A feature that has been in beta for quite a while is finally out today, at least for those who own an Android device. Twitter today introduced the night mode feature for its app. As the name suggests, the feature switches the app from its usual white interface to a dark one that’s better suited to firing off tweets in pitch black.
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Microsoft today introduced a new feature for Word that’s going to make it easier for you to write research papers. The feature is called Researcher, and it helps users find and incorporate reliables sources and content in their paper. Users can explore material related to the topic of their paper within the Word document itself. With one click they can add it and its properly formatted citation to the document.
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Many Surface Pro 3 owners are reported significant battery issues with their tablet/notebook hybrid and Microsoft has taken notice of the problems. The company says that it’s investigating the matter. Reports of Surface Pro 3 battery drain have been coming in since May this year and many users are now reporting that their devices barely last for an hour after being fully charged. That’s certainly not normal and requires a fix, one that Microsoft will hopefully have ready soon.
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You’ve already seen the Gears of War 4 Xbox One S bundle but that’s certainly not the only one. A couple of new Xbox One S bundles have been detailed today that pair the smaller, 4K-compatible Xbox One console with popular titles like Madden 17 and Halo. Both bundles have been detailed today and they will be shipped late next month.
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Adobe today announced the launch of Lightroom for Apple TV. Adobe’s goal with Lightroom is to enable users to enjoy their photography and allow them to share it with anyone with the best possible quality across multiple devices. Now that’s possible on the big screen with Adobe Lightroom for Apple TV. The app has been released today for Apple’s set-top box.
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T-Mobile’s Binge On program was launched about eight months ago and the carrier has rapidly scaled it up. It announced today that more than 100 video providers now support Binge On, enabling the carrier’s customers to stream video from them without ever having it count against their monthly data allowance. The list of supported services has quadrupled over the eight months since Binge On was launched.
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BlackBerry said it would talk about new handsets this week and it has kept that promise. The company today announced its second Android-powered smartphone, it has a very unusual name, it’s called the DTEK50. BlackBerry touts it as “the world’s most secure Android smartphone.” Pre-orders for the handset are now open in the United States as well as in a handful of markets across the globe.
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Amazon is committing to the Indian market in a big way and as a testament to that, today it announced the launch of Amazon Prime in the country. The company has now launched its same-day delivery service in the world’s second most populated country. Amazon Prime is only available in a handful of countries right now including the United States, Japan, United Kingdom, and Germany.
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Apple is going to release its new iPhones in around two months. The company’s smartphones drive a lot of business for mobile carriers in the United States which is why it makes sense for Sprint to make its plans slightly more expensive prior to the launch of the 2016 iPhones. Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure has said that Sprint is getting rid of its half-off promotion and that the carrier will introduce “a new set of rate plans before the next iPhone.”
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Not much is known about Nintendo’s next-generation console right now, only that the company is currently working on the NX. A new report suggests challenges the basic idea that many have about this console. Apparently, the Nintendo NX is going to be a 100 percent fully portable handheld console, so if this report is believed, it’s not entirely going to be similar to the likes of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
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