Facebook Oculus Deal Gets Regulatory Approval

On March 25th Facebook announced its intention to acquire Oculus VR Inc, a two-year-old company that built its virtual reality goggles on the back of a successful crowdfunding campaign. As is the case with any deal of this size, it had to jump through several regulatory hoops. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission announced today that it has granted approval to the Facebook Oculus deal, which means that the company can now be absorbed into the all powerful social network.

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Toshiba Canvio AeroMobile Wireless SSD AnnouncedWe have made our attempts at going paperless, but there is no less effort when it comes to being wireless, too. Wi-Fi networks are all over the place these days, and it is more rare to find a coffee shop or public area with no Wi-Fi connectivity, than one with. Having said that, Toshiba has decided to jump aboard the wireless bandwagon with their latest Canvio AeroMobile Wireless SSD.

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LG G Watch Release Expected After Google I/O 2014

Not so long ago Google announced Android Wear, an SDK it has developed specifically for wearable devices. Two companies, LG and Motorola, are already building smartwatches on it. A latest report out of Korea today suggests that the LG G Watch will be released immediately after Google’s annual conference. Google I/O 2014 takes place in San Francisco, California between June 25-26.

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Chinese Company Constructs 10 Houses Per Day With 3D PrinterThey say that one can be considered fortunate already if one has a roof over one’s head, but I suppose that our human instinct to want something better and bigger will easily overshadow what we have. Well, a Chinese company known as Winsun certainly hopes to build homes for the masses in the future within the shortest possible time, thanks to a 3D printer.

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Coversnitch Lamp Eavesdrop On Its SurroundingsWalls have ears, or so the saying goes. Perhaps that might be true many, many years ago, but this is certainly not the case when it comes to modern day trappings. Case in point, the Coversnitch, a device that was built by a couple of artists for less than a Benjamin, where it looks like a regular lightbulb or lamp, save for the fact that it is capable of eavesdropping on all that goes on around it.

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Minecraft is a game that has its fair share of fans, and have appeared across numerous platforms to boot, too. Well, it seems that the folks over at Mojang are not quite done with the title just yet – far from it, as they have been working on a new update that will target the PC version of Minecraft, where it will enable players to actually create their very own terrain, all the way right down to the nitty gritty, as you can see in the video above.

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HBO Go Coming To Fire TV, Amazon Instant Video Gets HBO Shows

Online video streaming is all the rage these days, and Amazon has managed to ink a deal that will certainly make its rivals jealous. The company announced today that Amazon Instant Video will be the exclusive online-only streaming destination for select HBO shows. The cable network is known for keeping a strong grip on its content and has previously only allowed users to stream shows through the HBO Go application.

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Netflix Taps Arrested Development Creator For More Shows

Arrested Development was a much loved TV show that couldn’t survive the pitfalls of broadcast television. It abruptly got the axe after season three ended, leaving fans hoping for a fourth season. Netflix brought their dreams to fruition by acquiring the rights and producing a fourth season under its original content arm. The online streaming service has now tapped Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz to create and produce more original shows for Netflix.

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China Thinks Windows 8 Is ‘Expensive’ Windows XP has, at long last, arrived at the end of its support life earlier this month, but this does not mean that millions of other machines, homes, and organizations still make use of Windows XP as their operating system of choice. Some of them do not want to make the jump because they’re already so comfortable with the tried and true, while others shun the cost of upgrading. Yan Xiaohong, deputy director of China’s National Copyright Administration, has apparently ruled out plans for the Chinese government to make an upgrade to a newer version of Windows – that is, Windows 8, citing that the upgrade to Windows 8 would be “fairly expensive”.

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Siri Might Find Its Way Into The New Apple TV

It has been quite a while since Apple released a new set-top box. All rumors suggest that later this year the company will finally launch a brand new Apple TV, which is expected to bring some major changes. The set-top box isn’t expected until fall but already there are a lot of reports about what we can expect. A report published today reveals that iOS 7.1 SDK code contains references to Siri for Apple TV, corroborating rumors that the set-top box might come with a new input method.

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