You could say that out of all the home consoles to date, the Nintendo Wii has had its fair share of zany looking (and useless) add-on peripherals from third party manufacturers. Why increase the risk of breaking something in your home by swinging the appendage of a tennis racket while you’re engaged in a furious tennis match in Wii Sports? Well, those who love table tennis on the Wii might just want to consider picking up this high-tech table tennis bat from Shinobii Technologies. Meant to be an actual 1:1 reproduction of an actual table tennis bat in size and weight, it also boasts the relevant wiring required to “talk” to a Wii console. A rechargeable keeps things going, where it will retail for $69.99 a pop. Pretty expensive if you ask us, considering the fact that you will need at least four of these puppies to play a doubles match. How far are you willing to go when it comes to increasing the realism stakes?

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