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Apple Just Made A Bunch Of E-Books And Audiobooks Free
Most of us are stuck at home these days to practice social distancing, which is the act of isolating ourselves at home to help slow down the spread of the coronavirus, and also providing some relief to healthcare workers. This means that instead of finding entertainment outdoors, we need to start finding ways to entertain ourselves at home.

Researchers Develop Prototype Braille E-Reader Device
Many of us probably take our sight for granted. We can read books, watch movies, surf the web, all without having to give a second thought. Those who are blind don’t have such luxury and have to rely on braille, meaning that unless there is a braille version of the book that they want, they might have to turn to other means which might not be as convenient.

E-Book Sales Sees A Decline Of 10% In 2015
Just like how the digital format revolutionized the way we consumed our music, many had assumed the same would be applied to e-books. After all with e-books, all users needed was a single device like an e-reader, tablet, or smartphone, and they could bring their entire library of books with them wherever they went.However it would seem that maybe e-books aren’t really taking as well as they should. According to […]

Barnes & Noble To Shutter International Nook Store
When it comes to e-books and e-readers, there is a good chance your mind might jump to Amazon and their Kindle devices. This isn’t to say that there aren’t other companies who have similar devices and ecosystems, it’s just that Amazon’s dominance is rather overpowering, so much so that it looks like Barnes & Noble will be calling it a day as far as their international Nook store is concerned.In […]


UK's Largest Book Retailer Says Kindle Sales Are "Disappearing"
Are e-books and e-readers the future of reading? Will physical books eventually die out and be completely replaced by e-books instead? Well according to Waterstones, the UK’s largest book retailing chain, it seems unlikely that e-books and e-readers will be taking over our lives anytime soon.According to the retailer, they have noticed that sales of Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader has “disappeared”. Instead the retailer claims that they have started to […]

E-Book Publishers Turn To Invisible Watermarks To Track Pirates
Piracy in the tech scene is rampant. After all with music, movies, and books becoming digital, what’s stopping people from downloading them instead of purchasing them legally, right? While movie studios and the music industry have been pretty aggressive (some might argue overly so) in chasing down pirates, the e-book industry hasn’t really made any waves, at least until recently.HarperCollins Publishers and LibreDigital have recently announced that they will be […]

McDonald's UK Happy Meal Toys Will Now Include E-Books
McDonald’s has had a long and proud(?) tradition of giving toys to kids whenever they purchase a Happy Meal. Heck, in recent years we’ve seen them give toys and collectibles away to adults as well, but that’s a different story altogether. That being said, it seems that McDonald’s in the UK is hoping to do something different and have teamed up with Kobo to offer children an e-book with every […]

Pew Study Finds E-Books Are On The Rise
Just like how music lovers have started to embrace the digital life, we’re sure book lovers are starting to do so too with e-books and e-readers. Given that an e-reader can store hundreds, if not thousands of books in a device that’s thinner and lighter than a book, it makes sense especially if you’re tight on space or you want the convenience of your library being with you wherever you […]

BiblioTech Is The US' First Bookless Public Library
Libraries for the most part contain books, actual physical books, although with technology becoming more integrated into our lives, libraries have introduced computers and to a certain extent, e-books as well, but it looks like the BiblioTech library in San Antonio, Texas, is looking to shake things up as it is the first and only public bookless library in America. This was the brainchild of Bexar County Judge, Nelson Wolff, […]

Amazon Kindle Matchook Service Now Live; Supports 70,000 Books
Amazon announced its new Matchbook program that would allow those who purchase a physical copy of a book to receive a discount for the e-book version of that same piece of literature just last month. Bookworms can now raise both their physical books and e-books and cheer as Amazon’s Matchbook service is now available.

Research Suggests Tablets More Popular Than E-Readers For E-Books
With the convenience and slightly lower prices of e-books, it only makes sense that more and more people are starting to turn away from the print medium to the digital medium, and according to a research by the folks at Pew Internet, that certainly seems to be the case. According to their report, Americans who read e-books rose from 16% in 2011 to 23% in 2012. Granted these aren’t exactly […]

Harry Potter e-books hinted for Amazon's Kindle [Updated]
If you own an Amazon Kindle and you’d love nothing better than to be able to read the entire Harry Potter collection while on the go, you’re probably painfully aware that Harry Potter’s author, J.K. Rowling, has been holding out on releasing her books in electronic format on websites like Amazon or Barnes & Noble, choosing instead to release them via her own website, Pottermore. Well the good news is […]

Kindle lending library under fire by Authors Guild
Amazon’s Kindle lending library feature for Kindle owners and Amazon Prime subscribers is a great idea. A free e-book to read each month, to be replaced with a new book the next month, is a great way for users to get their hands on the e-book format and encourage widespread adoption of e-readers. However it seems that the Authors Guild is not too pleased about it.

Onyx Boox i62 e-reader coming soon
If you’re in the market for a new e-reader device, Chinese e-reader manufacturer, Onyx, has outed the Onyx Boox i62 e-reader device. Based on the picture alone we can’t help but feel that there are some glaring similarities between the Onyx Boox i62 and Apple’s iPad, but putting that aside, it does look like a rather sleek device.