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Angry Birds 2 Launch
Angry Birds 2 launched today and I got a sneak peak during an event in San Francisco on Tuesday.Developed by Finish company Rovio, the original Angry Birds, which was a phenomenal success, launched  in December 2009 and since then, and after multiple versions,  got 3 billion downloads.During the event, I met Patrick Liu, Creative Director of Angry Birds 2 and he explained briefly what is new in the game’s sequel. […]

Upsilon Circuit Game Can Be Played Only Once
When it comes to the world of video games, there is always a second chance. Sure, your save file might be wiped out after you have invested hundreds of hours into a particular game, but there remains the option to begin all over again, right from the very beginning. In a sense, “death” within a game never remains as final. Having said that, this has led to a game known […]

Meizu MX3 Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Encourages More Hardware Detail Speculation
There is nothing quite like a leak of a printed circuit board (PCB) of an upcoming device to extrapolate on the possible hardware specifications down the road.

Robot Plays Rock-Scissors-Paper With Humans
When you were a child, I am quite sure that you have played this game that requires no batteries at all, which would be the Rock-Scissors-Paper game. Basically, all you need to do is use your hand, squaring off with your opponent, where rock will beat scissors but lose to paper, while paper is shredded by scissors, but is the bane of rock. The thing is, it sounds like a […]


NRA Releases Shooting Game
The National Rifle Association (NRA), much to the chagrin of some, has introduced a shooting game weeks after it panned first person shooter (FPS) games. It was just a month ago that the NRA joined the rest of the world in solidarity by expressing their sorrow after the shooting tragedy which occurred in Newtown, Connecticut, and there was speculation as to whether video games containing violent imagery were to be […]

Steve Wozniak teams up with Danny Trejo in new iOS game
After completing Dancing with the Stars in 2009 and after appearing on The Big Bang Theory in 2010, the “Woz,” as he is popularly known, is going to star in a new iOS game. The game is called “Vengeance: Woz With A Coz” and it’s basically designed to promote American actor Danny Trejo’s latest flick entitled Vengeance. The game is developed by ITN FLIX in partnership with React! Games. According […]

Game finds itself struggling, might just fold
British video games retailer Game has not been given new titles by suppliers, and the company has recently positioned itself in a rather awkward place – that is, on the corporate shopping shelves. This would definitely send a warning to those shareholders, as their equity in the firm might eventually end up as nothing but a piece of paper. Game currently has around 1,270 stores in nine European markets and […]

The Dark Meadow brings survival horror to Android devices next year
The quality of games available on mobile devices is rising pretty quickly, with the shift moving from casual time wasters you play while waiting for the bus to triple-A titles that you want to experience on a large display with your tablet’s HDMI output; which is good news for gamers who are looking for more than just simple games on their mobile devices. We recently got SHADOWGUN, a title optimized […]

Eye Asteroids need no joystick
Remember when you first had a go with the game Asteroids on the Atari 2600? Boy, did that translation of the arcade game into the living room make a real impact in my life, although the graphics by today’s standards would not even be able to attract the attention of a 2-year old. Well, using a joystick to control where your little ship is supposed to fly and blast those […]

New spinning top game uses a table-top display and tactile feedback controllers
If you love playing with spinning tops, but you’re bored of the types of games that are available to play with, you’re in for a treat. The folks over at the University of Electro-Communications in Japan have come up with a new type of spinning top game – by enhancing the centuries old childhood pastime with the use of technology.

The Adventures of Tintin: The Game now on Android
Looking forward to The Adventure of Tintin movie that’s hitting our cinemas later this year? Well the folks over at Gameloft have come up with a way to bide your time while you wait for the movie’s release. Yes, just like it did for quite a number of blockbuster films over the past few years, Gameloft has produced an official game based on The Adventures of Tintin.

Gamers crack AIDS puzzle
You know, glowing kittens and cats isn’t the only way to keep the AIDS scourge at bay – it seems that gamers might have a role to play in the fight against this relentless virus. Researchers over at the University of Washington have joined forces with gamers, resulting in a breakthrough in AIDS research which might see the unlocking of new drug treatments for the wasting disease. The game in […]

Controversial game Phone Story pulled from the App Store
Earlier today there were reports of a newly released iOS game that went live on the Apple App Store for only a few hours before it was pulled offline. The game, called Phone Story, tells the story of the iPhone – from how it was made, all the way until it the end of its lifecycle where it gets disposed. Each part of the story is told through a collection […]

Angry Birds downloaded over 350 million times
We all know that Angry Birds was a hit, but exactly how successful is the game? Well according to recently announced stats, from Rovio’s General Manager for North America, Andrew Stalbow; Angry Birds has been downloaded over 350 million times since the game was launched way back in 2009 (wow, it’s been that long!). Apparently the game is also played for about 300 million minutes collectively – on a daily […]