Liquid Solar Array collects sunlight while out in the sea

Floating solar panels

Solar panels are a great way to generate electricity without causing any harm to the environment, but the problem with them is that they require a large area to contain a huge amount of solar panels in order to generate sufficient amounts of electricity. While this works great when there’s a lot of real estate to go around, in highly dense or populated areas, it would be a waste of space. Tata Power, India; and Sunergy, Australia; have decided to work together to create a solution to the problem: a Liquid Solar Array. Making use of specially designed floating solar panels, the Liquid Solar Array will be a whole fleet of sunlight converting devices that will float off-shore India, transforming rays from the sun into useful electricity. The best part is – they Liquid Solar Array won’t take up any space on land. The solar panels are even capable of adjusting themselves depending on the location of the sun in order to maximize the amount of sunlight they capture throughout the day. Sounds like an interesting concept, now they just have to figure out a way to make sure the wildlife won’t mess with the solar panels in the sea. Hit the break to watch a video render of how the Liquid Solar Array would function:

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