Just like its Galaxy Player G50 sibbling, the Galaxy Player YP-GB1 is a PDA/media player that is powered by Android 2.2 (codename FroYo).  Now that Android is enjoying a wide adaption, users are familiar with its interface as imperfect as it might be (to be honest, it’s good enough – I haven’t heard major complaints from regular folks lately – this is always a good sign).

The device is oriented towards media playback (music, HD video), but also towards video chat. It has a large 4” Super Clear LCD display that should perform well when watching movies, even if it won’t have the contrast of AMLOED – by the way, there is 8GB to 16GB of storage and a micro SD slot. Samsung also points out that the YP-GB1 is proficient at Skype and other VOIP applications, like Qik.

In the back, there’s a 3.2MP cameras, and a GPS. You can think of this as a Samsung Galaxy phone… without the phone. That said, we would need to take closer look at the hardware before comparing it more directly to the excellent Galaxy S line of smartphones.

If it works as well as it seems, we wouldn’t have any trouble recommending this to those who look for an alternative to Apple and iTunes. In some ways, Android can be much simpler to manage as the internal storage simply appears as a drive.

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