Samsung Galaxy Player YP-G50

[CES 2011] Apple might be a juggernaut in the “music player” business, but Samsung and other CE manufacturers now have a stable Android platform to work with. The Galaxy Player YP-G50 is an entry-level Android device that is basically a personal digital assistant, and is also a media player. Take a Galaxy Android phone, remove the wireless radio and associated hardware (leave WIFI) and you get a Galaxy player. You got it; this is the equivalent of the iPod Touch at Samsung. It works very decently, but without pricing, it’s hard to provide an opinion on its value, though I bet that it will be priced very competitively.

Who would want this instead of an iPod? Folks who don’t have a lot of content, or know how to buy stuff from places like Amazon and other non-DRM vendors. If you are using a streaming service, this might be of interest too. Finally, if you have little content and want to manage it with a simple drag & drop interface, Android devices show up like a hard drive in Windows – simple, no?

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