While there is an increasing number of smart home appliances that are finding their way onto the market, the number of “dumb” home appliances still outnumbers them. However we’ve seen how some companies have found ways around that, such as by creating smart plugs that turn regular appliances into smart ones. Read full post →iHome Launches HomeKit-Compatible Outdoor Smart Plug

One of the most iconic features of the iPhones over the past decade is the home button. It has been present in pretty much every iPhone since the beginning, and it has also led to lawsuits over its design. It is so iconic that even in drawings, diagrams, cartoons, and video games, seeing a smartphone with a home button is usually associated with the iPhone. Read full post →Jony Ive Talks About Removing The Home Button In The iPhone X

One of the great things about this modern internet day and age is that we are no longer bound by more traditional methods of entertainment. For example just earlier this year, YouTube TV was officially launched which allowed viewers to watch their favorite shows and channels while on the go. Read full post →YouTube TV Now Available On Samsung’s Smart TVs

Malware, viruses, hacks; those are security issues that aren’t exactly new, but unfortunately it seems that some platforms are more affected than most. According to Nokia’s latest Threat Intelligence Report, it seems that they have discovered that Google’s Android platform is by far the most targeted by malware. Read full post →Report Claims Android Is The Most Targeted By Malware

You might have heard that according to recent user reports, the iPhone X’s screen can become unresponsive when in cold weather. It is rather strange considering that this has never really been an issue (or at least a widely-reported one) for previous iPhones, but the good news is that this is not a hardware defect. Read full post →iOS 11.1.2 Update Will Fix iPhone X Cold Weather Unresponsiveness

The removal of a physical home button, an edge-to-edge display, and a facial recognition system, these are all features that we have seen before prior to the iPhone X, but perhaps it could be how Apple implemented these features and made them all work because it seems that TIME has deemed it fit to declare the iPhone X as one of the “25 Best Inventions of 2017”. Read full post →iPhone X Named As One Of TIME’s ‘25 Best Inventions Of 2017’

On November 2, Ubergizmo held the Digital Fall event in San Francisco. Digital Fall is one of the Digital Seasons series of events from Ubergizmo, aimed at entrepreneurs and developers. This one was titled “The Future of VR” and included panelists Han Jin (Lucidcam), Ashley J. Granata (triggar), Hubert Nguyen (Ubergizmo) and moderator Leanne Luce (Fashion Robot). We had a full house – without a doubt, VR is a hot topic! Read full post →Ubergizmo Digital Fall: The Future of VR – Overview

NBC has announced today that it’s going to live stream a record 1,800 hours of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games from PyeongChang, South Korea. This is a record for the Winter Olympics. NBC’s streaming coverage of the games will be a combination of digital-only streams and authenticated TV viewing.
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Instagram wants more people using its Stories feature, the same feature that it cloned from Snapchat and now boasts more users for. The Facebook-owned service today announced that users can now post photos to Instagram Stories from mobile web. They won’t be able to access many of the advanced features that are available in the app, but at least they can post photos via mobile web now.
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If you have a Sonos sound system in your home and use Tidal has your preferred music streaming service, rejoice, because you will now be able to control your music system from within the Tidal app. The music streaming service has updated its app with the ability to control Sonos hardware. This means that users will be able to control their sound system without having to switch between multiple apps.
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