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Telstra Launches World’s First Gigabit-Class LTE Network (Australia)
Telstra, the largest Australian wireless carrier, has announced that its Gigabit-class (~1000Mbps) LTE network is now operational. Telstra was aiming to have it ready by the end of 2016, so with a small delay, things are now up and running.

Australia Post Stamps Feature A Video Message
The advent of email more or less spelled the end of traditional snail mail (and postmen who hate being chased down by dogs would be happy with that news, although it would also mean a threat to their jobs), but for postal services and couriers, sending packages from one place to another would still form a huge part of their revenue. When it comes to the holiday season such as […]

PS4 And Xbox One Games Could Cost 37% More In Australia
Companies such as Apple and Adobe have been questioned by the Australian government in the past over why their products are priced higher in their country, even after conversion which makes certain products a lot more expensive than their North American equivalents. While Adobe has caved to the Australian government’s demands, could Sony and Microsoft eventually cave too? If you’re wondering what we’re talking about, Choice Online from Australia  has […]

Saints Row 4 'Low Violence' Version Shows Up On Steam Australia
Steam Australia has a "low violence" version of Saints Row 4 available for pre-purchase.


Saints Row 4 Banned For Sale In Australia Over 'Sexual Violence' Concerns
Australia has banned Saints Row 4 from being sold in the region.

Bethesda's 'Endless Summer' Rated By Australian Ratings Board
Earlier this month, we reported on Bethesda planning to make more noise this year for its upcoming titles. They certainly caught our attention when The Evil Within was teased through a number of Vine videos. But it looks like the publisher has some more tricks up its sleeves than what looks to be a survival horror game as another title popped up on the Australian ratings board.The title that is raising some […]

Vodafone To Launch 4G Services In Australia This June
When it comes to 4G connectivity, folks living in the US might take it for granted for quite a fair number of years already, but what about those citizens who live in other countries, and their geographical location happens to be on the other side of the world, basically? Perhaps it is time to see the world as it is – from a global perspective, and here we are with […]

Apple Maps Blamed for Poor Bushfire Response in Australia
The Country Fire Authority of Victoria (CFA), Australia, is blaming Apple Maps inaccurate mapping issues in its FireReady app. Officials are stuck with using Apple Maps for FireReady on iPhones and iPads. A large number of towns including Macedon are located incorrectly, due to inaccuracies in the app. This makes the job of finding the exact location of bushfires very difficult.To shed some context, there is a Google Maps, but […]

Adobe Lowers Prices In Australia After Government Probe
Adobe, which was probed by the Australian government for a significant disparity in pricing between the U.S and the Australian subscription of its Adobe Creative Cloud pricing has decided to lower the prices in Australia, thus effectively matching the value of what it offers in the United States. The Adobe statement was first reported by The Australian Financial News, Australian lawmakers started to ask questions last year, and while this […]

Grow Your Next Piña Colada With The AusFestival Coconut-Flavored Pineapples
It’s Friday which means we’re all just a few hours away to the weekend, which also means we’re a few hours away from getting our drink on. I’m not much of a drinker, but I certainly can appreciate the deliciousness that is the piña colada. And apparently scientists in Australia can also appreciate the delicious drink as they have grown coconut-flavored pineapples.Australian researchers in a facility located in Queensland have […]

Australian Federal Government pledges A$20 million to help local gaming industry
Good news gamers, if you’ve enjoyed playing games that might have been developed by an Australian game studio, you might be interested to learn that the Australian Federal Government has recently pledged A$20 million to help further the local gaming industry. According to the Federal Arts Minister, Simon Crean, this move is expected to help Australia “reclaim their competitive advantage”. Of course gaming studios will be screened before deciding who […]

ACCC wants $2.25 million settlement from Apple
Apple might have rebranded their iPad in Australia in order to keep certain quarters happy, while offering what is deemed to be the actual capabilities of the iPad in advertisements, but the consumer watchdog body still decided to take Apple to court. Now, we hear that the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) is holding out for a $2.25 million fine against Apple for selling their new iPad as “WiFi […]

Australian consumer watchdog considering suing Apple over alleged ebook price fixing
Just yesterday it was reported that the US Department of Justice was suing Apple over alleged price fixing regarding its ebooks. As if that wasn’t bad enough, now it looks like the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) could be going after Apple over the same thing in Australia. This would make it the ACCC’s 2nd time suing Apple with the first time regarding “false advertising” over Apple’s 4G LTE […]

Samsung ban in Australia lifted by court
It seems that the saga down under has finally been resolved – the High Court of Australia has rejected Apple’s appeal request to have sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab stopped in that part of the world. As for the final patent case, that is tipped to be heard sometime early next year, so at least the courtrooms and lawyers can spend their holiday season in peace, unwrapping a Samsung […]