Imagine a world where if you wanted to go jogging, you could 3D print a pair of jogging shoes. Or if you wanted to go hiking, you could 3D print a pair of hiking boots. Imagine such a service that could be offered at hotels and resorts where guests will no longer have to worry about what kind of shoes to pack.

That seems to be a future that Adidas is envisioning, where users will be able to 3D print the right shoe for the right moment. This future is dubbed Futurecraft 3D and it exists more as a proof of concept for now as opposed to being an actual thing. However given the kind of things we’ve seen 3D printers can do, we wouldn’t be surprised if such a service would be offered in the future. Read full post →Adidas Futurecraft 3D Takes Running Shoes To 3D Printing Levels

facebook reactionsYou see something on Facebook that you think is funny, so you “Like” it. You see someone get married, you “Like” that event. You see a post about something going on in a part of the world, you’re upset and you want to acknowledge that so you “Like” it. It does seem like the “Like” feature in Facebook is rather limited in terms of what it can convey.

Now previously we had heard Facebook was planning a “Dislike” button that would allow users to show that a post or story upset them. This makes it more dynamic, but now according to a report from Engadget, it could be much more than that. According to Engadget, Facebook is said to be close to launching “Reactions”. Read full post →Facebook Could Be Looking To Take “Likes” To A New Level

linkedin-hackFrom time to time you might notice a new friend request pop up on Facebook, or you might see a new follower on Instagram or Twitter, or someone who wants to connect with you on LinkedIn. Sometimes these are spam accounts used to send you advertisements for all kinds of junk, but recently it has been discovered that some fake LinkedIn profiles could be used to scout potential hacking targets.

According to a report by Dell SecureWorks, they discovered a host of fake LinkedIn profiles. Their report also notes that the profiles are grouped into developed personas and supporting personas, thus giving the illusion that these might be actual people on LinkedIn who might want to connect with you genuinely. Read full post →Hackers Use Fake LinkedIn Profiles Used To Scout Potential Targets

While our smartphones are great camera replacements as far as compact cameras are concerned, we’re not sure if they’re at that point where it could take on a DSLR, especially given how DSLRs have access to a wider range of lenses, different processors, and much bigger sensors.

However in a recent YouTube video posted by Lee Morris of Fstoppers, he has compared the new iPhone 6s to the Nikon D750 DSLR which was launched last year. Now in terms of photos we suppose you don’t need to test it to find out who won, however when it comes to 4K video recording, which device do you think handled it better? Read full post →iPhone 6s VS Nikon D750 In 4K Video Shootout

facebook-unfollowWith Facebook acquiring Oculus and essentially the Oculus Rift in the process, it would be easy to assume that virtual reality is the next platform that Facebook is looking at. However it turns out that is not all. Speaking at the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that the company is working on augmented reality tech as well.

If you’re expecting to see some kind of app or headset that will demonstrate augmented reality, you might be in for a wait. According to Zuckerberg, he confirms that the company is working on the technology, but also admits that it is a bit farther out. This was confirmed by Michael Abrash, the chief scientist at Oculus VR who notes that augmented reality still has quite a ways to go. Read full post →Mark Zuckerberg Confirms Facebook Has Plans For Augmented Reality

alphabet logoAs you might have heard, last week Google officially became Alphabet, and Alphabet is now the parent company of Google. We know, it does sound a bit confusing. Basically Google, which was the parent company for their products and services and divisions, became known as Alphabet.

However within Alphabet, there exists Google which will handle some of its products and services like Android, Gmail, Google Maps, and so on. That being said Alphabet needs its own website and right now it is basically However according to a Google spokesman, “We realized we missed a few letters in, so we’re just being thorough.” Read full post →Google Now Officially Owns

time-trip[CEATEC 2015] How do you travel back in time? The answer is pretty simple – you don’t, and cannot. Well, thanks to the wonders of modern technology and augmented reality, Kinki Nippon Tourist (KNT) has decided to bring tourism to a whole new level – calling it “smart tourism”. Yeah, throw in a smart moniker these days and you can get away with a lot – but this one’s different, as tourists wear a pair of smart glasses and will be able to be transported – visually, at least, to visible historical structures which are no longer there in real life.

Read full post →Time Trip View Lets You Travel To The Past Virtually

nec-emergency-network-mobile-radio-1[CEATEC 2015] When you happen to live in a country like Japan where natural disasters are prone to happen – or at the very least, it has the tendency to actually be more frequent than in many other countries around the world, then it would pay to be prepared just in case of an emergency. Everyone should have his or her very own “Go bag”, or Grab Bag, it is all the same – a bag that contains the bare necessities for one person in the event of a disaster or emergency. Well, having an early warning system might come in handy too, especially where tsunamis are concerned, but what happens when the disaster has already hit, and communications is one of the first few things to go? NEC figured out that having an Emergency Mobile Radio Network that is based on SDR ain’t such a bad idea after all.

Read full post →NEC Reveals Emergency Mobile Radio Network

tsunami-warning-system-1[CEATEC 2015] If you have lived through the huge earthquake and tsunami disaster in 2011 in Japan, then you would know how terrifying the event was – especially if you were a victim and not just a citizen of Japan, safe in a totally different prefecture. Life still has to go on for the survivors, where those who once heeded the call of the sea for their living are now earning their keep in a variety of jobs, including running a ramen restaurant. The resilience of mankind is always a testimony to our hardy spirit within, but if there was some sort of early warning system which is better and more accurate, more lives could have been saved, right? Mitsubishi thought so, too, which is why they have come up with a tsunami radar monitoring system.

Read full post →Mitsubishi Early Warning Tsunami System

3d-reconstruction-1[CEATEC 2015] If you have ever worked with 3D modeling software before, you would know for sure that it is no walk in the park at all. Well, while it has become a whole lot easier than ever before, this does not mean that it is simple enough for any Tom, Dick and Harry to master 3D modeling software overnight. Reconstructing a scene can also be a tough assignment, as you would need to be able to gather all of the relevant information before making input of the correct values in the software itself. Mitsubishi wants to make life a whole lot easier for the masses with their new 3D reconstruction software that actually runs on mobile devices – and a tablet was used as a demonstration.

Read full post →3D Reconstruction Made Easy With Mitsubishi