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Download Wii Games On Wii U Starting Today
There is wonderful news today for those who like to play Wii games on the Nintendo Wii U. There are lots of gamers out there who like to play the various classic games that were released for the original Wii from Nintendo, but the process hasn’t exactly been easy, and the company has fixed that today. During Nintendo Direct the company confirmed that starting today gamers will be able to download […]

Fresh Paint Windows Phone 8 Update Allows You To Port Your Work To The Desktop
While many of us love the idea of working on the move in a mobile environment, not all mobile devices are up to par just yet when it comes to having the kind of processing power and relevant hardware required to get the job done, particularly when that exact piece of work is highly complex and needs its fair share of “muscle”. However, it makes perfect sense when you are […]

Nintendo Wii Production In Japan To Cease Soon
It was reported earlier today that Nintendo had updated its Japan website to add a note revealing that the company is going to cease production of the Wii console in Japan soon. A spokesperson for Nintendo Europe has confirmed this, saying that the website was indeed updated back on August 29th to include a “small notice to state that Wii hardware production will stop in the near future.” The spokesperson further said […]

Angry Birds Star Wars Headed To Consoles, Handhelds On October 29
We think it’s safe to say everyone has had their fill of Angry Birds Star Wars news for the rest of this month which started with the original game being made available for free on iOS, which was then followed up with news of its sequel just a few days after. Now it looks like we’ve got another piece of Angry Birds Star Wars news for you to chew on as  Rovio […]


Wii U Claimed To Have Been Hacked, Nintendo Says Console Is Still Secure
Wiikey, a group that was behind the first ever mod chip for Nintendo Wii, now claims to have hacked Wii U making it able to play pirated games. Their website states that they have reversed Wii U’s disk encryption, file system, drive authentication and “everything else need for this next generation K3y.” Calling it the WiikeU, the group describes it as the first region-free optical drive emulator for Nintendo Wii […]

Nintendo Wii U Miiverse Now Accessible On PC, Smartphones
The last we heard of the Nintendo Wii U’s Miiverse was when the company announced its mobile features would be made available to smartphone and PC users “in a few weeks.” It looks like those few weeks are now behind us as Nintendo has officially launched Miiverse onto smartphones and PCs.This version of Miiverse isn’t a dedicated application, so smartphone users shouldn’t go looking in their respective app stores for an app. […]

Nintendo Won't Hold An E3 2013 Press Conference To Focus On Smaller, Direct Events
We think it’s safe to say considering how Nintendo’s Wii U has been performing lately, the world will be tuning into their E3 press conference this year in anticipation to hear what exactly they have planned to turn things around for the company. That was probably the plan for many gamers around the world, but it looks like they’ll have to look for their Nintendo information elsewhere as the company has […]

Nintendo Sells 390,000 Wii Us In Q1 2013; Promises Release Of Key Nintendo Titles In Q2
Nintendo may have announced its launch lineup of the Wii U’s Virtual Console, ( but on the other side of the spectrum, they also announced how their console has been selling, and as you could expect, it isn’t good news.Nintendo announced its quarterly sales for the Wii U reached only 390,000 units since December, well after its holiday boost. In total, the Wii U has sold a total of 3.45 […]

Several Nintendo Wii Online Services Shutting Down On June 28
Nintendo’s Wii U has was released this past November, although you wouldn’t know considering how bad its sales have been in recent months. But regardless how poorly it’s sales are, one thing we do know is the fact Nintendo will slowly but surely end its support for its Wii. The first phase of this will start soon as Nintendo has announced it will be ending some of the Wii’s services.Nintendo published […]

Nintendo Wii Remotes May Finally Be Getting Rechargeable Battery Packs
Both Microsoft and Sony have delivered rechargeable batteries for their respective controllers, making NIntendo one of the only companies who have yet to offer such a product to its customers who want to be rid of the hundreds of AA batteries stuck in their kitchen’s crap drawer. But it looks as though Nintendo may finally offer such an accessory due to a newly discovered survey.The survey suggests Nintendo may be […]

Dolphin Nintendo Wii, GameCube Emulator Running On Android
There have been a number of video game console emulators available on Android that can play Nintendo 64, PlayStation and even hand-held game devices like the Nintendo DS. But it looks we may finally be getting a Nintendo Wii and GameCube emulator in the very near future.The Dolphin emulator has been available for years for Windows, Mac and Linux, and it looks like its developers are planning on an Android release. A teaser […]

Nintendo Wii YouTube App Arrives In The US
So you are still rocking to an old school (I guess you can classify this particular console as such now) Nintendo Wii, while the next generation Nintendo Wii U is being prepared for a holiday release? Fret not, there will still be plenty of support offered for the Nintendo Wii, and here we are with word that the official YouTube app for the Nintendo Wii has just been released. This […]

Mario Kart Wii bundle stops Gamecube support
Do you love all things Mario? Well, assuming you have yet to own a Wii, and want to pick up Mario Kart later this year, you will be pleased to know that the house of Nintendo will be rolling out the ultimate Mario Kari Wii bundle, where it will boast of a black Wii, a similarly colored Wii Wheel, a copy of Mario Kart Wii to get your adrenaline pumping, […]

Ubergizmo's Gaming Digest #2: Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3, Modern Warfare 3, Wii U, PS Vita and More
The gaming news world moves fast. Every day, thousands of nuggets of new gaming info drips out like a leaky faucet. We understand that most people don’t have the time to keep up with every single gaming blog, but what the to stay on top of the most important news. In addition to the gaming coverage that we bring to you daily, we’re dishing out a weekly feature that’ll keep […]

Ubergizmo's Gaming Digest #1: The Darkness II, Ratchet & Clank, Battlefield 3, GTA III iPad and More
The gaming news world moves fast. Every day, thousands of nuggets of new gaming info drips out like a leaky faucet. We understand that most people don’t have the time to keep up with every single gaming blog, but want to stay on top of the most important news. In addition to the gaming coverage that we bring to you daily, we’re dishing out a weekly feature that’ll keep you […]

Europe to receive Wii redesign as well
We do know that those of us living Stateside will be getting a redesigned Nintendo Wii in the form of the black Wii Holiday bundle, but what about our friends living across the pond? Not to fret – they too, will be on the receiving end of this bundle of joy, where the new Wii will be out when November 4th rolls around. That is just a fortnight after we […]

Nintendo Wii gets blue Sega theme
I remember back in the days where Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Ghostbusters were all the rage – and this new fangled toy known as video games ruled living rooms, never mind that their graphics were positively awful in comparison to today’s realistic renderings. Well, Nintendo and Sega duked it out pretty hard, with Sega having the upper hand in terms of advertisements many a time, but Nintendo’s mainstay […]

Play Wii games on your Android tablet
Are you interested in being able to play Nintendo Wii on your Android tablet? We’re not sure why you would want to do that, perhaps for novelty value? Well either way, Obiwan222222 has come up with a way to play your Nintendo Wii from your Android tablet via network streaming.

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword special edition will come with gold Wii remote
Are you a huge Zelda fan? If you are, you’re probably eagerly awaiting the release of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, which is expected to see a release this 20th of November.

Redesigned Nintendo Wii will be cheaper but won't have GameCube support
A couple of days back we reported that Nintendo had announced a new look for their Wii gaming console. At the time of writing it was unclear as to whether Nintendo would keep the price similar to the current version of the Wii, or if it would see a price drop.