lg nexus leakedIf the rumors are to be believed, LG is working on a new Nexus handset for 2015. Now thanks to a leaked photo obtained by @onleaks, who has in the past been pretty reliable with this sort of information, we might have gotten our first glimpse at the upcoming handset. The photo in question is the rear shell of the phone which you can see in the image above.

Now we have to admit that in terms of design, the LG-made Nexus is certainly a departure from what we’ve been used to seeing from LG based on their previous models, but in a way that’s a good thing since a shake up in design might be a nice refresher. The rear shell also shows three cutouts. Read full post →Alleged Rear Shell Of LG’s New Nexus Surfaces

moto_g_2015Just yesterday the Moto G (2015) was officially announced. For US customers, it was revealed that they could buy the phone from either Motorola’s website or from Best Buy, but for those who would much rather buy it from another channel, perhaps a carrier who will offer it at a discount on contract, you’re in luck.

Motorola Mobility has recently tweeted that the next-gen Moto G is also expected to make its way to Virgin Mobile, Virgin Data Done Right, and US Cellular over the next few months. They did not mention when exactly but presumably the dates might differ from carrier to carrier, so you will want to keep an eye out for any news regarding its release. Read full post →Moto G (2015) Will Be Available From US Cellular & Virgin Mobile

microsoft-solitaire-windows-storeIf you have reserved your copy of Windows 10, you should have already started downloading the necessary files to make the update, but if you haven’t fret not because there’s a way to force the update. That being said, Windows 10 is a free upgrade for users if they have reserved their copy, but it seems that not all of the apps within Windows 10 is actually free.

It has been discovered that the Solitaire Collection will come bundled with Windows 10, which we suppose is to be expected since Microsoft has typically bundled small games with their OS. However with Windows 10, Microsoft is hoping that you would actually be willing to pay a subscription fee to play the game. Read full post →Microsoft Wants You To Pay For Solitaire On Windows 10

twitter_logoCan social media be turned into an alibi for a weapon? The answer would be maybe, or perhaps even an outright “Yes” if you were to take what had just happened into consideration. Basically, hackers from Russia have managed to find a method in making use of Twitter in order to communicate with malware which has already infected target computers. By doing so, the hackers would have successfully snuffed out their tracks at the same time snaking their way into confidential computer systems – and yes, even government computer systems, just in case you were wondering.

Read full post →Russian Hackers Cover Their Tracks With Twitter

drone-shootingSay you caught someone staring into your house through your window. Naturally this invasion of privacy will not sit well with you, so we can only imagine that must be what William Meredith felt when he spotted a drone flying over his house last weekend, which is why it led to Meredith getting out his shotgun and shooting it down from the sky.

Of course the drone owners weren’t too pleased about it and when they confronted Meredith, they were told to stand down or there would be another shooting, which ultimately led to Meredith being arrested for first degree criminal mischief. Unsurprisingly Meredith isn’t particularly apologetic about the situation and cites privacy as the reason he did what he did. Read full post →Man Shoots Down Drone Flying Over His House

fb statsWhen it comes to social networks, Facebook is probably the de facto social network for many. After all it features tight integration with a lot of websites and services where you can even login using your Facebook account, so even if you don’t really like the social network, you don’t really have much of a choice.

That being said it looks like Facebook’s popularity has since been growing. Last year in October we heard that Facebook had managed to hit a whopping 1.35 billion monthly active users, and now according to a recent Facebook Community Update, it turns out that number has since grown to a massive 1.49 billion monthly active users. Read full post →Facebook Now Boasts 1.49 Billion Monthly Active Users

trackingpoint sniperWhile hi-tech weapons will no doubt allow us to fight and defend ourselves better, it opens up a door to a myriad of other problems that our ancestors with spears, rocks, and bows & arrows did not have to deal with – being hacked, which is what has happened recently with TargetPoint’s self-targeting sniper rifles.

The hack comes courtesy of two hackers by the name of Runa Sandvik and Michael Auger, a husband and wife team who have managed to hack the sniper rifles and cause them to either not fire or mess with its self-targeting system so that it will never be able to hit its mark, which is no doubt worrying considering that this is a $13,000 piece of weaponry. Read full post →Hackers Have Figured Out A Way To Hack Self-Targeting Sniper Rifles

It may happen that you need to urgently to check something on a remote computer, and there’s no time to get back home, or to the office – or maybe someone needs urgent help with a problem. Being able to “see” and access files on a remote computer is crucial, and if you don’t have your computer, being able to remote-control a PC from Android can save the day.

In this tutorial, we are going to show you two different and free programs that will let you control PCs remotely. Read full post →How To Control A PC From Android


Titanfall has proven to be a hit title on Xbox and PC, while we wait for its sequel to arrive on other consoles as well there’s a Titanfall offshoot headed to Asia which is going to be a free-to-play game. Electronic Arts has confirmed that a free-to-play version of Titanfall is currently being developed in collaboration with a major publisher based in Asia.

Read full post →Free-To-Play Titanfall For PC Being Developed


One advantage of subscribing to PlayStation Plus is that you’re given the ability to download multiple titles for free every month, they might be old or indie titles but at least you get more bang for your buck, aside from the fact that a PS Plus subscription is required to play online. The PS Plus free games for August have been announced today and the coming month’s lineup brings some good choices.

Read full post →PS Plus Free Games For August Bring Some Good Choices