We Dare

If you’ve seen the trailer for Ubisoft’s upcoming game aimed at sexy parties, you might think the game would have gotten a Mature or even Adults Only rating from the ESRB. But according to PEGI (Europe’s version of the ESRB), the game only deserves as 12 rating – suitable only for persons ages 12 and older, which pretty much makes this game accessible to many kids who own a Wii instead of its targeted audience of adults. An Ubisoft spokesperson commented on the rating saying that the PEGI rated it based on the content of the game and not its context, hence the 12 rating. Which makes sense since if you break it down to just cartoon characters on screen having fun – you don’t have to use the controllers the way that the trailer depicts – it isn’t very sexual at all. Either way, watch the trailer after the break and see for yourself:

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