Takht Lahori zero emission bus concept

Pakistani designer Ali Murtaza has come up with a new zero emission bus concept for the “My City” scholarship competition of Instituto Europeo di Design’s School of Transportation Design. Calling it the Takht Lahori, this zero emission bus aims to ferry the mass populace around in Lahore, Pakistan without clogging up the airways too much. It will be powered exclusively by motors that are located within the wheels while boasting an active suspension and regenerative braking. Not only that, the “Active Bumper” idea is there to deliver a mechanical, airbag-powered crumple zone on all sides. As for its in-wheel motors, those are powered by lithium-ion batteries which can be juiced either by installed 3D photovoltaic panels or a regular A/C plug. Nice, but will it ever hit the road? It does look like a gimped train from the angle you see here though.

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