Remember last October where it was rumored that Amazon wanted to deliver your packages to the inside of your car? It sounded a bit ridiculous due to the myriad of security concerns over such a service, but as it turns out it is pretty damn real because Amazon has since announced that they will be expanding its Key program. Read full post →Amazon Key Service Will Now Deliver Packages Inside Of Your Car

Recently it was reported that Apple might not be able to source OLED panels from LG due to the company apparently not being able to meet production targets. As a result it was reported that Apple might have to go back to relying on Samsung, which therein lies a problem because if the reports are accurate, Samsung charges a premium for its OLED panels. Read full post →Apple Reportedly Trying To Get Samsung To Lower Price Of OLEDs

With Avengers: Infinity War set for a release this week, it means that we are one step closer to the end of phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So what does that mean for the MCU? Obviously Marvel isn’t going to end things like that, far from it, and in fact there will be a phase 4 (and presumably beyond). Read full post →Marvel’s Phase 4 Movie Plans Won’t Be Revealed Until 2019

The other day it was announced that South Park: The Fractured But Whole would be launching on the Nintendo Switch. However it seemed like only the standard version of the game would be available, but for those who were hoping to get their hands on the game and all the DLCs that have been released so far, you’re in luck. Read full post →Gold Edition Of South Park: The Fractured But Whole Listed For The Switch

We know that many gamers are probably eagerly anticipating the release of Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 6, assuming that it is in the works. However it seems that in the meantime, Rockstar has decided to launch GTA 5: Premium Online Edition which is aimed at gamers who might have not played it before. Read full post →GTA 5: Premium Online Edition Announced

Compared to back in the day, finding an EV charger these days is considerably easier. Granted it’s probably still not quite as ubiquitous compared to gas stations, but we’re getting there. In fact if you’re the owner of an electric vehicle, you might be interested to learn that Target has announced that they will be expanding the number of EV chargers across their stores. Read full post →Target To Install More EV Chargers Across Its Stores

While StarCraft 2’s storyline has been officially concluded, it doesn’t look like Blizzard is quite done with the game just yet. The company has announced that in the next major patch for the game, they will be introducing paid, premium maps that players will be able to check out via the Arcade feature in the game. Read full post →Paid, Premium Maps Are Coming To StarCraft 2

The “Sent” folder in our emails is where emails we send reside. This is where users can check emails to see if they’ve been successfully sent, so as you can imagine the panic and confusion you might experience if one day you were to check your email’s Sent folder, only to discover it has been filled with spam. Read full post →Gmail Users Are Finding Spam Messages In Their ‘Sent’ Folder

It seems like Chinese companies like Huawei and ZTE can’t seem to catch a break in the US market. Both companies have in the past been accused of spying for the Chinese government, but in recent times ZTE has been hit with a US export ban which prevents them from buying US technology. Read full post →ZTE Releases Official Statement On US Export Ban

Recently it was revealed that OnePlus is working on an Avengers-themed OnePlus 6. No word on how much it would cost, but if you were hoping that it would be priced like a OnePlus handset, you could be mistaken because according to reports out of China, the handset could cost around $800. Read full post →Avengers-Themed OnePlus 6 Could Cost $800