Romotow: The Foldable Camping Trailer Inspired By A USB Flash Drive

A New Zealand-based architecture and design firm named W2 has created a revolutionary camping trailer called the Romotow, that can transform into a spacious deck lounge with the push of a button. The design (inspired by a USB flash drive) was initially conceived as a futuristic idea back in 2012 but was later revealed in 2018, and is now, to make camper enthusiasts happy, it is available for purchase.

Thanks to an automatic hydraulic mechanism, the trailer’s inner section can rotate 90 degrees, unveiling an L-shaped scheme, and expanding the floor space by 70%. Its pearl-white body can swing outwards to create an elevated deck that enhances the mobile living experience. The “foldable” body is a solution to the boxy and cumbersome trailer concepts available in the market, introducing a two-part living area.

In this trailer, up to four people can sleep comfortably, with two bedrooms separated by a bathroom and a customizable kitchenette. It also features a front sleeping area that can double as a living room with a dining table and a back sleeping space with beautiful views of the surroundings.

The trailer’s cabin has an aluminum exterior with insulated composite walls, flooring, and roofing. It is equipped with entertainment options like a pop-up or wall-mounted smart TV, a reversing camera, a fusion sound system, and an exterior projector.

The Romotow also has a 395 W solar panel on the roof and a 200-Ah lithium battery that can be expanded, providing a sustainable and eco-friendly living experience. It is constructed by ACM Motorhomes and is now available for sale, starting at a price of US$268,000. Via DesignBoom

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