Until the official iPhone X sales figures are released, it’s really anyone’s guess as to how well they are selling. However a recent report from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, he has predicted that 2017’s iPhone X could be “discontinued” this year, suggesting that Apple isn’t interested in keeping it around as a cheaper alternative to 2018’s iPhones. Read full post →2018’s Larger iPhone X Could Offset Weak Demand In China

If the recently unveiled Nintendo Labo kits for the Switch sound like something you might be interested in, then you’ll be pleased to learn that the kits are now available for pre-order. So far it seems that there are three different sets that you can order, such as the Robot Kit, the Variety Kit, and also the Customization Set. Read full post →Nintendo’s Labo Kits For The Switch Now Available For Pre-Order

Unfortunately unlike 2016’s iPhone 7 Plus which seemed to dominate the speed test scene for quite a while, the new iPhone X doesn’t seem quite as speedy. Either that or Android OEMs in 2017 have stepped up their efforts. For those looking for more comparisons, you’re in luck as PhoneBuff is out with a new video. Read full post →Mate 10 Pro VS iPhone X VS Note 8 In Speed Test

Apple’s CEO had previously expressed how learning to code is an important skill that students should learn. His opinion also reflects some of Apple’s initiatives, such as the Everyone Can Code education curriculum which last year expanded outside of the US. Now in a press release, Apple is boasting at how 70 education institutions in Europe have since adopted its program. Read full post →Apple’s ‘Everyone Can Code’ Adopted By Education Institutions In Europe

If you’re digging the weird and wonderful world of animated GIFs, then you might be interested to learn that Instagram seems to be rolling out support for adding GIFs in its Stories. This is according to a report from The Verge in which some users from certain parts of the world are reporting that they are now able to add GIFs via Giphy to their Stories. Read full post →Instagram Adding GIF Support To Stories

We’re sure many of us have experienced situations when our phone’s battery is about to die, and we’re frantically sending off last messages to let people know that you’ll text them back later. Interestingly enough now there exists a chat app called “Die With Me” that’s only usable when your phone has 5% battery and below. Read full post →‘Die With Me’ Is An App That’s Usable When Your Phone’s About To Die

Are you having some major issues with your iPhone 6 Plus? The good news is that according to MacRumors, it seems that Apple will be replacing some iPhone 6 Plus units with the iPhone 6s Plus, which means that for some users, you will essentially be getting a free upgrade of sorts, even if that upgrade is about 3 years old. Read full post →Some iPhone 6 Plus Models Are Being Replaced With iPhone 6s Plus During Repairs

If you’re like Oklahoma City Thunder player Paul George and love sneakers and Sony’s PlayStation console, then you’re definitely going to like Nike’s new PG-2 sneakers. Nike created the PG-2 in collaboration with Sony and George. It’s the NBA star’s latest signature shoe and since he considers himself to be one of the biggest gamers in the league, he wanted a shoe that represented his love for the PlayStation when he’s out on the court.
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Minecraft has been around for a while now and the community seems to be as active as ever before, if not more. It has been confirmed by Minecraft’s new boss that the game achieve a new record for the most number of active players ever. Minecraft head Helen Chiang has revealed that the game hit 74 million active players in December 2017.
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Xiaomi has emerged as one of the fastest-growing smartphone manufacturers in the world in a relatively short amount of time. The company’s strategy of offering aggressively-priced devices with robust specs has paid dividends. It’s now looking to go after Samsung even aggressively by expanding its retail presence in a key market. The company has largely been focused on driving sales through online channels but it’s clearly shifting gears now.
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