We’ve seen drones used for all sorts of things, like photography, videography, and rescue efforts. However one Kansas farmer by the name of Derek Klingenberg decided to use his drone for fishing. This is actually a pretty good idea as it allows the pilot to stand along the shore, while the drone goes out into deeper waters.

So did he catch any fish? Turns out that Klingenberg did and was successful in his attempt. All he had with him was a fishing line and the DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter. Based on his reaction, it would seem that Klingenberg did not expect to be successful. However we have to admit that it was a pretty sweet catch. Read full post →Kansas Farmer Successfully Catches A Fish Using His Drone

Are you in the market for a new TV? If you are, there are plenty of options out there today. However at IFA 2015, Philips has taken the wraps off a unique TV in the form of the Ambilux. This is a TV with a 4K resolution, which by itself is more or less to be expected from modern TVs these days.

However what makes the Ambilux so unique is the fact that it comes with pico projectors embedded into the back. Now we know you’re probably a little confused by the use of pico projectors, but they do serve a purpose. The idea, which you can see for yourself in the video above, is to create a more immersive experience. Read full post →Philips Ambilux 4K TV Comes With Built-In Pico Projectors

sexting-crimeSelfies can be fatal – especially if you were to pose with a loaded gun. Well, thankfully this boy here shot a selfie that did not kill anyone, but it still got him into a whole lot of hot soup. Apparently, he has been charged with a crime for having shot a naked selfie, sending it to a girl at school (whom he fancies, I suppose). This saw him being charged with the crime of making and distributing indecent images.

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staylittleWe more or less take our Internet connectivity for granted these days, and to live without any kind of connection can prove to be ‘fatal’ to the younger people (or so they think). Well, if you happen to reside in the village of Staylittle, UK, then things would work very differently there. Apparently, this isolated village was ‘cut off’ from the rest of the UK the moment its phone lines went down. In fact, this village is so remote, it is eight miles away from the nearest market town, without any kind of mobile reception.

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cotsbotCoral reefs are extremely beautiful to look at, but then again, they are also extremely sensitive to the kind of changes that they can experience through pollution, being decimated by careless tourists, as well as through other underwater lifeforms – such as starfish. Well, it looks like the starfish problem might have a solution in the form of the COTSbot robot.

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windows 10 market shareIn terms of adoption, it looks like Microsoft has done something right with Windows 10 because according to the latest figures via NetMarketShare, it seems that Windows 10 is now accounting for more than 5% of the desktop market. To be specific, Windows 10 at this time of writing holds a 5.21% market share.

This is very impressive especially if you were consider that it was only last month that Windows 10 had 2.47% of the market. However we should note that these two stats were recorded by different companies so their data gathering might be a bit different, but overall it certainly does seem to indicate that Windows 10’s adoption is on the rise. Read full post →Windows 10 Accounts For More Than 5% Of Desktop Market

snap_to_pin_appMicrosoft Garage is basically a division of Microsoft in which employees are encouraged to work on all sorts of projects, in hopes that it will allow them to explore the limits of their creativity. In the past we’ve seen apps released via Microsoft Garage and if you’re wondering if there have been any new developments, you’re in luck.

Microsoft Garage has recently released an app called Snap to Pin. Basically this is an app designed for Android devices that will allow users to save websites for offline viewing. So if there is an article that you want to save for later but don’t want to bother reloading it, Snap to Pin could be the app for you. Read full post →Microsoft Garage Launches Snap To Pin App For Android

macbookLast week we reported that British scientists have outfitted an iPhone with a prototype hydrogen fuel cell battery that allowed the phone to last a week before needing charging. That is very impressive, but could that technology be taken and applied to laptops as well? It turns out that Apple has had a similar idea.

A recently discovered patent filed by Apple has revealed that the Cupertino company is exploring a fuel cell system for the MacBook. The goal? To allow the laptop to be used without the need to be plugged into power for days or even weeks on end. Safe to say that this system would allow users to bring their laptops with them even on travel without worrying about battery life. Read full post →Apple Patent Wants Your MacBook To Last You Weeks

Earlier this March, the BBC did share their plans with the rest of the world that they will be working on a Grand Theft Auto feature length drama, which obviously drew some ire from Rockstar, the game’s developer, as they subsequently sought to block such a move from happening. Rockstar had since decided to proceed with legal action against the BBC, citing that “our trademarks are not misused”. Such a legal issue has not been resolved to date, but the BBC has proceeded by revealing a trailer for the upcoming feature-length TV show known as The Gamechangers.

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Earlier today, we did bring you word that Google’s Street View has now launched as a standalone app – which would work great for travelers and backpackers alike, although it is not going to come in handy when you are right smack in the middle of the jungle without any kind of signal to begin with. Cats have dominated the Internet for long enough, and here we are with a unique play on Street View, where it is known as Cat Street View, and as its name suggests, you can tour a town in Japan’s Hiroshima prefecture.

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