You might recall that last year during CEATEC, we reported that Toshiba was working on a humanoid robot called Aiko Chihira. Unlike most robots which look, well, robot-like, Aiko Chihira is very humanoid in its appearance which you can see for yourself in the video above that was uploaded by the Hindustan Times.

The good news is that if you want to see the robot in action, Toshiba and Tokyo’s Mitsukoshi department have partnered up and have installed the robot at the entrance of its department store where it will be able to greet customers upon their arrival. The robot is freakishly humanoid and has the ability to perform regular human functions, such as blink and move its mouth to sync with the recorded message. Read full post →Toshiba’s Humanoid Robot Will Now Greet Shoppers In Tokyo

Google Street View is a handy tool if you’re trying to look for a specific place and want some details that the map just won’t show you, and in some instances it allows users to “travel” the world by exploring the streets of cities that they haven’t gotten a chance to visit, even if it is all the way on the other side of the world.

Now if you’ve always been curious about the Loch Ness and the fabled Loch Ness Monster, you’re in luck as Google’s Street View feature has been extended to the Loch Ness, thus giving users interested in the area and the story the ability to explore it for themselves. While we doubt you will actually stumble across Nessie herself, it does make for some breathtaking scenery, even if it is behind the monitor. Read full post →Google’s Street View Now Lets You Explore Loch Ness

apple watchFor those who were quick on the trigger to pre-order the Apple Watch on the 10th of April, it looks like your orders are getting ready to be shipped out. According to reports, the status of the Apple Watch for some customers has changed from “Processing” to “Preparing for Shipment”. The credit cards of customers who placed their pre-orders have also been charged. Read full post →Some Apple Watch Orders Are Now Being Prepped For Shipment

IKEA is already keeping up with the times by creating furniture that comes with wireless charging technology built into it, and now it looks like the Swedish company is turning its sights to the kitchen where they are imagining what it would be like to cook in the future through the use of a variety of technology.

At the moment if you’re trying to follow a recipe, you’d either have a book in front of you or for the more tech savvy, a tablet with video instructions. However with IKEA’s imagining of the kitchen of the future, the tabletop itself is one giant piece of technology. The table will be able to detect the objects placed on it thanks to a camera-equipped projector, such as ingredients, and will be able to offer up different recipes that one might be able to cook up with their existing ingredients. Read full post →IKEA Imagines The Kitchen Of The Future

Nikon-logoSony impressed many photographers when they launched the Sony A7-series of full-frame mirrorless cameras. This was impressive as prior to this, there were no full-frame mirrorless cameras in the market yet, making Sony the first to arrive. However it seems that Sony’s rivals will not be letting Sony sit on that throne for too long as word from Nikon Rumors claims that Nikon has a similar camera of their own.

Yup, you read that right, Nikon is said to be developing a full-frame mirrorless camera system of their own. At the moment the company has a mirrorless lineup which hasn’t really done much to impress the critics, so hopefully this will change things. According to Nikon Rumors, the camera is said to be about the size of the Olympus E-M1. Read full post →Nikon Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera In The Works [Rumor]

We’ve seen the Samsung Galaxy S6 undergo all sorts of ridiculous tests, such as being boiled in water or run over by a car, so it really does not come as a surprise to find that a couple of videos have surfaced recently which shows the handset being used to crack a handful of walnuts, which surprisingly enough does not damage the phone.

In one video, two Galaxy S6 handsets are used to crack the walnuts. One acts as the base and the other is used to smash on the walnuts until they crack open. The second video uses the Galaxy S6 as a chopping device of sorts which offers up the same results. Like we said surprisingly enough this does not lead to much damage, if any, to the handsets. Read full post →Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Is Apparently Strong Enough To Crack Walnuts

android 51 lollipopUsually with updates to software, developers try to address any bugs or issues that were present in the previous version. Unfortunately it seems that in the case of Android 5.1, Google has yet to address some problems that are still plaguing handsets like the Nexus 5 and the Nexus 7 which are no doubt rather annoying for its users.

The issues in question are related to memory leaks in which after prolonged periods of use, the devices start to feel sluggish due to the amount of free RAM remaining which is less than ideal. This is an issue that Google had acknowledged back in Android 5.0.1 and was actually reported back in 2014. Read full post →Nexus 5 & 7 Still Facing The Same Issues After Android 5.1 Update

lg-g4__leak_kr_30In conjunction with the HTC One M9’s launch, HTC introduced an Uh-Oh protection program which basically offered customers a free phone replacement in the event your screen is cracked or is damaged by water, circumstances in which other OEMs might not give you a replacement as it might not be covered under warranty.

It is a good idea and it certainly offers customers peace of mind, and now it looks like LG could be following in HTC’s footsteps. The company has announced in South Korea (via Pocketnow) that they will be giving the upcoming LG G4 added protection where customers who damage the screens of their handsets will be eligible for free repairs, albeit only once and only while the handset is under warranty. Read full post →LG Offering Its Own “Uh-Oh” Protection With The LG G4

malware-airIt is largely thought that iOS devices are secure, but we suppose apps and services that run on the platform are only as secure as the developers make them to be. Recently it has been discovered that over 1,500 iOS apps contain a HTTPS-crippling vulnerability which basically means that they are susceptible to password interception, along with bank account numbers, and other sensitive information that should have been secured.

The bug stems from the use of an older version of the AFNetworking open-source code library that allows developers to integrate networking capabilities inside of their apps. The developers behind AFNetworking have already released a patch that has fixed that flaw, but the apps that remain open to this vulnerability have yet to update to it and are still running version 2.5.1 instead of 2.5.2. The update has been released for over 3 weeks. Read full post →Over 1,500 iOS Apps Are Susceptible To Man-In-The-Middle Attacks

Microsoft Store Australia

Microsoft until now has its flagship retail store in North America only, but now it is planning to open another in Sydney, Australia later this year. This will be the first ever retail store by Microsoft, which will be outside of North America. The store will exhibit the same layout as the ones in US and Canada.
Read full post →Microsoft Plans First Retail Store Outside North America In Australia