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Hasbro Launches A New Voice-Controlled Version Of Monopoly
Back in the day, board games were pretty straightforward and “low tech”, where you would roll some dice, play with pieces of paper, and so on. For the most part, a lot of board games are still built that way, but it seems that Hasbro is experimenting with more hi-tech board games and has recently unveiled a voice-controlled version of its popular Monopoly game.

Overwatch Is Getting More Figurines And Its Own Monopoly Set
Blizzard’s Overwatch was kind of a happy accident. The company had been working on its next-gen MMORPG codenamed Project Titan, but they later decided to scrap the project and instead used some of its assets to create Overwatch. It was a good decision because Overwatch was launched to great success and is now one of the staples in the eSports scene.

Monopoly Gamer: Mario Kart Edition Now Available
Over the years we’ve seen Hasbro’s Monopoly take on several different versions by partnering up with other companies and franchises, such as Star Wars. However if you’re more of a Nintendo fan, you might be interested to learn that Monopoly Gamer: Mario Kart Edition is now available for purchase.

Hasbro Unveils New Mario-Themed Monopoly Board Game
Monopoly is one of those board games that even in today’s digital gaming environment is still very relevant. In fact Hasbro has been trying to keep the game as relevant for as long as possible by launching variants of it themed around video games, such as the Skyrim-themed Monopoly set that was announced last year.


'Monopoly' Announced For The Nintendo Switch
Board games take up a lot of space and it can get messy, which isn’t so ideal if you’re outside in a public setting like a beach, cafe, park, and so on. However the good news is that if you love board games like Monopoly, it has been announced the the game will be officially making its way onto the Nintendo Switch.

Hasbro Is Letting You Vote For Monopoly’s New Tokens Online
Monopoly is probably one of the most classic board games around today. Despite video games being more realistic than ever, more immersive than ever, and featuring amazing storylines, sometimes it’s hard not to go back to the basics. In fact Monopoly has been going on strong and we’ve even see tie-ins with other games, like Skyrim.

Skyrim-Themed Monopoly Set Will Be Arriving Next Year
Over the years we’ve seen the Monopoly board game get made into different themes and variations. For example we’ve seen The Legend of Zelda version, a Pokemon Johto edition, and even a Final Fantasy VII version. This is why it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that in 2017, we can look forward to a Skyrim version as well.

Monopoly Pokemon Johto Edition Announced
Monopoly started out as a property trading/managing game which later spawned several different versions for different countries, which in itself was pretty unique. However over the years, we saw different versions of Monopoly created for different franchises, like Star Wars for example, and it looks like we will be getting a Monopoly Johto Edition as well.

Final Fantasy VII Monopoly Will Be Coming Next Year
Have you ever played Final Fantasy and thought to yourself, “Wouldn’t this be great if there were a Monopoly version?” If you haven’t, we guess we can’t say we blame you. After all there have been many popular movies/games that have been given the Monopoly treatment even if it didn’t necessarily need it, and now it looks like Final Fantasy VII will be given the same treatment.

Hasbro U-Turns, Will Add Rey To Monopoly: Star Wars
When Hasbro initially unveiled its new Monopoly: Star Wars edition, many were quick to criticize the set simply because a key character from The Force Awakens movie, Rey, was not there. The game had pieces for Darth Vader, Finn, Luke Skywalker, and Kylo Ren, but no Rey which is odd considering what a key figure she is in the movie.

Fallout Monopoly Set To Arrive This October
Monopoly, the board game that has kept families happy together during a rainy day, has gone through its fair share of iterations over the years. While the basic gameplay mechanics have not evolved too drastically, at the end of the day, the game embodies the title as you make an attempt to own a monopoly of all the properties on the board, while driving the other players bankrupt through their […]

Monopoly Sets To Arrive With Real World Money
Now here is a quick pop quiz – just how much is the total amount of cash that a Monopoly set carries right out of the box? A whole lot, actually, and it seems that there is some sort of Golden Ticket-inspired moment by toy maker Hasbro as they celebrate the 80th anniversary of Monopoly’s release over in France through the replacement of fake Monopoly money using actual cash. Yes, […]

Legend Of Zelda Gets Monopoly Edition
When it comes to the board game Monopoly, it must be noted that Monopoly has gone through a fair number of changes in the years, and for a while, it seemed as though board games would end up losing their appeal to the younger generation, no thanks to digital entertainment that becomes a whole lot more inclusive from all aspects of life in this day and age. What better way […]

Pokemon And Zelda Monopoly Box Art Spotted Online
Earlier in March during the Toy Fair, it was revealed that both the Pokemon and The Legend of Zelda franchise would be getting the Monopoly treatment, meaning that if you love Monopoly and you love either (or both) titles, it would be like the perfect marriage and a great way to get your friends together for some old fashion board games.Now thanks to a listing by Southern Hobby Supply, the […]

Hasbro Launches New Monopoly That Can Be Played In Under 30 Minutes
One of the biggest gripes I have with Monopoly these days is that I don’t want to spend half of my day to dedicate my life to a game where I make believe I am a business tycoon when the only reason why I end up winning is based on pure luck. At thirty-one years old, I’m sure children, teens and young adults have even less time to spend on […]

Alan Turing gets own Monopoly edition
Just last week, we did talk about there was the Monopoly: Street Fighter Collector’s Edition, and here we are kicking off a brand new week with a non-fictional character getting his very own Monopoly edition – the computer pioneer known as Alan Turing. Celebrating Turing’s life, this special Monopoly edition will be accompanied by a facsimile of a hand-drawn version Turing that actually played on, now how about that? The […]

Monopoly: Street Fighter Collector's Edition now available on Amazon
While Street Fighter is a game you usually play on the console while beating your friends senseless, you might recall that back in February, Monopoly: Street Fighter Collector’s Edition was announced and gamers were given a chance to vote on the tokens that they’d most like to see in the game. Well if a board game version of Street Fighter is something you wouldn’t mind playing, especially since it adds […]

Fans choose new World of Warcraft Monopoly Pieces
With all the iconic images from the World of Warcraft game and the stories behind it, it must have been difficult to choose just 6. But when it came to the point for Blizzard to make a decision with regards to which icons would feature in the upcoming Monopoly: World of Warcraft board game, they did their homework and narrowed it down to just ten selections.

World of Warcraft Monopoly currency revealed
It was previously announced that Monopoly would be getting a World of Warcraft makeover sometime this May, and it looks like the folks over at Kotaku have received some additional details about the game. Yesterday they unveiled the currency that will be used in the game, and we’re sad to inform you the game won’t be played with gold/silver/copper coins. Printed bills will be used, with each note featuring an […]

Monopoly: Street Fighter Collector's Edition
If you’re a fan of Street Fighter and Monopoly, you’ve probably heard about the special Street Fighter edition of Monopoly that will be coming out soon. However, that’s not all – it looks like you’ll be able to choose which characters will be part of the tokens that ship with the final version. Instead of a top hat, iron or boot it looks like you’ll be able to use one […]