Green Bank Is An Oasis Of Peace

We live in an increasingly connected society, and the sound of a WhatsApp alert, as well as the ring of the smartphone, or vibration of a handset in silent mode, are more or less everyday occurrences that we no longer bat an eyelid when that happens. Are there really places to go where we can escape from being connected? Apparently so, where Green Bank is so rural over in the US, that the chances of you hearing the moo of a cow is a whole lot higher than that of a handset ringing.

There is a very good reason for such a “reputation”, of course, since Green Bank happens to be home to the most sensitive radio telescope in the world. The radio telescope happens to be a device which is capable of capturing the birth as well as death of stars, as well as pick up signals that are deemed to be “whispers” from space, going to show just how sensitive it is.

Taking into consideration how the electronics found in the likes of smartphones and Wi-Fi grids will upset the way things work, such technology is seen to be anathema in Green Bank – either they are extremely restricted, or banned outright. Hence, Green Bank with its population of 143 is now deemed to be a retreat from those who are sick and tired of electromagnetic waves, with some even claiming that the migraines and different ailments they suffered earlier on, suspected to be released by smartphones, have disappeared while they are there.

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