upsilon-circuitWhen it comes to the world of video games, there is always a second chance. Sure, your save file might be wiped out after you have invested hundreds of hours into a particular game, but there remains the option to begin all over again, right from the very beginning. In a sense, “death” within a game never remains as final. Having said that, this has led to a game known as Upsilon Circuit, where it toys with the concept of perma-permadeath.

Alix Stolzer and Calvin Goble shared, “We’ve been thinking a lot about permadeath and permanence. And consequence. Legend of Dungeon has a ton of that. You’ve got one life, you go down in the dungeon. When you die that’s it, you start over. But that’s not enough for us. We’ve been thinking about real consequence. Like, real consequence. Big time, meaningful game experience. Putting the permanence in permadeath,.”

Upsilon Circuit is a single-server, online action role-playing game that sees you involved in a world full of puzzles and monsters, with only a single instance on its lone server. There are only 8 people who can log in at any one time, and out of the 8, only one will play. Each player will get one turn at the dungeon, where they play and make as much impact as possible, before they die. Upon death, Upsilon Circuit will pick a member of the audience to continue, and the water becomes the player. This makes it just about mathematically “impossible” to play the game twice. Do you think that there is potential for a title such as this?

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