Monopoly releases new boardgame with a built-in computer

Monopoly live

Hasbro will be releasing a new version of Monopoly (Monopoly Live) that comes with a built-in computer that is in the shape of a tower in the center of the board. The tower-computer acts an overseer for the game, keeping track of each player’s bank account, property and even places on the board. By doing so, the computer can help speed up game calculations; so that people spend more time having fun than having disagreements about how much money they need to pay somebody. There are even new upgrades and events thrown in to spice up the board game that’s been around since 1903. Hasbro will still sell the traditional versions of Monopoly (without the computer) for people who enjoy playing the game with human errors thrown in. Monopoly Live will go on sale this fall for $50.

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