Alleged Samsung Galaxy Player photo surfaces, sports whopping 5.8″ display

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen alleged leaked photos of what is believed to be Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 2 which will be unveiled on the 29th of August. Based on the photos, it seems that the Galaxy Note 2 could be based on the Galaxy S3’s design, or maybe not. Thanks to the folks at SamMobile, they have received a photo from a tipster which claims that […]

Galaxy Player 4.0 and 5.0 now available

It’s been awhile since Samsung’s upcoming portable Android media players (PMP) were introduced to the world. Those of you who have been waiting to get your hands on one – we’ve got some good news. The wait is finally over. The Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 and 5.0 are now available for purchase on this side of the world. For those of you that need a quick refresher, these PMPs are […]

iPhone screenshot spotted in Samsung Galaxy Player promo?

One of the main reasons Apple is suing Samsung is because they are claiming that the South Korean company is copying their products, which has resulted in pretty much a patent infringement war that spans several countries. With Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Player devices which is their answer to Apple’s iPod touch media player, a promotional image was spotted that seemed to look rather familiar.

Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 3.6 to hit IFA 2011

IFA 2011 that will be held in Berlin, Germany over the weekend will play host to a slew of new devices and consumer electronics, and South Korean giant Samsung will have their hands full then. We do know that Samsung will be rolling out a spanking new Galaxy Player there, otherwise known as the Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 3.6 Smart Player. Is it me, or is Samsung taking the same […]


Samsung Galaxy Player officially announced

The Samsung Galaxy Player that was first unveiled at CES 2011 in January has been officially announced today. The Samsung Galaxy Players are basically Galaxy S phones – minus the phone capabilities. It runs on Android, supports various multimedia formats natively thus eliminating the need to transcode or convert files before playback. This means that you’ll be able to drag and drop video content in formats such as DivX, Xvid, […]

Samsung Galaxy Player up for pre-order from Feb 4th in Korea

Aside from the Zune HD, Apple’s iPod touch doesn’t have too many competitors out there, though Samsung’s Galaxy Player (YP-GB1) might be gearing up to offer a serious challenge, similar to how the Galaxy Tab is challenging the iPad. If you’re living over in Korea, the good news is that Korean folks will be able to pre-order this Android-powered PMP from February 4th till 7th. The player itself will be […]

Samsung Galaxy Player YP-GB1 Preview

Just like its Galaxy Player G50 sibbling, the Galaxy Player YP-GB1 is a PDA/media player that is powered by Android 2.2 (codename FroYo).  Now that Android is enjoying a wide adaption, users are familiar with its interface as imperfect as it might be (to be honest, it’s good enough – I haven’t heard major complaints from regular folks lately – this is always a good sign). The device is oriented […]

Samsung Galaxy Player YP-G50 Preview

[CES 2011] Apple might be a juggernaut in the “music player” business, but Samsung and other CE manufacturers now have a stable Android platform to work with. The Galaxy Player YP-G50 is an entry-level Android device that is basically a personal digital assistant, and is also a media player. Take a Galaxy Android phone, remove the wireless radio and associated hardware (leave WIFI) and you get a Galaxy player. You […]

Amazon UK already offering the Samsung Galaxy Player for pre-sale

[CES 2011] We already know that Samsung will be offering its Android-powered Galaxy Player to challenge Apple’s iPod touch and the Zune HD. If you can’t wait those few days to CES in order to find out more about it, the folks over at Amazon UK have already put it up for pre-sale. It’s currently only offered in white and in capacities of 8GB and 16GB, priced at $233 and $279 […]

Samsung Galaxy Player to launch internationally mid-2011

[CES 2011] We previously caught wind that Samsung would be showcasing its Galaxy Player at the upcoming CES 2011 and now some additional details of this media player have surfaced. The good news is that the folks over in Korea will be getting it in January; the bad news is that it won’t be shipping to other countries until sometime between April and June. The Galaxy Player YP-GB1 is more […]

Samsung Galaxy Player confirmed for CES 2011

Samsung’s iPod touch rival, the Galaxy Player hasn’t really made the waves that it intended to, but the Korean company isn’t one to fail. The Android-powered Galaxy Player has been confirmed that it will be showcased next week at CES 2011 and the inspiration for this device obviously comes from Samsung’s successful Galaxy S phone. The device features a model number of YP-GB1 and is powered by Android 2.2 Froyo, […]

Samsung Galaxy Player 50 portable media player

We are starting to wonder whether the Galaxy line of devices from Samsung will end up like the Eee PC range from Asus – after all, not only do we have a variety of Galaxy S smartphones, there is also the recently announced Galaxy Tab tablet device, and now, the Galaxy Player 50 which is actually a portable media player. Powered by Android 2.1 (why not Froyo?), the Galaxy Player […]