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Tesla's Solar Panels Could Become MUCH Cheaper Soon
Tesla is reportedly looking to take a major step in order to prevent the decline of its solar business. According to a new report, the company is thinking about selling its solar panels at a price that’s 38 percent less than the national average. The company is aiming for a price between $1.75-$1.99 a watt compared to the $2.85 national average.

Tesla Solar Roof Tiles Are Finally Being Manufactured
Tesla started taking pre-orders for its solar roof tiles in May last year. Interested customers put down a $1000 deposit and while installation was supposed to begin in the U.S. last summer, the process was delayed. Tesla appears to have worked out the issues that caused the delay because it has finally started manufacturing the solar roof tiles.

San Francisco Makes Solar Panels Mandatory Starting Next Year
There’s a much greater push now to adopt solar power as there are numerous benefits of adopting renewable energy sources as opposed to the conventional methods of generating power. San Francisco hopes that one day 100 percent of its energy will come from renewable resources and it has now passed legislation that will help it achieve that goal. The legislation makes solar panels mandatory for all new construction starting next […]

Panasonic Steals SolarCity's Thunder, Unveils World's Most Efficient Solar Panel
Merely days after SolarCity gleefully announced that it had created the world’s most efficient solar panel with 22.04% efficiency Panasonic has come out with its own claim of creating the world’s most efficient solar panel, the company claims that its new panel has a recorded conversion efficiency of 22.5%. Panasonic will demonstrate the new panel at the Solar Energy UK exhibition this week.


SolarCity Claims To Have Made World's Most Efficient Solar Panel
There’s a greater push now to shift towards renewable energy sources like solar power and already there are dozens of companies out there helping people to make the switch. SolarCity is one such company that manufactures solar panels, it was founded by Lyndon and Peter Rive, who also happen to be related to Elon Musk, the co-founder and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. The company claims to have made the world’s most […]

Google's Project Sunroof Shows If Investing In Solar Is Worth It
Fixing solar panels to the roof of our home or office is a good way to cut down on the electricity bill but it’s easier said than done, first there’s the significant initial investment and then you have to be sure whether or not the roof receives adequate amount of usable sunlight for an investment in solar to be actually worth it. Google is leveraging its technologies to make it easier […]

Low-Income Families In California To Get Free Solar Panels
Solar energy is a widely used alternative energy source that’s increasingly making its way into average households across the country. However the high initial setup cost makes it difficult for low-income families to move to solar energy, which essentially costs nothing if you take out the installation cost. California is going to lead the way to bring solar power to low-income households, the new project is going to provide them with […]

Solar Bike Path Generates More Energy Than Expected
Last year we reported that over in the Netherlands, a bike path was created in which solar panels would be installed into the path itself, thus allowing users to use the road while at the same time collecting energy from the sun to help power homes. It seems that its creators were a little cautious in their estimates because according to a recent press release, the bike path managed to […]

Walgreens Building A Superstore That Runs Only On Renewable Energy
The cost of energy isn’t cheap as gas prices and home heating costs rise on a semi-regular basis, and one place that we usually don’t think of as energy-sucking locations is the local 24-hour pharmacy. These places need to run their business at all times of the day in order to get you your pills to help with your upset tummy. But one pharmaceutical chain plans to introduce a store […]

Bsolar develops double-sided solar panels, boosts energy yield by nearly 50%
Most solar panels today generate electricity by directly facing the sun. While these panels definitely reap the benefits of the direct sunlight, they are missing out on the reflected sunlight. Bsolar, an Israeli startup, plans on fixing this problem with its bifacial solar panels. Bsolar first showed off their product in a German trade show last month and has announced a 730W project in Japan that it will get involved […]

Scientists develop solar-panels thinner than a thread of spider's silk
Scientists in Austria and Japan have recently revealed that they have been working on solar panels that is not only thinner than a thread of spider silk, but is also apparently flexible enough to be wrapped around a strand of human hair. These solar panels are reportedly ten times thinner than any other solar technology to be created and could very pave the way for electronic textiles or synthetic skin, […]

Blackfriars Bridge solar panel installation to be completed in 2012
The Blackfriars Bridge is a structure in London that was built in 1886, but it looks like come 2012, it will be getting an technological update that will merge a historical structure with some modern, environmentally friendly technology in the form of solar panels.

3M's solar films can be pasted onto windows
If you think that having solar panel installations in your house will make it look ugly or unsightly, 3M may have a solution for you in the form of a transparent solar film, which essentially renders it invisible. In theory you could even apply it on windows and sliding doors without anyone know any better.

Sharp makes attempt at mega power plant
[CEATEC 2011] We all know what a huge blow Japan received at the hands of the massive earthquake in March earlier this year, where it led to a tsunami as well as entire villages being wiped out in the process. Not only that, there was a very real danger of a nuclear fallout which was thankfully contained in time. Well, let’s just say since that happened, anti-nuclear sentiment has certainly […]