Steampunk computers by Kirk DuQuette

Never heard of Kirk DuQuette before? That will definitely change once you’re done with this piece, as he is the creative mind behind a range of stunning computer peripherals that reek of steampunk – basically, a Victorian age of steam and mechanics, and best of all is, he will be making some of his creations available for purchase to the curious collector. His previous creations did attract a fair bit of followers, encouraging him to make the jump to small-scale production. Among his creations include a wireless keyboard and laser mouse combination that will “talk” to a computer using a 2.4GHz USB receiver, where the keyboards will come in various finishes such as hand-painted faux marble, burl walnut, and gold or silver engine turn effect, while featuring raised, disc-shaped keys which are inspired by the ones found on a classic mechanical typewriters. 

LCD monitors are also not exempted from Kirk’s eye for detail, as they too go through a similar artificial aging process, relying on a hand-painted marble base and gold and brass trim. With a smooth brushed aluminum finish that is normally found on an iMac, that is masked behind an equally gorgeous vintage custom cover in oak with brass and gold accents. All the items are 100% hand-made to order, and are limited to those living in the US only.

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