newzte-flagshipThere is nothing quite like a smartphone leak to set tongues a-wagging, as folks are always interested to know jut what is coming up next. For instance, there are many different kinds of leaks that we have seen in this week alone, ranging from the purported Galaxy S6 mini to the Meizu M1 Note 2. Well, this time around we have renders leaked which depict the purported next generation flagship smartphone from ZTE.

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huawei-honor7It was a few days ago that we talked about how there was this unidentified Huawei Honor handset which was spotted on TENAA, China’s certification body, while carrying a gold trim. Well, this time around here is also more word on an upcoming device from Huawei as well – the Huawei Honor 7, where it has been tipped to arrive with 4GB RAM right out of the box, in addition to a 13MP shooter at the back that comes with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) to help you shoot better looking photos.

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gs6miniTo be or not to be, that is the question. Well, it looks like there might very well be a mini version of the Samsung Galaxy S6 after all, as evident by this particular device which is in the pipeline by Samsung, sporting a Snapdragon 808 chipset, with many being ready to place their bets that this would be the Galaxy S6 mini. In a GFX Benchmark database reading that shares quite a number of information on the upcoming compact Samsung device, several details on its innards have been revealed.

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meizum1note2It is one thing to have a leak, and another for a full leak to happen. It looks as though the Meizu M2 Note has just experienced a full specifications leak for the curious, right before an official announcement of the device is made..Sure, there has been a few leaks before in the past few months, but this one seems to be the most serious one just yet. This particular device is also known by other names such as the Meizu M1 Note 2 and the Meizu Note 2, which makes it all the more confusing, actually.

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verigamesIf there is a reason developers launch betas of their software is so that users can use the software they normally would, and in the process hopefully come across some bugs or holes that the developers themselves might have missed during testing. After all we all use softwares in our own way, so sometimes it’s impossible to catch everything.

That being said DARPA thinks that by playing video games, gamers will be able to help identify any software flaws in the process. Now we’re not talking about the flaws within the games itself, but rather the process of playing certain types of games would allow DARPA to identify flaws found in the programming language itself or in open source software, after which DARPA would then notify the organization about it. Read full post →DARPA Thinks That Playing Video Games Can Identify Software Flaws

wildstarBack in the day, MMORPGs largely relied on the subscription model in which gamers had to buy the game and pay a monthly subscription to enjoy it. However games like Guild Wars went a slightly different direction by removing the subscription, instead all gamers had to do was buy the game.

Recently more games have started to evolve and have adopted the free-to-play model and proving the speculators right, it looks like Wildstar has officially adopted the free-to-play model and will be switching to it this fall. What this means is that gamers will soon no longer have to pay a subscription fee every month in order to play the game. However in order to generate revenue, the developers will introduce services, conveniences, and cosmetic options. Read full post →MMORPG Wildstar Adopts The Free-To-Play Model

steam summer saleMost of us are always on the look out for a good deal, and if you’re a gamer then you know how big these video game deals are, especially if it means you could potentially save yourself hundreds of dollars on new video games that you have been eyeing but did not want to pay full price for.

Now the Steam summer sale is one that many gamers are looking forward to but the question is, when will Valve kick it off this year? Well according to IGN Russia (via destructoid), it seems that 2015’s Steam summer sale is expected to begin on the 11th of June and will last until the 20th of June. After which gamers can look forward to two days of encore sales in which the best-selling titles will be offered at discount again. Read full post →Steam Summer Sale Reportedly Kicking Off 11th June

spotify-24-million-active-6-million-payingSpotify first started out as a music streaming service, but overtime the platform developed and evolved and soon became more than just a place to listen to some tunes. It became a platform for discovering new music and recently the company has dived into fitness (sort of) by expanding on its running playlists.

The music streaming platform has also dabbled in video by teaming up with various video partners who will introduce various clips from their shows within Spotify. With that being said with the new directions that Spotify is headed towards, what could be next for the company? Could gaming be part of the company’s future as well? Read full post →Spotify Rules Out The Possibility About Getting Into Gaming

The Microsoft Kinect can be used for many things, such as medical purposes, educational purposes, and gaming purposes. However recently music conductor Ludovic Morlot found out that the Kinect can also be used to conduct music and as it turns out, it was a perfect fit in his orchestra.

As conductors rely on gestures to command direct the orchestra or parts of it, it seemed like a natural fit to include a Kinect into the mix. Through the use of gestures, Morlot was able to command the Kinect to play additional instruments alongside his orchestra. This allowed him to include instruments such as a 24-reedhorn sculpture, a set of concert chimes, and a robotic grand piano. Read full post →Music Conductor Integrates The Kinect Into His Performance

whatsapp-callIt has been a while since iOS and Android users have enjoyed the voice calling feature of WhatsApp, but unfortunately for Windows Phone users, they’re still in for a wait. Well the good news is that you guys are now one step closer to getting the feature as the WhatsApp beta for Windows Phone has finally gotten the feature.

Like we said this is only for those who are using WhatsApp beta for Windows Phone. If you’re still using the full version of the app, then you won’t be able to access that feature until the beta is released to the masses as a final version. However for those who are part of the WhatsApp beta testing program, you should be able to take the feature for a spin. Read full post →WhatsApp Beta For Windows Phone Gets Call Feature