Angry Birds 2 launched today and I got a sneak peak during an event in San Francisco on Tuesday.

Developed by Finish company Rovio, the original Angry Birds, which was a phenomenal success, launched  in December 2009 and since then, and after multiple versions,  got 3 billion downloads.

During the event, I met Patrick Liu, Creative Director of Angry Birds 2 and he explained briefly what is new in the game’s sequel. The previous game is already 6 years old, and mobile technology has significantly changed during that time, enabled the team to do things that they were not able to do before, like the animations, the new effects and the dynamic lighting.


First of all the graphics have been improved, now they are created with a 3D software, while they were done in pure 2D before.

Then, there is an additional layer of strategy on top of the core game mechanics, for instance, there are cards on he bottom left of the screen from which you can choose the order of the birds, in the previous version it was not possible to choose the order of the birds available.

The levels are more complex now, they contain several rooms in which gamers navigate, not knowing what is coming ahead, so it requires more skills to adapt to each situation.

The key new game mechanics is what Rovio calls “destructomy” or “Destruct-O-Meter”, meaning the more you destroy, the more cards you get back, more cards mean more birds, more spells, and more powers, so it is an incentive to destroy more things.  Every five levels you get a boss level, meaning you fight against a very strong pig (chief pig). Gamers earn feathers with each level that allow to level up the birds.

Watch the demo video shown by Patrick Liu to see more details or watch the official Gameplay trailer  and Animation trailer.

The game is available for free from the App Store or via Google Play. , and you will be able to buy more powers inside the application.


(left) Peter Vesterbacka “Mighty Eagle”, Chief marketing officer at Rovio, before the event started in San Francisco


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