iPad Catching Up to Kindle in E-Reader Market in Latest Survey

While Amazon is still a dominant player in the e-reader market with a 47% market share, Apple is quickly gaining ground having captured 32% of the e-reader market with its iPad consumer tablet. ChangeWave’s latest survey was completed by over 2,800 consumers, and the methodology for comparison is unclear as the iPad can do a lot more than be used as a dedicated e-reader as it is a multi-purpose content consumption tablet. In general, iPad owners were more satisfied with their devices and the survey results show that in the next 90 days, more people were likely to buy an iPad than a Kindle. 42% of respondents say an iPad would be their next likely e-book reader purchase, 33% wanted the Kindle, and only 4% wanted the Barnes & Noble Nook. The survey did not take into account the Nook Color, which is based on the Android platform and utilizes a 7-inch color LCD touchscreen for displaying books and magazines and was launched after the completion of the ChangeWave survey. At one point, Amazon had estimated its market share to be about 60-80% for e-books. Moreover, while iPad owners can access books from Apple’s iBookstore, users can also access Amazon’s Kindle Store as well as Barnes & Noble’s Nook Store, the Borders e-book store, and the Kobo catalog.

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