiring MGM
Companies like Apple and Amazon are obviously not your traditional movie studio. Sure, they have their own shows but trying to build something from scratch can be hard, especially with stiff competition from very well-established competitors, which is why acquiring studios is probably the next best thing.

Beats True Wireless Earbuds Leaked
So yesterday there was a report on how Apple had actually hired the former designer at HTC to come and help them develop new Beats headphones. This is based on a report from 2020 that suggested that Apple could be killing off its Beats brand, but this hire suggests that Apple could have something in the works.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Will Run Wear OS
While many smartwatch makers have ultimately decided to adopt Google’s Wear OS platform, Samsung has stubbornly held out and continued to use Tizen as its platform of choice, but that is expected to change soon. According to reports out of Korea, the next Samsung smartwatch, tentatively known as the Galaxy Watch 4, will be powered by Wear OS.

This Underwater Drone Uses Light, Not Cables, To Communicate
Radio waves don’t travel well through water, which means that in order to send a robot down underwater and to communicate with it, in the past this would have involved using a tether in the form of a cable. However, the downsides are obvious, like not being able to go deep enough because the cable would have a fixed length.

Waymo’s Self-Driving Taxi Was Defeated By Traffic Cones
If there ever was a good example of how much work self-driving technology still needs before it becomes mainstream, it would be a recent story of how one of Waymo’s self-driving taxis got confused by traffic cones. Thankfully in this case, there were no injuries and it was actually kind of funny.

Foxconn Warns Chip Shortages Could Extend Into Q2 2022
As many of you might have heard by now, the world is facing a chips shortage. This has huge implications across the board because chips are used in all kinds of gadgets and computers and devices. If you were hoping that things would ease up soon, that doesn’t seem to be the case, at least according to Foxconn.

iPhone 13’s Face ID Sensor Could be 50% Smaller Than Previous Generation
While we might have to wait until 2023 for Apple to eventually ditch the notch on the iPhone, there have been rumors and leaked photos that claim that for the iPhone 13, Apple will at the very least be making the notch smaller. This is apparently due to the sensors used for Face ID which Apple is said to have shrunk by as much as 50%.

This Experiment Found That The AirTag Could Make A Good Anti-Bike Theft Device
Apple’s AirTag has been designed to help you keep track of things like keys. However, could it also be used as a way to prevent the theft of things like maybe your bike? A bike shop recently decided to put it to the test by strapping an AirTag to the underside of the saddle of a bike parked outside of the shop.

Twitch Lowers Subscription Prices In Most Countries
One of the ways Twitch streamers can make money is through subscriptions, where people can subscribe to their channel for a monthly fee. Twitch then takes a cut and the rest goes to the streamer. For the most part, the cost of these subscriptions aren’t prohibitively expensive, but due to things like inflation, it can feel a bit expensive for some.

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