Tasty Mio H610 personal GPS

We just got back from San Francisco where we attended the official U.S launch of the Mio H610. After a first wave hype in March of this year, customers will finally be able to get their hands on the H610 in October. The product is designed to be totally different from previous Mio units like the C310 (review here) because it turns a commodity like a GPS into a more personal device -designed to follow you everywhere- that also contains contacts, music, photos and videos.

Indeed, the Mio H610 is tasty, especially the “biscuit” version.

Seriously, the H610 was demonstrated very well by Isabelle Hoogland and Eric Larsen. They went over the new features, let people look and play with the GPS and most importantly sent everyone to the bar where the buzz continued.

This launch wasn’t the typical corporate event with boring PowerPoint presentations. On the contrary, the venue (an Art gallery) and the guest-speakers (low-tech users) were interesting and entertaining. We’re not naïve, it’s still a marketing event, but we’d rather go to a fun one!

From right to left: Meghan Hughes, Eric Larsen and Eliane

We got home with a Mio H610 unit to test and we would have posted photos, but it’s 2am – time to go to bed. More details about the H610 GPS in a few hours, if I wake up. Meghan, thanks for inviting us!

Update: read the Full Review of the Mio H610 (with video)

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