rps-robotWhen you were a child, I am quite sure that you have played this game that requires no batteries at all, which would be the Rock-Scissors-Paper game. Basically, all you need to do is use your hand, squaring off with your opponent, where rock will beat scissors but lose to paper, while paper is shredded by scissors, but is the bane of rock. The thing is, it sounds like a pretty simple game to us humans, but for robots, it is an entirely different matter altogether. Basically, an Indian scientist has come up with what could very well be the first wave of highly intelligent robots which are capable of playing rock-scissors-paper with humans.

Scientist Ram Ramamoorthy, who hails from Bangalore, claimed that the robots will do its bit to react intelligently in a bid to win the games, other than practicing responses to human gestures. These robots measure 2 feet in height, and are capable of anticipating human actions thanks to the assistance of a Microsoft Kinect, which is a motion-sensing device.

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