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Hasbro To Bring Back Classic 90s Handheld Consoles
If you were a kid that grew up in the 90s, then there is a good chance that you might recall those handheld consoles made by Tiger Electronics. The good news is that if you’re looking to relive some old school nostalgia, Hasbro has announced that they will be reviving those consoles where four new models will be launched this coming fall.

Hasbro Is Looking To Crowdfund This Massive Unicron Transformer Toy
If you grew up watching the Transformers franchise, you might have watched the very first animated movie which featured the planet transformer Unicron. If you thought that it would be awesome if they made Unicron into a toy, you’re in luck because Hasbro has since announced that they will be crowdfunding a Unicron Transformer toy.

Hasbro Launches A New Voice-Controlled Version Of Monopoly
Back in the day, board games were pretty straightforward and “low tech”, where you would roll some dice, play with pieces of paper, and so on. For the most part, a lot of board games are still built that way, but it seems that Hasbro is experimenting with more hi-tech board games and has recently unveiled a voice-controlled version of its popular Monopoly game.

Overwatch Is Getting More Figurines And Its Own Monopoly Set
Blizzard’s Overwatch was kind of a happy accident. The company had been working on its next-gen MMORPG codenamed Project Titan, but they later decided to scrap the project and instead used some of its assets to create Overwatch. It was a good decision because Overwatch was launched to great success and is now one of the staples in the eSports scene.


Nerf Unveils Its First Fortnite Blaster
Nerf guns are toys that seemed to be aimed at kids, but yet they are beloved by many an adult. Hasbro seems to be aware of this which is why they have in the past teamed up with Blizzard to create Nerf guns based on Overwatch. Last month the company announced that Epic’s Fortnite Battle Royale would be getting a similar treatment.

Hasbro Announces Plans For Fortnite Nerf Blasters
Hasbro’s Nerf blasters are fun as toys, even for grown ups, and they know it. The company has worked with Blizzard to release Overwatch-themed Nerf blasters and now it looks like Hasbro will be capitalizing on yet another popular video game: Epic’s Fortnite Battle Royale in which we can expect to see Fortnite themed Nerf blasters.

Fortnite Now Has Its Own Monopoly Board
Monopoly used to be a game in which it was based on several countries, where each board piece would represent certain streets or areas in that particular country. However over the years and thanks to various collaborations, we’ve seen how Hasbro has worked with developers and publishers to create special versions of the Monopoly board.

Hasbro Takes The Wraps Off Nerf Blaster For Overwatch’s D.Va
A couple of weeks ago, Hasbro unveiled a new Nerf gun. The company unveils new Nerf guns from time to time, but what made this unveiling particularly interesting is the fact that this Nerf has been designed to look like Overwatch’s Reaper’s gun. Given that many of Overwatch’s characters use guns, it seems like this was just the start of the lineup.

Hasbro Unveils Official Overwatch Nerf Blaster
Nerf guns are fun and if you’re a fan of them and also a fan of Blizzard’s overwatch, then you’ll be very pleased and excited to learn that Hasbro has unveiled an official Overwatch Nerf blaster. As you can see in the image above, for those who play and are familiar with the game, this Nerf blaster has been themed around Reaper’s own guns.

Nerf's New Laser Tag Gun Connects To Your Smartphone
While Hasbro’s Nerf series of foam dart guns have typically been marketed towards children, there are many grown ups who are more than happy to play with them, or some even go further by modding them. Now if you wouldn’t mind getting your hands on a new Nerf gun, then Hasbro’s latest offering might be of interest to you.

Hasbro’s Iron Man Helmet Lets Kids Experience Augmented Reality
Toys back in the day were relatively simple and low-tech, but they were still incredibly fun all the same. However these days toys are becoming more hi-tech, and Hasbro’s latest Iron Man helmet is a good example, allowing kids to experience what it might be like to be Iron Man thanks to the use of augmented reality (AR).

Hasbro Reportedly Looking To Acquire Mattel
Back in 2014, Hasbro was ranked as the third largest toy maker in the world, with estimated annual sales of $4 billion. The only two companies ahead of them are LEGO in second place with $4.5 billion in estimated annual sales, and Mattel in first place with $6.3 billion in estimated annual sales.

Hasbro Unveils New Mario-Themed Monopoly Board Game
Monopoly is one of those board games that even in today’s digital gaming environment is still very relevant. In fact Hasbro has been trying to keep the game as relevant for as long as possible by launching variants of it themed around video games, such as the Skyrim-themed Monopoly set that was announced last year.

Hasbro Is Letting You Vote For Monopoly’s New Tokens Online
Monopoly is probably one of the most classic board games around today. Despite video games being more realistic than ever, more immersive than ever, and featuring amazing storylines, sometimes it’s hard not to go back to the basics. In fact Monopoly has been going on strong and we’ve even see tie-ins with other games, like Skyrim.