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Safeflame Torch Creates Fire Only From Water
When you think of fire, the only way water is thrown into the equation is in order to help control the blazing inferno in hopes to extinguish it. But scientist have invented a new welding flame that is comprised entirely of water as it’s main fuel source. The Safeflame has the ability to split water into oxygen and hydrogen to then recombine them outside of the torch’s mouth in order […]

Drought pushes Texas residents to drink (recycled) pee
According to the latest reports online, folks living in Texas right now are experiencing record-breaking, scorching hot weather and that’s not the worst part: they also have the drought to deal with. Apparently it’s so bad that Texans have been driven to drink their own pee just to survive – at least that’s what the citizens of Big Spring are doing anyway. Fortunately, it’s not what you think.

Water-walking robot doesn’t drown in water
Nature has always been the inspiration for a lot of man-made creations, and one of the latest robot creations from China imitates water-walking insects such as the mosquito and water spider. Those insects are able to walk and even jump on water without drowning due to their highly water-repellent legs. With that in mind, the water-walking robot was designed.With a body that is about 6″ long, it features 10 water-repellent […]

Window washing gecko-inspired robot is almost completely powered by water
One of the main problems with battery-powered robots is that batteries themselves are heavy and the robots spend unnecessary energy moving their own mass. Especially in climbing robots that already spend a lot of energy sticking to surfaces and moving against gravity. Well, some researchers from the Zhejiang University in China have created a robot that doesn’t depend on batteries.Enter the water-powered, climbing, window washing robot. Relying almost entirely on […]


DRY-ALL helps make your wet phones work again
If you dropped your phone in water and you think that it may never work again, don’t fret. A solution is here. The folks over at DRY-ALL have come up with a product called the Wet Cell Phone Emergency Kit. Touted to have a 100% success rate (when all instructions are followed) it sure sounds like a fantastic product. In case you were wondering what sort of trickery this product […]

Seale Solar develops world’s first solar powered rain harvesting, waste processing facility
With companies all over the world planning to go green, Seale Solar has developed a facility to help these companies out. Touted as the “World’s First Solar Powered, Rain Harvesting, Waste Processing Micro-Franchise Facility” it is a self-sufficient, working system that can produce drinkable water from rain water and can produce human waste into a mulch material that can be used as a fertilizer. It can be set up pretty […]

Water Leak Alarms makes sure you never waste water again
If you’ve got a bad habit of leaving the tap on for too long and flooding your sinks, you should start looking for a solution lest one day you leave your home alone for the weekend and come back to a flooded mansion. That’s where the Water Leak alarms come in. Designed just for folk like you, these nifty little devices create a loud audible warning (100dB to be exact) […]

Liquid Solar Array collects sunlight while out in the sea
Solar panels are a great way to generate electricity without causing any harm to the environment, but the problem with them is that they require a large area to contain a huge amount of solar panels in order to generate sufficient amounts of electricity. While this works great when there’s a lot of real estate to go around, in highly dense or populated areas, it would be a waste of […]

Artificial leaves can power homes in the future
Whenever you hear about artificial plants, the first thing that pops into mind would be those fake plastic flowers that you display indoors and away from sunlight. In the future, that might not be the case anymore. Some experts at the American Chemical Society recently presented the world’s first functional, efficient, artificial leaf. Created by silicon, electronics, and catalysts, it is thinner than a poker card. But instead of using […]

Solarball uses sunlight to purify water
Jonathan Liow, a graduate student from Monash University recently came up with an idea to help folks who don’t have access to heaters or kettles the chance to purify water. Called the Solarball, this useful device is makes use of the sunlight to purity fresh water. Resembling a hamster ball, the Solarball can produce up 3 liters of clean water – if there is ample sunlight. It works by absorbing […]

LED shower heads let you know how hot the water is
If you’ve always liked the idea of showering in a disco, you might like the idea of the LED Color Changing Shower Head from Chinavision. This specially designed custom shower head is just like a regular shower head, except that it has LEDs that light up according to the temperature of the water flowing. For temperatures below 90°F it turns green, for temperatures 91 to 105°F it turns blue and […]

Automated water dish makes sure your dog never goes thirsty
If you own a Siberian husky, I’m sure you would know how thirsty those dogs get. Well, a husky owner decided to build an automatic water dish filler so that he doesn’t have to spend so much time each day refilling his dog’s bowl of water. Unsatisfied with the current auto-filling dishes available on the market he diced to build his own solution. Using a kitchen water supply with a […]

The Manta is one sexy looking amphibious vehicle
At the North American International Auto Show last month, one of the entries for the Michelin Challenge Design that was selected to be shown off was this amphibious concept vehicle called The Manta. Fitting only one passenger (unless of course, the driver is willing to let a passenger sit on his/her lap), this three-wheeled vehicle is one of the most innovative water and land vehicles around. On land, it moves […]

Cycle and filter water with the CycloClean
The folks over at Nippon Basic have come up with a way to obtain drinking water with the use of a specially designed bicycle. Called CycloClean, this bicycle comes with a water tank that allows users to store water that they collect from any water sources they find. The bike can then be parked, and through the power of cycling, the water can be churned through a filter to make […]