zelda breath of the wild 5The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was announced in 2013, but was later delayed to 2015 before being pushed to 2017. Nintendo offered an explanation as to why there was such a huge delay, but it has been noticed that in the past, almost every Zelda game Nintendo planned was eventually delayed. Read full post →Nintendo Explains Why Zelda Games Are Rarely Released On Time

While Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm are Blizzard’s more recent attempts at trying to create more competitive games, it goes without saying that StarCraft was probably the company’s first and most successful attempt to date, with StarCraft 2 taking it to the next level with new graphics, gameplay, and features. Read full post →StarCraft 2’s Ladder Mode Will Be Getting Revamped

sonic 25thIf we’re talking about classic video games, during E3 2016 Sony announced that Crash Bandicoot would be returning in the form of remastered copies. However it looks like Crash Bandicoot won’t be the only classic video game animal that will be making a return. It has recently been confirmed that we will be getting a new Sonic game as well. Read full post →New Sonic Game Is Currently Being Developed

steam_summer_saleLast week we reported that PayPal had confirmed that the Steam Summer Sale of 2016 would begin on the 23rd of June, and sure enough it looks like it has. If you were to pop on over to the Steam website or launch the desktop client, you should be able to see that the summer sale has begun and that pretty much every game has been discounted. Read full post →2016’s Steam Summer Sale Has Officially Begun

If there is one criticism of the iPhone is that it is expensive, and even more expensive if you’re going for the models with more storage, which is why it isn’t surprising that there are still many users out there who are purchasing the 16GB models even though it means that they’ll be quite tight on space. Read full post →SanDisk Launches ‘iXpand Memory Case’ For The iPhone

Looking for a mobile wallet to use on your smartphone? At the moment it seems that save for PayPal, the majority of mobile payment solutions appear to be exclusive to platforms, like Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay, just to name a few. Now it looks like Microsoft wants in as well and has since launched Microsoft Wallet which will bring tap-to-pay features to Windows 10 Mobile users. Read full post →Microsoft Wallet Lets Windows 10 Mobile Users Tap-To-Pay

N7 spin_2It seems that these days laptops are no longer content with being just laptops, and tablets are no longer happy with being just tablets, which has resulted in hybrid/convertible devices that can pull double duty as a laptop and as a tablet at the same time. This is either accomplished by having its screen detachable, or a screen that can completely flip around. Read full post →Samsung Unveils The Notebook 7 Spin Windows 10 Convertible

oneplus_3_001So far reviews of the OnePlus 3 have been fairly positive. After all you do get what you pay for, and what you get is a value for money handset with mostly high-end specs that you would expect from the likes of Samsung and LG. In fact in some areas like its RAM, OnePlus 3 even beats out the competition by offering a whopping 6GB of it. Read full post →OnePlus 3 RAM Fix Will Come In A Later Update

Lenovo-Vibe-C2So we’ve seen Motorola launch new Moto G handsets, and we’ve also seen them launch the Moto Z handsets. Now since Motorola said that the Moto Zs won’t be replacing the Moto X, we can only imagine that we will be treated to new Moto X handsets at some point, but what about the Moto E range? Read full post →Lenovo Vibe C2 Leaked, Rumored To Be The Moto E’s 2016 Replacement

mi_qicycleIt was speculated that due to the teasers that Xiaomi had put out that the company could be planning on unveiling a smart bicycle, and sure enough it looks like the speculation was right as Xiaomi has officially announced the Mi QiCYCLE folding electric bicycle that does come with several “smart” features. Read full post →Xiaomi Unveils The Mi QiCYCLE Folding Electric Bike