One of Verizon’s business practices has drawn a lot of criticism recently. Many didn’t like the fact that Verizon was selling data on its users to third-party brokers which could be used to figure out the location of its mobile users. The country’s largest mobile carrier has now pledged to stop selling real-time location data on its mobile users to data brokers.
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GameStop, a major retailer of video games and electronics, has confirmed that it’s looking to sell itself. The confirmation comes following a report which revealed that the retailer is in talks with private equity firms about a potential transaction after it received buyout interest. Reuters reported that the company has even hired a financial adviser to assist in these discussions. The company later confirmed the talks itself.
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Ads in Facebook Messenger are nothing new, Facebook has long monetized its popular messaging service and now it’s kicking things up a notch in a way that may not sit well with some users. Facebook has reportedly started rolling out autoplay video ads inside Messenger which means that user will now see video ads next to their private messages.
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If you rely on Alexa too much for getting stuff done daily then you won’t have to worry about life without Alexa when you’re traveling being Amazon is bringing its virtual private assistant to hotels. Amazon has announced the launch of a new version of its assistant called Alexa for Hospitality that it’s going to seed to select chain hotels and vacation rentals initially. The idea is to automate some of the service options for guests using the digital assistant.
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It’s not uncommon for people to get addicted to games. Much like any other kind of addiction, they find it impossible to resist the urge to play games or to stop after they have been playing for more than what many would consider being a healthy period of time. Those who get caught up in it often face a lot of difficulty in kicking the habit and in a bid to raise more awareness about the matter, the World Health Organization has officially recognized “gaming disorder” by including it in the latest edition of its Internal Classification of Diseases.
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Google is gradually making inroads into China, a country that still bans some of its core services. Over the past few months we have seen some Google apps and services being opened up to users in the world’s most populous country and now the company appears to be willing to keep that momentum going forward which is why it has announced its plans to invest over half a billion dollars into, an e-commerce giant based in China.
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Google has never offered a dedicated podcasts app for Android before but it’s finally making amends. Its rival Apple already has a separate Podcasts app for its mobile devices and Google is now following suit with a dedicated Podcasts app for Android. Prior to this app, users could either listen to podcasts in Google Play Music or use an obscure player integrated into Android’s search feature.
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Fornite was launched on the Nintendo Switch recently and PlayStation 4 owners don’t get progression sync or cross-play with the console, much like how it is with the Xbox One. The block prevents the player from carrying over their progress, purchases, and skins from Fortnite on PlayStation 4 to either console. Joe Smedley, the former boss of Sony Online Entertainment, claims that the block is due to “money.”
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Recent reports have suggested that Samsung has a couple of new products in the pipeline, the Gear S4 and the Galaxy Tab S4. Some have claimed that at least one of these products may be launched with the Galaxy Note 9 that’s due to be unveiled in August. However, the latest whispers from the street suggest that the Gear S4 and the Galaxy Tab S4 may not be launched in August.
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Adobe has announced that the integration of Document Cloud with Microsoft Office 365 has been improved. This will enable Office 365 users to create, edit, view, and secure PDFs through Office 365 online. They will be able to do perform all of these tasks from the toolbar in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneDrive, and SharePoint.
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