Consoles these days wear more than one hat, where they are designed to be more than just a device for gaming.  Instead they come with various entertainment and social features, like being able to stream movies, chat with friends, and so on. This is why Netflix on the Nintendo Wii made sense.

Unfortunately for users out there who still own the Wii and use it to stream Netflix, you might want to start looking at alternatives. This is because according to Netflix, they have announced that they will be ending support for the app on the Wii console. “Nintendo has announced that it will close the Wii Shop Channel on the Nintendo Wii in 2019. As a result, all video streaming services on Wii, including the Netflix Channel, are no longer available to new members as of July 31, 2018. Nintendo Wii U users are not impacted by this change.”

At the moment Netflix isn’t available on the Nintendo Switch, although the company has stated that they are “exploring” such a possibility. We’re not sure why it hasn’t launched on the Switch despite being available for the Wii, although for those who want video streaming, Hulu is one of the options available, although YouTube for the Switch has also been recently launched.

That being said, it’s not surprising that Netflix is ending support for the Wii. The console’s production has ended a long time ago and it doesn’t make sense for them to keep supporting a console that isn’t being used that much anymore.

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