When it comes to online harassment, it seems like Twitter has gotten a pretty bad rep, thus forcing the company to step up their efforts in protecting their users from trolls and cyberbullies with various privacy and blocking tools. However it seems that while Twitter is getting the brunt of the bad rep, Instagram could actually have a problem of its own. Read full post →Survey Finds That Instagram Is The Platform Of Choice For Cyberbullies

One of the reasons why online shopping is so popular is the fact that you can shop from just about anywhere. You can shop while on the go, while sitting on the toilet, while eating, and have it all delivered to your home when it’s all said and done. So what if you were chatting halfway with a friend on a messenger platform and could buy something on the spot? Is that something you might be interested in? Read full post →Viber Wants You To Start Shopping From Your Keyboard

When the trailer for Pokemon GO was revealed, it showed off a lot of the game’s potential, such as being able to catch legendary Pokemon. However it seems that after a of the game being available, it looks like players won’t have to wait much longer as Niantic has confirmed that legendary Pokemon will be coming to the game soon. Read full post →Niantic Confirms Legendary Pokemon Will Be Coming To Pokemon GO

A recent report out of Korea has suggested that in 2018, Samsung could be brought back into the fold by Apple as being one of their suppliers for their 2018 A-series chipsets that will be used in the iPhone 9 (or whatever it will be called). This means that once again it will be both TSMC and Samsung supplying Apple with the chipsets. Read full post →TSMC Could Be The Sole Supplier Of Apple’s 2018 A-Series Chips

Depending on the severity of a stroke, it can affect the patient’s mobility, where in some cases it can be severe enough where it impedes their walking completely and they have to be pushed around in a wheelchair. However thanks to the efforts of a group of scientists, they have created a smart harness that will help stroke victims learn to walk again. Read full post →Smart Harness Will Help Stroke Victims Learn To Walk Again

Several months ago, YouTube TV was officially launched. However at its launch, the service was not available in all markets across the US, but then again this is pretty normal since we guess that YouTube probably wants to take it slow to ensure that things are up and running properly before expanding its availability. Read full post →YouTube TV Expands Availability To 10 New Cities In The US

Given that anyone can upload a video onto YouTube, sometimes this has resulted in users uploading copyrighted videos, pornographic videos, and videos with offensive content, most of which are taken down rather swiftly or prevented from being uploaded in the first place, but somehow, some way, such videos do manage to find their way back. Read full post →YouTube Redirects Searches For Extremist Videos To Anti-Terrorism Playlists

By now most of you might have heard against Apple’s legal battle against chipmaker Qualcomm. Despite having worked together for many years, it seems like their relationship has reached the breaking point where both companies are suing each other, with Qualcomm even seeking to ban the iPhone from being imported into the US. Read full post →Major Tech Companies Side Apple In Their Fight Against Qualcomm

When the Nintendo Switch was first announced, many were surprised when they spotted footage of what appeared to be Skyrim playing on the console. For some reason neither Nintendo nor Bethesda could confirm it despite the fact that it was pretty obvious, but at E3 2017, it was pretty much a done deal. Read full post →Skyrim For The Nintendo Switch Demoed On Video

Following the successful launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and also the disastrous launch of the Note 7 back in 2016, it is safe to say that many are highly-anticipating the upcoming Note 8 handset, to see if Samsung can right the wrong from last year’s Note 7 launch, and if they can carry forward the momentum of the Galaxy S8’s success. Read full post →Alleged Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Renders Pop Up Online