htc-vive-hero-editors-choiceVirtual Reality is now getting billions of dollars in funding, and things are moving fast. The HTC VIVE is one of the two main options that PC users have, the other being the Oculus Rift, and now the HTC VIVE Pro. We have used the HTC VIVE for two weeks, tried dozens of VR apps, and are now ready to share our view about it, and shed some context about potential alternatives.

Does it work well, is it built to the highest standards, will it make you sick, who is this for? These are some of the many questions we want to answer to, along with enough information for you to extrapolate how HTC VIVE will work for your unique circumstances. To start this review, I want to show you a short demo of what VR can do, and I recorded a VR Longbow gaming session:

Software: SteamVR

Since everything is designed to run on SteamVR, you’ll need to have a Steam account and install Steam on your gaming system. I recommend doing that once you know that your HTC VIVE system has shipped, it will save you time once the box has arrived.

To make the search for VR apps easier, there’s a filter that will quickly allow you to navigate. At the moment, there are no 360-videos to use as “trailers”, but I’d love to see this in the future because the description doesn’t quite cut it and it’s not like you can search for a Youtube trailer once you have the headset on.

You can even download/pre-install games before getting the hardware. That way, you’ll be able to play right away.

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