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Mac OS X security flaw discovered in Preview
Heads up Mac OS X users, a security flaw has been spotted in Apple’s Preview application, the default app used to open image and PDF files. It was discovered by Christian Kienle, a developer for several Mac apps, and while it may not seem like a huge flaw, for those who deal with sensitive PDF files on a daily occasional basis this could be an issue.

Amazon tablet details leaked
When it goes on sale later this year, the tablet will be WiFi-only, though Amazon is rumored to be negotiating deals with carriers to turn it into a 3G device

BBM Music given an official first look
Can’t wait for BBM Music to arrive? Well, over at the official BlackBerry Blog, they recently gave an in-depth preview of the upcoming social music service, and revealed more about it. In case you missed our announcement of BBM Music last week, BBM Music is basically a social service where people setup a musical profile of 50 songs (as their music DNA). These songs can be streamed or downloaded onto […]

TabCo tablet UI preview on the way
The TabCo tablet is one interesting tablet. It is backed by a very intriguing viral marketing campaign, and there’s still not much known about the tablet. I.e. who’s creating the tablet? What operating system is the tablet running on? What does it look like? Well, it looks like some of the questions might be answered today. The TabCo Twitter account recently just posted a Tweet telling its followers to be […]


MeeGo 1.2 Developer Edition shown off in 30 minute video
If you can’t get enough of MeeGo and want to see what the latest version of the operating system is like, you’re in luck. Amanda of has shot an informative half-an-hour long video about MeeGo 1.2 Developer Edition. In the video, she goes in depth into pretty much everything you wanted to know about it. While it’s an unfinished build of the operating system, and it is the developer […]

Windows 8 Metro UI settings menu revealed
Some folks who’ve been playing around with the leaked Windows 8 beta have discovered even more examples of the Metro UI being used in the operating system. We all knew that Windows 8 was designed for tablets as well as PCs, but so we haven’t really seen too many elements of its tablet UI design. Well the folks over at have discovered a way to launch the system settings […]

Galaxy Tab 8.9 Preview
Galaxy Tab 8.9 Preview - this preview of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 goes over the strengths and weaknesses of the 8.9-inch form factor, and the custom changes that Samsung made to Honeycomb

3rd iOS SDK 4.3 beta to be seeded today?
According to some reports online, iOS developers will be receiving the third beta version of iOS 4.3 by today. It hasn’t been officially announced what will be in this beta, but as with each iOS 4.3 beta release, expect to discover more hints about Apple’s upcoming products. The next iOS 4.3 will probably include features that will be released in conjunction with The Daily, Apple’s iPad newspaper that will be […]

BlackBerry PlayBook business video released
RIM has just released a video showing off the ways that business professionals can make use of the BlackBerry PlayBook, a QNX tablet. RIM’s focus has always been in the enterprise sector, and it’s no surprise to know that despite being hip and trendy, the BlackBerry PlayBook has its place in the corporate world as well. The recently released video shows how BlackBerry phones connect to the PlayBook using BlackBerry […]

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play (PlayStation Phone) given an in-depth preview
The folks at Engadget managed to score themselves a working prototype of Sony Ericsson’s “holy grail” of the past few months. The Xperia Play or better known as the PlayStation Phone made its way into their eager hands where they did an in-depth preview and rundown of the device, with pictures and videos for the whole world to see. From hands-on report, it looks like the Xperia Play is nothing […]

Samsung Galaxy Player YP-GB1 Preview
Just like its Galaxy Player G50 sibbling, the Galaxy Player YP-GB1 is a PDA/media player that is powered by Android 2.2 (codename FroYo).  Now that Android is enjoying a wide adaption, users are familiar with its interface as imperfect as it might be (to be honest, it’s good enough – I haven’t heard major complaints from regular folks lately – this is always a good sign).The device is oriented towards […]

Motorola Droid preview
Our friends at BGR managed to snag a Motorola Droid for themselves, and after gorging silly on the Android-powered smartphone, here’s what they say about it. The Motorola CLIQ was a pretty big disappointment for me personally, but oh man does the Droid make up for it. Sure, there’s a little hype sprinkled in because this is the first Android 2.0 device I’ve had the pleasure of using, but once […]