adobe flash playerA recent report has predicted that in the next 2 years, there is a good chance that the Flash standard used on the web could be dead. While a darling back in the day of web design and web development, Flash over the years has proven to be a bit of a security risk, leading to several websites and services, such as Twitch, to make the switch to HTML5. Read full post →Google Dropping Support For Flash Ads, Turns To HTML5

Every week, you hear about another hack or Internet scam. Often, hackers have been able to force a user password. This article will help you understand what a strong password is, and what it means. You will then be able to pick a strong password that is easy to remember for you, but hard for others (or machines) to guess. Read full post →How To Create A Strong Password, Easy To Remember

htc one m10While HTC’s smartphones aren’t bad, they aren’t exactly up to par especially against the likes of Samsung. However could HTC be planning on turning things around with the HTC One M10? That’s what HTC’s chairwoman Cher Wang said last year when she promised that we could expect a redesigned HTC flagship for 2016. Read full post →HTC M10 Might Be Launched Under A Different Name

google_self_driving_car_prototypeSelf-driving cars are still a relatively new technology, which means that the current system needs to be updated to better reflect said technology. So far self-driving car tests have been somewhat restrictive, and there is also the need for a human driver to be present in said vehicle, which we suppose makes sense. Read full post →NHTSA Tells Google That Computers Can Qualify As Drivers

Most of us have probably sat in a sports car or two in our lives. Some of us might even own sports cars capable of hitting top speeds in an insane amount of time, but we’re sure that not many can brag about having been in a drag race car before. If you haven’t, don’t worry you’re not alone. Read full post →Helmet Camera Shows What It’s Like To Go 0-300mph In 4 Seconds

lg g5 always onThe LG G5 will be officially unveiled at MWC 2016. So far LG has teased little nuggets of information about the phone. For example just last week, it was hinted at the MWC teaser that maybe the LG G5 could sport an OLED display. Now thanks to a new teaser from LG, it seems that we can expect the LG G5 to have an “always on” screen. Read full post →LG G5’s Screen Will Be “Always On”

crash bandicoot teaseBack when Sony got into the console business, one of the console’s definitive games that was constantly demoed was Crash Bandicoot. This showed off the console’s potential and some of the games and quality of games that PlayStation gamers could expect from the company, but fast forward to today, Sony has their hands full with other franchises. Read full post →Sony Continues To Tease Crash Bandicoot

music-piracyEarlier this year, one of China’s largest piracy/cracking groups 3DM offered a prediction that game piracy could come to an end in the next couple of years. Given that many developers have started to turn to always-on connections and introduced features to disable or troll gamers who pirated their games, we can’t say we’re surprised. Read full post →Chinese Pirate Group To Stop Cracking Single-Player Games


A couple of new visual cues have been added to Gmail today as part of Google’s celebration of Safer Internet Day. For now on, Gmail is going to flag emails from non-encrypted sources. Gmail users who send or receive messages from email providers that don’t support TLS encryption will see a tiny unlocked padlock icon in the compose window. Clicking on that icon will bring up a dialog box that has a warning for the user.

Read full post →Gmail Gets Visual Cues For Improving Security


It was only a few weeks back that Square Enix confirmed it will release Final Fantasy IX for PC and mobile devices. That announcement didn’t come as a surprise since Square Enix has already released ports of previous Final Fantasy titles for both platforms. It has released Final Fantasy IX for iOS and Android today.

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