Samsung, its battery-making affiliate Samsung SDI to be precise, is going to demonstrate its new household energy storage system this week as demand continues to rise globally for green energy storage systems. The system will primarily be used for storing energy that’s collected from solar panels.
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After confirming that it’s going to release Far Cry 5 in the coming months, Ubisoft released the first official trailer for Far Cry 5 last week. The trailer confirmed that the game would have a rural U.S. setting with the action taking place in Montana. The company has now revealed some more details about the upcoming Far Cry game.
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ARM has arrived at Computex 2017 with a couple of new smartphone processors that it has developed with the express purpose of powering artificial intelligence-based solutions on mobile devices. That’s not surprising at all given that artificial intelligence is in vogue these days and as the industry makes a shift towards this technology, we can expect companies like ARM to follow suit as well.
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There has been much talk about the laptop ban that the United States enforced earlier this year on flights to the country from eight countries. It was said that the ban could be extended to flights departing Europe as well. We recently heard reports that an extension to cover flights departing the U.S. was being considered as well. The latest report suggests that the Department of Homeland Security is essentially considering a blanket ban on laptops being carried in the cabin on all flights to and from the country.
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So Capcom recently announced that they will be bringing Monster Hunter XX onto the Nintendo Switch. Now for fans of the franchise who are looking forward to the game, if you guys are big enough fans or maybe hardcore enough, you might be pleased to learn that there will be a limited edition copy of the game as well. Read full post →Capcom Preparing Limited Edition Monster Hunter XX For The Switch

By now most gamers are probably aware of the fact that Final Fantasy VII is getting a remake. However it seems that prior to this, the game was apparently being developed by both Square Enix and with the help and support from third-party developers, but that has changed as Square has since opted to shift it all in-house. Read full post →Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Development Will Be Shifted In-House

There are plenty of ways for students to form discussion groups via digital means. This can be done on forums, apps like Skype, or even WhatsApp. In fact it seems that maybe WhatsApp could be the way to go because a recent study found that students who participate in WhatsApp group chats can express themselves better. Read full post →Study Finds WhatsApp Groups Helps Students Express Themselves Better

OnePlus is gearing up to launch the OnePlus 5 in the near future. The company’s new flagship smartphone is being anticipated by its fans across the globe as they wait to see what sort of flagship killer OnePlus comes out with this year. Ahead of the OnePlus 5 launch, OnePlus has launched a referral program for customers who have purchased a device directly from it.
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Samsung unveiled two new Chrome OS-powered notebooks back at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 in January this year. The Chromebook Plus and Chromebook Pro were both unveiled in January. Samsung released the Chromebook Plus soon after it was launched but the Chromebook Pro’s release was delayed a couple of times. Those who have been meaning to pick one up will be delighted to know that the Chromebook Pro is finally available for purchase starting today.
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We’ve been reading reports and hearing rumors about the Moto Z2 Play over the past couple of weeks. The handset has now been properly leaked. Several renders of the device have appeared online aside from detailed information about its features and specifications, particularly its modular nature.
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